From Kev Linton

Judaeo-Christian values are the epiphany of just and right,
Equally of western culture, civilisation and light,
They are the basis of science, engineering and maths, for everyone to see,
Upon the land and over it, around the earthly sea.

Each day it can be seen a sight, peoples come and go,
Act to notions of their plight,
Of culture western and the right, to heave it ho.

The teachings of the Bible provide a way of life,
That gently guides us too,
A special place that all can go, not to fast or slow.

Western culture, technology and such,
Are for peoples to progress and play,
Without too much of fuss. and worry all the day.

It is true that western values have been challenged,
By left wing social policies a like,
And these do thrive upon distress, anarchy and lies.

The cults of climate change, gender and race,
Spread fear and distress,
But devised are these, to deceive and cause severe unrest.

Civilisation left the starting gate many years ago,
But still I’ve yet to find a better way of life,
Upon the Earth are democratic values, enlightenment and the like.

One man one vote has been the standard fare and still it is today,
The very voice of reason for which we are happy to confide,
A way of life by all and sunder, as if it is a right,
But it is always under pressure from those not from the right.

Left wing social policies are an anathema to the right,
And these are based on Marxism,
An enemy of the right.

For millions died due to policies from the left,
Philosophy that sounds sweet, but is deadly for the deaf,
True for those that listen to the piper and music from the left

With policies of equal outcome, incentive is all but crushed,
And all we have is lies and bluster,
When we were over rushed.

Apartheid and gender are part of the mix, as is climate change, it’s true
The cult which peoples lives destroyed,
It was but not a few.

So don’t be pushed and shoved, deceived or out manoeuvred,
Judaeo-Christian values are what last,
Values tried and true.