Very revealing update on world situation

Readers can make up their own minds about the message in this video.

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One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Hi again aapkoning, This is an absolute must watch!! Spine chilling is an understatement.
    Michael Knight is an iconic former NZ journalist.


  2. Hi aapkoning, **Correction regarding “Precognisance”. Should have been “Precognition”. Bloody predictive text…my Covfefe hahaha.


  3. aapkoning: ” You are instinctively (Have)(Natural Intuition? – Gut feeling?)”

    lol Actually, bio-frequency is more tangible than that. It’s empirically demonstrated. Think ultra sound as an obvious example. Or simply the effect of sound on your nervous system.

    Better still, look up Royal Rife as a pioneer in cancer therapy, MOR-mortal oscillatory rate and bio-resonance. Frequency can heal and it can kill. Today, lots of ordinary people are having extraordinary results with it in their own home.


  4. Hi aapkoning, Well your analysis of myself is 110% correct!… and although I don’t presume to speak for davidd2, I am certain it is true for him as well.
    Hence we “calls it as we sees it”.

    Previously (in my teenage years, which seems a lifetime ago!), something I used to regard as a curse, but have since valued as a gift, is Precognisance.
    With myself it’s part and parcel of my heritage, so is largely genetic. It takes many forms.

    This is a very difficult path to travel.
    Operating from a different level of consciousness, as much as we endeavor to help people to gain awareness, it’s not always understood and/or appreciated and can even be misinterpreted.

    However, I would not choose differently even if I could.
    Obviously, amongst your other skills, you are also erudite on this subject and are a kindred spirit. Extremely heartening.


  5. Hello D Johnston & davidd2, Reading both your comments, — You are instinctively (Have)(Natural Intuition? – Gut feeling?) realizing consciously more than you want to admit. What people never should forget, the most powerful force for humans is controlled Imagination. Negatively used is: Directing people’s minds to accept something that is NOT real. In other words, get into their Imagination “With Angst” and people are like putty… This IS easier than people realize! I’m not going further into this now but I have used that often in various situations. The comments you both made show you are Thinking, consider yourself Lucky, many cannot. — The controlled Sheep are Told what to think.

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  6. Hello davidd2 & D Johnston, Reading both your comments, — You are instinctively (Have)(Natural Intuition? – Gut feeling?) realizing consciously more than you want to admit. What people never should forget, the most powerful force for humans is controlled Imagination. Negatively used is: Directing people’s minds to accept something that is NOT real. In other words, get into their Imagination “With Angst” and people are like putty…
    This IS easier than people realize! I’m not going further into this now but I have used that often in various situations. The comments you both made show you are Thinking, consider yourself Lucky, many cannot. — The controlled Sheep are Told what to think.

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  7. Hi aapkoning, Thank you so much for taking the time to explain that.
    Yes, I did find the subject matter difficult to grasp, as with most things scientific or mathematical. Left brain, right brain at play – however as you would probably agree the brain can be expanded and trained, if one has a genuine interest and desire for knowledge right?
    I enjoyed the transcript though, so will follow your instructions and have another go.

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  8. aapkoning…. Works now, and so does the Language change to English.! Most informative site, very much worth keeping an eye on for hard to get information. Thank you, much appreciated.

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  9. Will do! Had the same prob but I’ll give it another shot again.

    Human MAC addresses will work brilliantly with 5G transmitters, individual bio frequency “treatment” remote control style, electronic lobotomies in particular, and if they don’t work… flat-lining made to order . lol We’ll be able to drop dead at the push of a button if our behavioural update fails.

    People think it’s fiction but the bio frequency story is very much real. That’s why Tesla was so quickly scrubbed out despite the magnitude and importance of his achievements. At last, no electrodes or wires necessary today.

    Cheers, keep up the great work.

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  10. Hello davidd2, could please have a look re my reply to D Johnston above.


  11. Hello D Johnston, Sorry to hear re the translation difficulties.
    Going back to your comment, “The web link will not change into another language.” But the page should change! Ref your: “Very sobering stuff huh?”
    Yes indeed NOT GOOD, I do not know anymore how to explain various topics like Nano engines/Nanoparticles, and organic microelectronic circuits, because most people have difficulties imagining scientific matters unless they have grown into a typical subject they are familiar with. Last it is very difficult to explain to adults, because many adults do not, or will not let you know that they do not know anything about the subjects discussed. This is because they feel/think that the explainer will laugh at them. I can assure you that, IT, has never crossed my mind in all the years of doing a lecture when. Always try to make people at ease.

