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Townsville, upcoming smart city to be fried by Telstra’s 5G EME for business to communicate, hundreds of spy cameras

Townsville is the next city to seek Smart City status without the expressed permission of a majority of ratepayers.

From Townsville Bureau

Telstra claims standing directly under a small 5G cell on a street light pole, tests showed EME* more than 500 times below the mandatory safe levels

From Telstra

‘Small cells’ are an important part of our mobile network, providing additional capacity in busy cities and metropolitan areas without the visual impact of a full mobile base station. They also enhance mobile coverage in regional and rural areas, often at a fraction of the cost of a mobile tower while still providing effective service to where it’s needed.

Small cells, sometimes referred to as ‘mini base stations’, are small enough that you might have already seen one in the suburbs around you without realising – they’re generally made up of one or two small antennas and a small equipment cabinet, typically installed on existing infrastructure like light poles, bus shelters, advertising billboards or payphone cabinets.

Because they’re compact and unobtrusive, small cells can be installed where a large tower or antenna might not be suitable. They typically provide mobile coverage to an area of around 200 to 400 metres from the cell itself, meaning they can be installed discreetly in busy commercial areas and suburbs without causing a significant visual impact.

We’re all using more data than ever on our mobile devices, and more devices of all kinds are being connected to our network every day. Small cells help us maintain the best performing network for you, and to meet the future data and connectivity demand that technologies like 5G will bring with them.

In our cities and suburbs, we’ve used small cells for years – since the 2G era, more than 25 years ago – to help handle the ever-increasing demand for mobile coverage and capacity. A small cell on a telegraph pole or street light helps to extend 4G coverage into a nearby apartment block, and small cells at city intersections manage the data demands of the thousands of workers that stream past on weekday mornings and afternoons.

We’ve installed small cells in many metropolitan areas, but also in regional and rural locations where it’s not feasible to construct a mobile base station. At Adventure Bay, opens in a new window on Bruny Island off the coast of Tasmania, for example, we’ve installed a small cell at the beach to allow visitors to share pictures and videos on social media, as well as to make calls and send messages to friends and family around the world.

In the most remote areas of Australia, we even use small cells connected to satellite backhaul to bridge the coverage gap, opens in a new window – bringing mobile connectivity to areas that have never had coverage before and that do not have the fibre infrastructure in place to suit a mobile base station installation. A satellite small cell already helps connect the town of Winton, opens in a new window in Queensland – a sheep and cattle industry hotspot for the Central West region, as well as Australia’s ‘dinosaur capital’, opens in a new window – to the world.

Are small cells safe?

We’ve done extensive testing on electromagnetic energy (EME) around small cell installations, using independent accredited EME assessors, to fully answer this important question. Small cells use low power levels and are designed to comply with Australia’s mandatory EME safety standards, and our testing shows that EME levels near small cells are very low – far below EME safety limits, which themselves have a significant safety margin built in.

Using the example of a small cell in a metropolitan area providing extra mobile coverage and capacity to local homes and businesses as an example, our independent testing shows EME levels that are less than 0.2% of the EME safety limits – more than 500 times below the mandatory safe levels. Standing directly under a small cell on a street light pole produced the same result of less than 0.2% of the EME safety limits.

Even when a small cell is loaded with traffic in a busy area, EME levels are still very low and far within EME safety limits. We tested a small cell installed in a conference centre, and even at a close distance of two metres from the cell itself EME levels were more than 50 times below safe EME limits.

All small cells are specifically designed for the locations they are installed in. While we currently only use small cells for 4G network technology, we will use a range of different base station types including small cells for our ongoing 5G network roll-out. We only use small cells that meet the mandatory EME safety limits, and our independent testing shows real-world EME levels far, far below those safety thresholds.

Small cells give us a great, safe way to extend our 4G network coverage and capacity, including into areas around Australia that have never had mobile coverage before. For more information on our EME community advice, you can head to our Understanding EME website.

