This blockbuster new book, CONTROLIGARCHS: Exposing the Billionaire Class, Their Secret Deals, and the Globalist Plot to Dominate Your Life by preeminent investigative journalist Seamus Bruner, reads like an investigative thriller.

Seamus Bruner has been Schweizer’s top researcher for over a decade and led the team whose findings sparked multiple FBI investigations and congressional probes into the Clintons and the Bidens.

Now. Schweizer and his team have uncovered corruption on the grandest scale possible and packed these brand-new revelations into Bruner’s page-turning bombshell which proves that political figureheads like the Bidens and the Clintons are mere puppets of the tech-savvy oligarchs who want to control everything.

The book’s findings, which Peter Schweizer says are “HAUNTING” and “MASSIVE,” are already rocking official Washington, Silicon Valley, Wall Street, Hollywood, and the secretive Swiss enclave known to World Economic Forum (WEF) insiders simply as “Davos” and it officially hits bookstores across the country TODAY.

Here’s a quick recap of what’s currently known:

  • CONTROLIGARCHS reveals BRAND-NEW revelations about Bill Gates’s $11.7 billion food takeover scheme… and the real reason he’s snapping up America’s farmland (pgs. 121-149)
  • CONTROLIGARCHS unveils the never-before-reported finding that Great Reset architect Klaus Schwab and his top 25 WEF members are now worth more than $I0 trillion-that’s more economic power than most world governments-and how these global oligarchs are seizing control over our future (pgs. 61-89)
  • CONTROLIGARCHS uncovers Mark Zuckerberg’s $36 billion blot to reengineer society and use A.I. to force you (and your children) into tech addiction on steroids (pgs. 219-242)
  • CONTROLIGARCHS exposes Jeff Bezos’s taxpayer-funded electric vehicle ambitions, climate hypocrisy, and the $1.2 billion plan to spy on you by overseeing your “smart” home (pgs. 91-120)
  • CONTROLIGARCHS blows the lid off of the biggest names on Wallstreet and reveals how arms like BlackRock are plotting a money heist by working hand in glove with central banks around the world to “de-bank” their opposition (i.e. you) by seizing control or your currency and digitalizing it… all while tracking your every move (pgs. 173-190)
  • CONTROLIGARCHS rips back the curtain on the Soros family’s ambitions to use their $25 billion empire to influence elections and society for the next 50 years (pgs. 151-171)
  • CONTROLIGARCHS uncovers exactly what these America-last globalist elites are planning for the next five years, including how they are:
  • Preparing for “the Next Pandemic”: The Controligarchs want to reinstate the lockdowns, create a fresh wave of small-business closures, and consolidate ownership of everything into fewer and fewer hands (ps. 32-38)
  • Funding the Radical Left’s Rise: A coalition of billionaires and bureaucrats have created an unholy alliance by co-opting leftist politicians and mobilizing grassroots activists (pgs. 243-263)
  • Profiting From the Mass Abortion-Inducing Drugs: Bill Gates, George Soros, Warren Buffett, the Rockefellers, and other billionaires are secretly profiting from birth control pharmaceuticals like the abortion-inducing pill mifepristone (developed by the Rockefeller Foundation), which the US Supreme Court is set to review this fall

And that’s just the beginning, because there is so much more about to break from this book, which contains zero unnamed sources and 1,030 end notes of hard, documented evidence.

Best of all, CONTROLIGARCHS gives you the facts and ammunition you need to fight back against the forces that are shredding the Constitution to attack you and your family, your schools, your health, your food supply, and your bank account.

If you haven’t already you’ll be seeing and hearing a lot about CONTROLIGARCHS, because like all of Bruner’s and Schweizer’s investigative blockbusters, including the ones that sparked FBI and Congressional probes, this book contains tomorrow’s headlines.

Here’s the Amazon link to save you a search.