    Re loading the page in English, hope the following helps a bit.
    Once the: webpage is on your screen, you should have a small dialog box – – with a British flag and further to the right in that box ^.
    [Box ^ located about 25mm from the top, and about 25mm from the right-hand side] [The ^ {Circumflex Accent symbol} is located about 45mm diagonal from the top right hand of your screen.] – with a British flag and further to the right in that box ^.
    By clicking on the flag or on that ^, the other available languages should appear, and click on the one you want, the language of the page involved should change. The speed of change is depended on your bandwidth at that moment. The translation is provided by the frontnieuws server. (Not Google).
    (gevaccineerde-mensen-zenden-mac-computer-adressen-uit-wat-veroorzaakt-dit-fenomeen/) – Dutch.
    (vaccinated people transmit mac-computer addresses outwards what is the cause of this phenomenal/)
    If you refresh alternatively reload the page it most likely will go back to the default language of the server.

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    Read the following article and weep! The LNP-Labour/Greens duopoly now even wants to sign us up to yet another Bill Gates funded WHO strategy which threatens to “look after our health” by hook AND by crook! You couldn’t make such stuff up in your worst nightmares!

    Anybody who signs off on that and doesn’t put the duopoly last on the ballot simply wants even more of the same gaslighting and much worse!!!

    This election is much more than just about Morrison, Albanese, the treacherous politicians and the economy as some stupids think.

    “Anthony Fauci and all the ‘experts’ told us the CVD jab was safe and effective…

    So why do we have over 28,000 reported deaths on the government’s own, ‘official’ Vaccine Adverse Effects Reporting System, VAERS?

    And, why do we have so many serious injuries?

    1,261,000 adverse events

    155,000 hospitalizations

    129,000 urgent care cases

    52,000 permanent disabilities

    41,000 severe allergic reactions

    40,000 myocarditis/pericarditis

    31,000 life-threatening reactions

    14,000 heart attacks

    4,600 miscarriages

    Remember that these ‘official’ figures on VAERS – which relies solely upon voluntary reporting – likely represent only 1% of the ACTUAL cases.


    According to the data, 20% of COVID vaxx deaths were related to cardiac disorders…

    Young male athletes, whose bodies were in peak condition, have been collapsing since March 2021 – coinciding with the rollout of Big Pharma`s mRNA ‘gene vaccines’.

    A recent Danish study showed a strong indication of cardiovascular deaths from those injected with the Pfizer vaxx. According to its lead author, Dr. Christine Stabell-Benn:

    “I think there are danger signals in relation to cardiovascular deaths and diseases. We know that now with certainty for the mRNA vaccines with respect to myocarditis and pericarditis. But also anecdotally, I would say there are reports of cardiovascular deaths which I think deserve further scrutinization. This is just a piece in the puzzle, but it adds to the evidence that suggests this is something which should be investigated further for the mRNA vaccines.”

    But instead of medical associations and health authorities heeding the warnings in this study – and many others like it – Dr. Stabell-Benn experienced “not a lot of interest” from regulators and companies. “There is major pushback to be honest.”


    What’s more – researchers at Germany’s top hospital, which is one of Europe’s largest – announced a high rate of severe side effects from the vaxx, lasting months or longer, based on a survey of 40,000 Germans.

    Dr. Harald Matthes, the study’s lead researcher, estimates 500,000 Germans have experienced serious side effects following the jab…

    And for 20% of them, their vaxx injury symptoms persist beyond six months.

    Not surprisingly, the German vaccine reporting system – the Paul Ehrlich Institute (PEI) – massively underreports vaccine injuries and deaths – meaning we can multiply the official German figures by 40x.

    And just like Fauci and his cabal in the corporate media, the PEI is denouncing anyone who questions their numbers as ‘anti-vaxxers’.


    Character assassination is rampant…

    Anyone who speaks up and reports the dangers of the vaxx is shunned, shamed, and cancelled.