By Mike Wood

Principal, EME Strategy, Governance and Risk Management

Mike Wood is a Distinguished Professional with Telstra and the Principal for Telstra’s Electromagnetic Energy (EME) Strategy, Governance and Risk Management program. Mike has 30 years’ experience in the strategy and management of mobile network deployment, EME and community consultation for the wireless industry. Mike trained with the Australian Defence Department in radio & microwave communications prior to graduating from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. Mike has worked in standards development for over 25 years and is currently Chairman of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) TC106 which has global responsibility for EME testing standards for mobile phones, devices, wireless networks and radio communication systems. The current focus for the IEC and Mikes international team is development of standards for the assessment of the new 5G mobile technologies. Mike is also active in the ITU standards and in Australia chairs the Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association RF Safety Program.

Is 5G safe?

Yes – In January 2020 Australia’s Chief Medical Officer said:
“I’d like to reassure the community that 5G technology
is safe. There is no evidence telecommunication
technologies, such as 5G, cause adverse health impacts.
This position is supported by health authorities in
Australia – such as the Australian Radiation Protection
and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA) – and around the
world, such as the World Health Organization (WHO).”
• Over 50 years of scientific research exists into the
possible health effects of the radio frequency signals
used for mobile and wireless services including 5G.
• Safety Standards – the existing EME safety standards
cover 5G, include children and are conservative

Assurances from the CHO and the WHO that 5G is safe are as reliable as both these entities claiming mRNA gene therapy is safe when it has killed millions worldwide.

Readers will have to make up their own minds.

Hackers will be made redundant by Telstra after releasing customers’ sensitive data. Who wants a national ID card?

Telstra has apologised to thousands of Australians who had their details published accidentally online by the communications giant.

The company said the release of the names, numbers and addresses of some unlisted customers was not the result of any malicious cyber attack and was a mistake.

“For the customers impacted we understand this is an unacceptable breach of your trust,” Telstra executive Michael Ackland said in a post released online.

“We’re sorry it occurred, and we know we have let you down.”

Who’s who of data breaches while Labor wants to put Australians into a one stop ID shop?

Senator Malcolm Roberts warns about the Labor and Liberal push for a national ID card containing all of your personal information.

He asked: “Have you noticed more and more data breaches lately? Some in the Government are using this as a reason to centralise everything into one Digital Identity. As the long list I read out proves, nothing is un-hackable.

“That’s a good reason why you SHOULDN’T centralise everyone’s data into one Digital Identity location. It would be a hackers dream, a one stop shop to steal your identity.”

Australasian Radiation Protection Society (ARPS) and the Oceania Radiofrequency Scientific Advisory Association warn about 5G

Letter to the Editor

While people focus on forcible mRNA gene disrupting injections, they forget we are all living in an increasingly untenable electromagnetic soup which is being allowed by both sides of Government.

They keep the people distracted.

As EMR Australia writes in their latest newsletter (as copied):

‘What’s wrong with Australia’s radiation standard? Australian physicist explains’

Why does Australia’s radiation standard allow the Australian public to be exposed to much more wireless radiation than the Russian standard does?
Why doesn’t our radiation standard give us adequate protection against 5G radiation?

Lyn McLean talks to Australian physicist Vic Leach who explains the limitations of Australian and international standards and what we need to know about 5G radiation.

Vic is an Australian physicist who worked in the area of radiation and health for 50 years, specialising in the area of nuclear radiation and has conducted an extensive review of the scientific literature on radiofrequency radiation that we are exposed to from a huge range of wireless sources.
He has worked for both the public and private sectors and for federal and state bodies and was a radiation advisor at the Queensland University of Technology and the University of Queensland.
Vic was a founding member of the Australasian Radiation Protection Society (ARPS) and the Oceania Radiofrequency Scientific Advisory Association (ORSAA,

You can find the answers in Lyn McLean’s interview with Australian physicist and radiation expert Vic Leach on links in their newsletter.
Vic is a founding member of the Australian Radiation Protection Society (ARPS) and the Oceania Radiofrequency Scientific Advisory Association (ORSAA).

