Deakin University “disinformation expert” Assoc. Prof Josh Roose, seems to have a pretty good idea of issues that concern increasing numbers of Australians.


THE national broadcaster that assured all Australians that mRNA vaccines were fully tested, safe and effective at preventing the spread of Covid, and that lockdowns were for our good, has tried rather lamely, to smear a No campaign donor and One Nation candidate by accusing them of spreading “disinformation”.

The accusation involves the Fair Australia campaign run by Advance Australia, which runs the No campaign and champions conservative causes in Australian political life. Advance Australia’s biggest donor is Simon Fenwick, a Brisbane-educated businessman whose father was a Rhodes Scholar.

Fenwick has woken up to the fact that cultural Marxism has infected the board rooms of major corporations and is an outspoken critic of the woke ideology, which is hardly unusual in present-day politics.

But the ABC suggests Fenwick’s biggest sin is that he donated $24,500 to Michelle Wilde, who they describe as a “conspiracy theorist One Nation candidate” as well as “a Brisbane real estate agent and anti-vaxxer”. Oh deary me Auntie ABC, how could anyone, especially a real estate agent, speak out against vaccines that frequently maim and kill people?

We note the reporter from the 7.30 Report failed to mention the frequent addresses in the Senate over the past two years by One Nation’s Malcolm Roberts or the Liberals’ Gerard Rennick and Alex Antic or UAP’s Ralp Babet exposing the harm, flawed testing and manipulated data around mRNA experimental injections.

But our man from the ABC didn’t stop at Covid. He also accused Wilde of spreading “misinformation” about climate change and the US elections. The political straight jacket thinking of the ABC is as laughable but also as Orwellian as that of their US partner CNN. “The official narrative is the truth narrative” could well be their corporate motto.

In support of all such “conspiracy” allegations, the ABC cites a drab academic, Associate Professor Josh Roose of Deakin University, as it’s “expert on disinformation and conspiracies”. But Roose’s comments to the ABC tend to state the blindingly obvious e.g. “They’ve come out and say no, this is a plot to control the people, this is a plot to give Aboriginal people more rights than they deserve, this is a plot to take our land, to pay more tax…”

Thanks for the advice professor, but we could have told you that years ago. The ABC itself, which has done a commendable job reporting on the oppressive effects of the WA Cultural Heritage Act, has shown that these “conspiratorial” predictions have come true, as in the case of landholder Tony Maddox, who was charged by WA Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage officers with the “offence” of building a culvert crossing over the Boyagerring Brook. This creek is said to be the home of the Waugul, “the rainbow serpent central to Noongar mythology”.

So “the serpent” spirit expressed distress to the local tribe because someone put in a culvert? How ridiculous but also what a con job this indigenous industry has perpetrated. How many roads in Australia cross creeks and how many built over the past century or so involved negotiations about serpent spirits?

The professor and the ABC should own up to the fact that this is not only insanity but demonstrates the very real issues behind “the Voice” and related legislation that gives a particular racial class of people with Aboriginal blood extraordinary power to extort large sums of money out of people under the legal guise “consultative processes” allegedly to protect “cultural sensitivity”.

Meanwhile the ABC reporter goes on to cite the meme put out by Advance Australia that Covid and climate change are put out to spread fear in the populace. Again, they state the obvious as “conspiracy” when both “causes” clearly advance power and control of governments and supra-national organisations over people.

Fenwick is shown in the same report speaking about the climate change fear mongering that has his own two daughters “coming home in tears after watching repeats of the Al Gore nonsense movies”. ABC also reports, with just a hint of disgust, that “Advance Australia opposes the net zero emissions target and dismisses human-induced climate change as (pause) a cult.”

But thank you ABC, we’re glad to hear that Advance Australia seems to be getting a grip on the real issues of our time and the dangerous fear mongering over environment and disease. ABC further mentions that Fenwick funds a scholarship program for indigenous students to attend Brisbane Grammar and is also helping raise $50 million for indigenous farming and carbon reduction projects run by New Harvest Investment Management.

While we would certainly question the value of “carbon reduction projects”, indigenous agriculture has to be a worthy cause, given the long history of Aboriginal stockmen on the land and the need for employment in remote areas.

But thanks anyway ABC. We can tolerate your paranoia about things “right wing” and your reports can otherwise be a source of good and useful information that other mainstream media would probably ignore.