    But you can be part of the solution.

    Share information with your family and friends.

    We must get the truth out, now.

    Lives depend on it.”


  13. Hi aapkoning, Thank you.
    The first link unfortunately wouldn’t translate – giving a “Oops” message. However the transcript was fine. Very sobering stuff huh?


  14. Hi daviddd2, Me neither. So not related to the ‘Like’ button lol.


  15. For readers not familiar with the website,
    On the right-hand side, a dialog box is available for English and more languages.


  16. Looks not yet approved on the WordPress site, in the: my comment shows, “Your comment is awaiting moderation.” That was on: May 16, 2022, at 4:29 pm — Sometimes delays happen.


  17. aapkoning: ? Can’t see the comment.

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  18. See my comment above, davidd2 to tonyryan43. Starts with: Bullshit Bourla knows,


  19. Bullshit Bourla knows what the vaccines are really doing. “We will be given the whole world for the Jews as predicted!” – How many People are connected to the Mainframe? – Billions?
    Vaccinated people broadcast MAC COMPUTER ADDRESSES; What causes this phenomenon?
    Below, a copy of the transcript of the video as well,

    Click to access Corona2Inspect-Transcript.pdf

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  20. What a wonderful human being Dr Bourla must be, obviously yet another in a long line of philanthropists who have historically fronted and devoted themselves to restoring humanity to its divine status, despite fire and brimstone.

    But has he ever done anything for the sheep and cattle and other animals or do the criteria for winning the cited “Jewish Nobel Prize” prohibit such deviations?


  21. ***Hi Editor and readers***
    This essay by investigative journalist Dustin Broadbery is an astoundingly astute unpack of our predicament. The best I’ve come across yet.
    Stacey Rudin, a journalist and also attorney with whom I regularly follow, posted the link.
    She is an excellent source of info.


  22. Oh man, doesn’t Dr. Bourla just bring tears to your eyes, – what a weepy, I’m choked man, and all without funding, what a diamond geezer, way to go Dr. B, – best wishes from everyone here at CN.

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  23. Reblogged this on Trumper Cottage and commented:
    Very revealing update on world situation


  24. Hi JW.Johns, Thanks for that video link. Hadn’t viewed the rally in it’s entirety… really enjoyable.


  25. “Woody Johnson. A great gentleman. You ever hear of Johnson & Johnson? He owns the place. I tell you what, this guy’s got cash like nobody’s got cash,”

    Former President Trump appeared off message and out of touch with his base after introducing the billionaire heir of COVID-19 vaccine maker Johnson & Johnson during a Pennsylvania rally on Friday.


  26. @D Johnston. My first comment somehow failed to appear as normal, so I re-posted under a pseudonym to test. …OK, no big deal.

    “Hold on, I’m coming”. It was beautiful.
    Bring it on!”
    Yeah, at “warp speed!”…vaxx and all, that is, eh…


  27. tonyryan43: “What the hell did I just watch?”

    The latest ballbuster from Disney’s Looney Tunes: Fantasia II


  28. Hi Editor, It seems “JW.Johns” comment (same as “Fritz”) has now mysteriously vanished. Lol who needs drugs!


  29. Hmmmm…2 different pseudonyms with the exact same response. Now THAT’S revealing.


  30. Did you read the footnote at the bottom of the post? Obviously not. Put your glasses on. Editor


  31. Yeah right, sounds like a bunch of Qanon crap.
    Larry Hannigan pushes all this BS too.
    Of course all this hyperbole ‘restored republic’ stuff never eventuates…Wake the F… Up!


  32. Hi Editor, Thanks again!
    Much in this presentation has already been authenticated.
    And no wonder Trump just the other day at yet another packed out rally, was doing a happy dance on stage to Isaac Hayes’ “Hold on, I’m coming”. It was beautiful.
    Bring it on!

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  33. The VIDEO???


  34. Julius…That brought a tear to my eye. Kinda like tear gas.

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  35. What the hell did I just watch?


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  36. Julius Skoolafish

    Those Pfizer statistics – look who is celebrating

    • Jewish Heroes Battling Covid: In Honor of 2022 Genesis Prize Laureate Dr. Albert Bourla

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