In his interview with Lyn, Vic talks about the safety of wireless radiation, what the scientific research has shown and the problems with Australian and international standards. He has a wealth of information to share – and here are a few highlights:

Vic says that:

Russia’s general public radiation standard for members of the public exposure is 100 times lower than Australia’s and its standard-setting body, the Russian National Committee on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (RCNIRP), helps people reduce their exposure by publishing helpful advice on how to do so.

Russian Professor Yuri Grigoriev, former Chair of RCNIRP, conducted extensive research on the effects of wireless radiation which he compiled into a book that has recently been translated into English by ORSAA.

Scientists from ORSAA have analysed and categorised the scientific research on wireless radiation. They have shown that the majority of the scientific papers on this topic show evidence that links exposure to harm.

Australia’s standard, and the standards of many other countries, are based on the Guidelines of the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP). The exposure limits it recommends only protect people against the short-term, heating effects of radiation and not the long-term, non-heating effects that can also damage the body.

This standard does not provide adequate protection against 5G radiation because it is based on the assumption that exposure can’t be harmful if it only penetrates the skin. ‘The ICNIRP guidelines treat the skin as an inert substrate with no biological function … The Guidelines completely ignore the biological effects to the skin. It’s our largest organ; it interfaces with the immune system. It’s rich in nerves and very sensitive. It connects to the brain and central nervous system; …it’s part of our autonomic nervous system; it regulates immunity and wound healing; its surface is full of … friendly microbes … and it’s part of our waste removal system. It protects us against mechanical and chemical factors and performs endocrine functions and produces vitamin D for our health. Skin is not an overcoat. Skin is not an inert substrate.’

Wireless signals involve low-frequency pulsing. These pulse at frequencies such as 8.333, which is within the range of the brain’s wavelengths. Vic says this is a problem because, ‘Our bodies work on low frequencies … so they’re interfering with biology.’

Vic shows that, in the West, nearly a third of children aged 15 to 17 are spending over four hours a day on wireless devices. By contrast, Russian authorities have issued recommendations for parents on the safe use of a mobile phone and have made it a criminal offence for educators to conceal information about health risks.

Vic talks about the Internet of Bodies – wireless devices worn on or implanted in the body – and the increasing potential for exposure. He says, ‘With the ICNIRP guideline, the regulatory line between wireless consumer and medical applications is now confused. It makes it okay to have WiFi in nappies.’

He says that the ‘Adoption of the ICNIRP guidelines with limits based on thermal effects, means we have an unregulated industry for consumer goods. It protects the telecommunications industry and government income but is bad for public health.’

Vic Leach is a radiation-health physicist with 50 years’ professional experience, specialising in the area of nuclear radiation, including working as radiation advisor at both the Queensland University of Technology and the University of Queensland. He has conducted an extensive review of the scientific literature on wireless radiation that we are exposed to from a huge range of wireless sources and has been a speaker at numerous conferences and public forums.

from Seb, Queensland

Telstra is after you with 5G

There are over 3.6 thousand x 5G towers in Australia now.
26 GHz has been recently auctioned off?
That’s novel.

Telstra has 26 x 5G towers in Cairns and one of them is set in the middle of the James Cook University complex

The (approx) numbers are:

900 x Victoria
1000 x Sydney
470 x Adelaide
140 x Tasmania
270 x Perth

and more specifically for Qld:

There are 26 x 5G in Cairns.

