By Cairns News writers

Here it is readers when we thought the sheeple could not be brainwashed any further then Coles cons its customers with a marketing spin that is as fatuous as the iconic Australian lawnmower ad: ‘Turn grass into lawn with a Victa’.

It’s OK beefeaters, I don’t breathe

Now you can eat beef that hasn’t been exposed to carbon dioxide. It would be a safe bet that every Labor and Green politician, other than the vegans, will be buying their beef from Coles because they believe their own inane rhetoric.

Naturally some beef producers subscribe to the climate hoax as they did with the Covid scam but there will exist an element of producers who do not believe in the climate spoof but would get onboard the CO2 train purely for economic benefit.

Corporate-owned food supplies have always been a thorn in the side of agriculture but we are now seeing the result of decades of planning by the UN, WEF and NWO to further tighten control over the population.

Some readers may remember the 2016 federal election when Coles allegedly spent more than $11 million targeting the Federal Member for Kennedy, the maverick Bob Katter, trying to remove him from his seat.

They failed but Bob didn’t back off with his continuous war against Coles and Woolworths, the supermarket duopoly, which he single-handedly demonised every which way possible for screwing farmers and monopolising the food market.

Coles’ marketing ploy will sooner or later be in vain after consumers discover their red meat has been jabbed with deadly mRNA vaxx.

From Coles:

COLES has become the first of Australia’s major supermarkets to launch a carbon neutral beef brand, with the company today announcing its new range.

The Coles Finest Certified Carbon Neutral Beef, which will include seven cuts of beef, from eye fillet to porterhouse steak, will be available in Victorian stores this week and will rollout nationwide over the next 12 months. The brand has been certified carbon neutral under the Australian Government’s Climate Active Carbon Neutral Standard.

Earlier this year, one of Coles Victorian suppliers, Hopkins River Beef, told Beef Central it could see carbon neutral beef coming to the supermarkets and was tracing the carbon footprint of its supply chain. Coles says it has been working with producers across NSW and Vic to reduce their emissions, and their emissions were 19pc below the Australian national average.