THE New Zealand Director General of Health, Ashley Bloomfield, who repeatedly lied to and deceived Kiwis about the Covid virus and the safety of mRNA vaccines, recently put out “orders” for 14 councils to poison their water with fluorosilicic acid (fluoride), until a High Court ruling temporarily stopped his plans.

The councils, rightfully acting on public opposition, rejected fluoridation. That was until the Ardern-Hipkins regime passed a law putting fluoridation decisions into the grubby hands of that same Director General of Health. A further 27 councils were told they were being considered for fluoridation directives

In December last year, as a reward for his lying and deceit on behalf of the Klaus Schwab puppet Jacinda Ardern, and forcing mRNA injections on millions of Kiwis that sent some to to early deaths and many others to suffer severe injuries, Bloomfied was “made a knight for services to public health”. And they wonder why there’s widespread distrust in government and institutions, these days.

Bloomfield recently announced he would resign, like all the other tainted bureaucrats and politicians who took orders from the corrupt WHO, Bill Gates Anthony Fauci and the rest of the criminal combine who perpetrated the biggest medical fraud in history.

Not happy with killing and maiming trusting New Zealanders, in July 2022 Bloomfield directed 14 councils to fluoridate some or all of their drinking water supplies, which prompted action by New Health New Zealand, a Christchurch-based natural health lobby group that has been fighting the corrupt medical-pharmafia for years.

But after NHNZ launched a judicial review of the decision, a preliminary High Court decision ruled those orders contained a procedural error, in that Bloomfield did not give specific consideration to the Bill of Rights Act in making them.

So it is expected that the fluoridation orders will be set aside or returned to the Ministry of Health for reconsideration before a substantive hearing on the broader issue next year. The 14 councils that were given a deadline to start fluoridating were to be subject to large fines if they failed to comply. Deadlines ranged between 2023 and 2026.

Under the NZ Bill of Rights and English common law worldwide, anyone can refuse medical treatment, and opponents of fluoridation argue that mandatory fluoridation obviously breaches that right. The dentistry arm of the medical pharmafia claim fluoride in drinking water helps prevent tooth decay in children, while blindly ignoring the neurotoxic effects of the industrial fluoride, fluorosilicic acid, a registered S3 poison.

But this spurious claim does not designate how much fluoridated water must be drunk in order for this to happen and nor do the dentists take into account other important factors such as diet.

Supreme Court Justice Paul Radich ruled that decision-makers were required to show they had considered the Bill of Rights in decisions that touched upon it. “It should be perceived as a positive and integral part of a society in which fundamental rights are defined and cannot be limited arbitrarily.”

While New Health New Zealand had asked for the fluoridation orders to be set aside, Radich ruled that the parties should try to agree on an outcome. The anti-fluoridation group Fluoride Free welcomed the decision, and said the ruling made suspension of the directives “highly likely”.