This includes one at the James Cook University (to cook the students)
They are at the beaches like Trinity Beach, Holloway’s Beach, Machans Beach.
They are in National Parks like Grey Peaks National Park (which will affect the wildlife)

20 x Innisfail

40 x Townsville
21 x Mackay
45 x Rockhampton
10 x Gladstone
23 x Bundaberg
1 x Hervey Bay
8 x Maryborough
17 x Gympie
79 x Sunshine Coast
20 x Caboolture
158 x Brisbane
47 x Ipswich
43 x Logan area
48 x Gold Coast

And for those on the border:

22 x Tweed Heads
6 x (west) of Byron Bay

I guess they have been busy while people have been locked up these last 2 years.

Now they are pushing the small cells on LED street lights and they don’t need your permission to do that.
According to them, they are safe and within their standards.

from Seb, Queensland

Have you been V2K’od? Did you intentionally vote for Labor or Greens?

This technology could shed light on election voting patterns

V2K (Microwave Hearing)
[thanks to Mark at]

U.S. Patent 4,877,027  –  ​V2K by Microwave Induction

V2K is a technology that was discovered in 1962 by Dr Allan H. Frey, and it is called the “Frey Effect.”  The technology can put voices in your head, that no one else can hear.  There are numerous patents on this technology.  The CIA uses it to harass and attack Targeted Individuals worldwide.  Most of the time, the signal is sent using a microwave beam from a cell tower.  The cell tower companies and the cell phone companies are complicit in these attacks.  The Geneva Conventions refer to this as “Psychological Torture,” and it is considered a War Crime.

Recent New York Times article discusses the “Frey Effect.”

Voice-to-Skull and subliminal messaging are directed from cell towers, using digital beamforming technology.  You can record these messages, and with a little audio editing – you can hear the message.  The CIA is experimenting on everyone, using simple, repeated statements.  About 20% – 30% of the population are highly susceptible to these messages and they are called “Highly Suggestible.”  Such people can be manipulated to say and do almost anything.  The CIA uses these people on a daily basis to harass & annoy Targeted Individuals.   They are not perps.   They are not Gangstalkers.    They are “highly suggestible” people, that do not know that they are being manipulated.  These people are literally in a deep trance, even while their eyes are open.

V2K is short for Voice-to-Skull, and it is different than subliminal messaging, because it is openly heard and the individual cannot shut it off.  V2K and subliminal messaging both use the same equipment, but they operate on different frequencies.  Bone conduction headphones prove that this technology is real, and anyone can purchase these at Best Buy stores  –  the sound is not received by your ears.

This U.S. Army manual admits that V2K is real, and they are experimenting with it.

Subliminal advertising, V2K, and messaging is not protected by the First Amendment.  “In Central Hudson Gas & Electric Corp. v. Public Service Commission of New York in 1979, the Supreme Court ruled that in order for marketing speech to be protected by the First Amendment, it must not be misleading.  Subliminal advertising, by its very nature, does not fall under this protection.  In the 1989 case, Vance v. Judas Priest, a Nevada judge ruled that subliminal messages aren’t protected by the First Amendment and do constitute an invasion of privacy. 

“Human Auditory System Response to Modulated Electromagnetic Energy”  by Dr Allan H. Frey;J Applied Physiol 17 (4): 689–92, 1962.

Dr. Allan H. Frey, in his 1962 report, Human Auditory System Response to Modulated Electromagnetic Energy, which appeared in the Journal of Applied Psychology;  Dr. Frey described how microwave hearing was demonstrated using a microwave transmitter that projected sound from several hundred feet. 

The transmitter used pulse-modulated waves at extremely low average power levels. The transmission was immediate. The system was wireless and receiverless, and the sounds were even heard by the deaf. Then in the mid 1970s, Dr. Sharp helped to develop microwave hearing technology for DARPA by conducting research at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research (WRAIR). In 1973 Dr. Sharp proved that the correct modulation of microwave energy could result in the wireless and receiverless transmission of audible speech.

