By Greg Reece

The problem with eating beef is about to start. Although the best and cleanest meat foodsource available it is about to be ‘nuked’ by mRNA jabs in a trial being run by the NSW Department of Agriculture.

Previous trials have inevitably lead to mandated vaccination across the entire herd to dubiously protect against diseases such a foot and mouth or lumpy skin, neither of which are present in Australia.

In spite of requests by Cairns News to various cattle producer bodies to evaluate the proposed inoculation trial, these organisations have ignored the inevitable consequences.

A great awakening has started as more and more once healthy people get sick, very sick or die from the experimental mRNA jabs.

Government data as exposed in the senate by Senators Alex Antic and Gerrard Rennick reveal excess deaths of 33,000 vaxxed victims, about 18 per cent higher than the average annual national death rate which has occurred only since the mRNA vaax was rolled out in 2020.

Researchers have discovered strange microscopic structures in supermarket meat which are identical to those found in microscopic analyses of human tissue from those who have been vaxxed.

The tests are ongoing but when consumers discover the anomalies in their meat they will boycott red meat in their thousands.

The NSW trials begin in August and Cairns News recommends that consumers buy their meat from local butchers who can guarantee the cattle, sheep and pigs they are selling have not been vaxxed with mRNA based compounds.