There are a number of Patents on similar inventions:

Patent 4877027A – Hearing System

Patent 3766331A – Hearing Aid for producing sensations in the brain

US3586791A        1969-12-23       Intelectron Corp    Method and apparatus for hearing by biodetection and biotransduction of radiofrequency energy

US3629521A        1970-01-08      Intelectron Corp            Hearing systems

US4813419A        1984-11-07       Mcconnell, Jeffrey D.    Method and apparatus for communicating information to the deaf

US4877027A       1988-06-06     Brunkan, Wayne B.       Hearing system

Vaxxed victims are walking transmitters no doubt linked to Telstra’s deadly 5G

NIH report warns Telstra’s 5G and 4G suppress natural immunity and damage DNA

Prolonged exposure to 5G and 4G radiation can result in damage to cells, tissues, proteins and DNA, as well as suppression of natural immunity. These effects could explain why the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) has been particularly ravaging in areas where these technologies are prolific.

Telstra’s 5G being rolled out across Australia according to the National Institute of Health damages cells and DNA

While COVID-19 has been all but non-existent in the third world, North America and Europe are seeing among the highest number of new “cases,” which could be a result of their populations being fried by 5G and 4G all day long.

In Wuhan, China, where the novel virus originated, 5G towers had just been activated prior to the “pandemic,” lending credence to the notion that 5G helped to fuel the wave of sickness and death that was depicted there by the media.

As our readers may recall from the early days of the “pandemic,” the China Virus was likewise problematic in Russia, Japan and many Arab nations, all of which similarly had 5G towers installed and at least partially activated just prior to the plandemic.

Africa, meanwhile, has seen barely any cases of the WuFlu, and it just so happens to not have any 5G towers activated at the current time – though it is coming.

“According to our man in Alaska, Bill Laughing-Bear, bad biological effects of non-ionizing radiation is a Western disease,” reports The Big Wobble. “With this type of energetic air pollution, there are many causes for concern.”

“For instance, it is known that both single and double-strand DNA will break down due to these cell phone frequencies. While single strand at times can heal, it is thought that double-strand DNA breaks will not repair and can lead to genetic mutations.”

Telco’s 5G kills, and Trump wants more of it across America

Other health problems associated with exposure to non-ionizing radiation include:

• Poor memory and concentration
• Delayed reaction times
• Headaches
• Decreased levels of melatonin
• Anxiety
• Chronic pain
• Pressure in the chest and shortness of breath
• Nausea
• Dizziness
• Blood pressure problems
• Sleep disorders
• Chronic fatigue
• Tinnitus

The long-term health impacts of chronic radioactive exposure from mobile phone technologies include:

• Multiple sclerosis
• Alzheimer’s disease
• Birth defects
• Red blood cells sticking together or deforming due to “bottle capping”
• ADD / ADHD in children
• Reproductive problems
• Skin disorders
• Parkinson’s disease
• Autism

Though the mainstream media and public health authorities continue to deny any link between cell phone radiation and damage to human health, the evidence is out there for anyone willing to take a look at it. The damage it causes to the immune system is particularly concerning as it renders people as “sitting ducks” for viruses like COVID-19 to come along and ravage their health with ease.

“Our Western ideals have increased to a point where our very lifestyle is causing us spiritual, mental and physical pain,” The Big Wobble adds, warning that the solution, a vaccine injection, is “all it takes” to forever alter human DNA and cause even more damage.

“The very idea of modern Western culture brings us pain, punishes us and causes remorse. Our breakneck lifestyles inflict physical injury and disease and produce frustration and hopelessness. In a world connected by social media, depression, loneliness and suicide are at record-breaking levels.”

Keep in mind that President Donald Trump is a vocal advocate for 5G, having allotted billions of taxpayer dollars for its nationwide rollout as part of a trillion-dollar infrastructure package.

More of the latest news about 5G and its impact on human health can be found at

Sources for this article include:


Suburbs will be irradiated by Telstra’s 60MHz 5G and there is no escape

Time for those many thousands of ordinary citizens signed up to a massive class action against Coronahoax to shift their sights to Telstra and 5G

Telstra is relying on the communist-controlled World Health Organisation for 5G safety advice which most consumers will find laughable.

It also has a submission from the Chief Health Officer, the mob in charge of the Coronahoax, who says radiation levels are safe.

This flies in the face of international warnings from just about every astute researcher in the world.

What Telstra is not saying is how there will be mass saturation of mini towers emanating dangerous EMF waves at 60GHz up to 86GHz throughout suburbia and in the regions allowing mass surveillance of every living person, motor vehicles, turning homes into listening posts, ie, smart homes and every office will be the same.

From the Telstra website:

The Radio Access Network – consists of various types of facilities including small cells, towers, masts and dedicated in-building and home systems that connect mobile users and wireless devices to the main core network.

Small cells will be a major feature of 5G networks particularly at the new millimetre wave (mmWave) frequencies where the connection range is very short. To provide a continuous connection, small cells will be distributed in clusters depending on where users require connection which will complement the macro network that provides wide-area coverage.

5G Macro Cells will use MIMO (multiple input, multiple output) antennas that have multiple elements or connections to send and receive more data simultaneously. The benefit to users is that more people can simultaneously connect to the network and maintain high throughput.  Where MIMO antennas use very large numbers of antenna elements they are often referred to as ‘massive MIMO’, however, the physical size is similar to existing 3G and 4G base station antennas.

Increased Spectrum – greater capacity, more users and faster speed

In many countries the initial frequency bands for 5G are below 6 GHz (in many cases in the 3.3-3.8 GHz bands) and similar frequencies to existing mobile and Wi-Fi networks. Additional mobile spectrum above 6 GHz, including the 26-28 GHz bands often referred to as millimeter (mm) Wave, will provide significantly more capacity compared to the current mobile technologies. The additional spectrum and greater capacity will enable more users, more data and faster connections. It is also expected that there will be future reuse of existing low band spectrum for 5G as legacy networks decline in usage and to support future use cases. 

The increased spectrum in the mmWave band will provide localised coverage as they only operate over short distances. Future 5G deployments may use mmW frequencies in bands up to 86 GHz.

In UK 3 ambulance drivers die, 5G equipped ambulances suspected cause of death

Consumers should make their own minds up but it is very disturbing when Telstra admits it will step up frequencies to 86GHz.

Further reading: search this site for 5G

Everyone will test positive, Telstra’s 5G enhances Covid – conclusive Exosome evidence

by Alexandra Bruce

One of the most forbidden topics on the planet right now is the connection between COVID-19 and 5G technology. Greg Reese does an incredible job of breaking the information down in this 3-minute video, transcribed below.


 We know the prescribed PCR tests are not detecting the COVID-19 genome. According to the CDC’s own literature, the tests do not rule out bacterial infection or other viruses. They are detecting all varieties of coronavirus, including the common cold – and counting it as COVID-19.

 And it has been pointed out for months that the geographical locations experiencing the most cases of COVID also seem to have active 5G technology. After a video went viral, in which David Icke suggested that 5G is somehow responsible for positive cases of COVID-19, YouTube deleted it and began deleting all videos on the subject, including a video we made, that pointed out how on October 30th of 2019, Wuhan became the first major testbed of 5G technology.

 In late June, a new research paper entitled, “5G Technology and Induction of Coronavirus in Skin Cells” was published. This paper gives a scientific explanation of the relationship between 5G technology and the coronavirus.

 Unlike 4G or other radio waves, the 5G millimeter waves can penetrate the nucleus of a cell. The DNA then acts as an inductor. It reacts to the 5G waves by producing an electromagnetic field. Like a shadow, the shape of the electromagnetic field reflects the hexagonal and pentagonal shapes of the DNA base pairs.

 This electromagnetic field produces holes in the cellular liquid. hexagonal/pentagonal voids are created in the nucleoplasm. And to remedy this disturbance, extra bases are created to fill the voids. These bases then join together, to produce coronavirus-like structures in the cell, which will “read” as a positive case of COVID-19.


 The exosome was discovered in 1983. Exosomes are created naturally within the cell to clean and repair cellular damage. Both exosomes and COVID-19 are the same size and shape. They both have the same ACE-2 receptor. And they both contain RNA.

 Exosomes behave and appear the same as a virus. Some scientists even claim that the so-called virus is, in fact the exosome.

 Since the discovery of the exosome, over 200 microbiologists have been murdered, committed suicide or died in a suspicious manner.

 If you question this mystery, you’re undoubtedly labeled a “Conspiracy Theorist”. And if you question the unproven Virus Theory, you’re labeled a “Science Denier”.

 The only socially-acceptable solution that you’re allowed to accept is an experimental vaccine that will alter your DNA, which ultimately raises the question, “Who owns your body?”

– Forbidden Knowledge TV

PM Morrison wins Gold Logie for best snake oil salesman

by Robert J Lee

Prime Minister Scott Morrison is worthy of a Gold Logie for being the best snake oil TV salesman in Australia since sniveling little Bob Hawke.

Morrison has convinced two million dopey Australians to put a tracing app on their phones laughably to help track other phone users in case they have been in the vicinity of a Coronavirus carrier.

Scott Morrison should win a Gold Logie award for the best snake oil salesman since Hawke


Then they gave the data to US megastore Amazon to hold. Australian tech experts say Amazon data banks leak like a rusty rain water tank.

Such an outstanding achievement deserves merit because there have only been 6,720 confirmed cases in Australia, 83 have died and 5,586 have been reported as recovered. More than 517,000 tests have been conducted.

Out of a population of 25,445,020 that leaves 1134 with the flu and getting close to one of them with Bluetooth will be akin to finding a virgin in Sydney’s biggest high school.

Assistant salesman is Dr Brendan Murphy, an Irishman who reckons only his native leprechauns will fly Qantas now because he mortally wounded our airline and tourist industries leaving frightened tourists with viral aviophobia.

Dr Murphy wins the Walkley Award for best deception in TV journalism

Dr Murphy says ‘social distancing’ is here to stay and for this jaw-dropping dictate he deserves a Walkley Award for deceiving viewers with creative and courageous acts of television journalism that seek out the truth and give new insight to an issue. They reward excellence, independence, innovation  and originality in storytelling.

Murphy’s economic destruction as Chief Medical officer drumming up a fake Australian virus pandemic is unequaled in Australian history. He is creating more destruction than WW1 and WW2 combined allegedly to combat a Coronavirus bogeyman that has dropped off the pop charts and is less lethal than the common flu.

And all the complicit politicians sit idly by, except perhaps Barnaby Joyce and Bob Katter.

Murphy has neglected to inform the public that facial recognition technology adopted by the LNP/ALP duopoly 18 months ago and being rolled out with 5G cameras does not perform accurately unless individuals in crowds are spaced at his social distancing of 1.5 metres or more apart.

Then there is the fake news media led by the usual ABC, News Ltd and television networks. Their adherence to this psy-op script is like a Noogoora burr stuck to a saddle cloth giving the public the wildest ride of their petty lives since TV hit the lounge rooms 60 years ago.

The fake news media is a willing accomplice in this deception, beating the virus drum but neglecting to admit the abundant medical evidence that this virus doesn’t kill until it is enlivened by 60GHz wavelengths favoured by Telstra’s 5G network coincidentally found in most hospitals.

Murphy, Morrison, Minister Hunt, et al, and it seems wittingly, are doing the work of WHO led by Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. He is a former senior officer of Ethiopia’s Tigre People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), a Communist revolutionary party listed as a terrorist organisation.

These qualifications fit well with the Australian media which predictably, has never mentioned the DG’s antecedents.

When the UN and Ghebreyesus say jump, Morrison and Murphy ask “how high?”

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