THE Tactical Civics movement in America is resurrecting the constitutionally-based county grand jury and militia system to deal with crime and other matters of public concern and reclaim government “of the people for the people”.

The power of the American county grand jury system is still demonstrated, for instance, in the case of Fulton County, Georgia, where a grand jury has indicted former president Trump and 18 of his associates. While these indictments clearly are a gross abuse of that power, being corrupted by party politics and appointees who merely wish to harass Trump and his associates, it shows the power of the system.

Tactical Civics aims to bring the system back to the people and out of the hands of professional party appointments and biased, corrupt legal officers like Fulton’s DA Fani Willis, by introducing Americans to a lawful step-by-step process to implement a local militia and grand jury, once again. In essence, it is bringing government back to the people at the local level.

Militias, incidentally, are specifically mentioned in the US Constitution but have been abandoned by many Americans, ignored by public servants and distorted by media in the public eye as terrorist organisations. Militia groups themselves have strayed from their constitutional form.

The constitutional education group, Building Blocks for Liberty, makes the following comment about Tactical Civics: “Imagine if you will, a public servant at any level federal to local is committing crimes upon the residents of a state, who will protect the resident if the ‘Agency’ meant to protect is actually doing the harm?

“What if a local or federal official steals an election? What if an office holder appointed or elected or an entire department is committing crimes under color of law, is not even a valid agency for the people and should be indicted for charges of insurrection, terrorism, theft and daily are depriving our citizens of inherent rights all while under color of Law or lawful agency? What is the peaceful lawful remedy? Isn’t that work left up to a paid agency prescribed by a Republican or a Democrat?”

The answer to the last question for most Americans is probably yes, sadly. But a member of Tactical Civics provides a fairly lengthy explanation of the history of militias, both in old English law and American Constitutional law. A salient point would be: “So we at Tactical Civics take and use the term Constitutional Militia specifically to mean Militia with recognized authority and duty to do these things, “well-regulated” (the Constitution’s term), to assure that it will be able to do so.”

Another important point is that militia, in “executing the law” which exists to secure rights and therefore includes due process, “cannot just knock over presumed bad-guys, and drag them to jail or suspend them from the nearest oak tree”. The institution to ensure due process is the County Grand Jury.

The movement, which started in Bourne, Texas, now has chapters in 736 (23%) of the 3143 counties in the United States. Cairns News has previously reported on counties in Oregon rebelling against the rabid leftist Democrats who run the state yet have little to no support in most of the counties covering most of the state’s geographical area. If they get the numbers to initiate required legislative powers, they plan to secede and join neighbouring Idaho, a conservative stronghold.

Tactical Civics founder David Zuniga, a professing Christian and retired mechanical engineer, realised something was terribly wrong with America during the 9-11-01 false flag attacks. He says the country is now run by organised crime based in Washington DC and likens the current America to the corrupt Roman Empire that had a Senate dominated by wealthy families and guilds.

“It was the same as we see right now,” he told Infowars. “You go back to Italy under Mussolini, the fascist system … well fascism is what the ancient Roman Senate and wealthy families and guilds had. So Mussolini had it and DC runs that. That’s what we have now…both communism and fascism, the worst of both worlds.”

Zuniga has written a book on the project appropriately named The Great We-Set, a manifesto detailing the history of grand juries going back some 800 years in English history when grand juries judged kings.

Zuniga says the corruption of the Republic actually started under President Lincoln, who centralised power in Washington in order to crush the southern states’ rebellion. The group teaches “the sovereign/servant relationship” stipulated in the United States Constitution. “We The People are the sovereign. Those employed by we the people are the servants while completing those terms of office or publicly-funded careers.

“Simply put, one cannot be the employer and the employee simultaneously. Consequently, Tactical Civics has made it policy that while completing a servant-sector term of office or career, a person is ineligible for membership in Tactical Civics. Once having completed the servant-sector term, thereby having returned to the sovereign sector, please join us!”

So people working for any public agency, service, school or office are ineligible to join the organisation for the reasons explain in its book, The Great We-Set. “Any individual not currently a member of the servant sector is vigorously encouraged to join us in this mission.”

Members of the group say they have developed a comprehensive and long-term mission entailing peaceful, lawful action projects and reform laws “to bring government back under the control of We The People.”

First, the county chapter educates citizens to recognise their power to investigate crime, once impanelled as Grand Jurors. “Its proposed County Grand Jury Ordinance will have county government do what 26 California counties already do: add a dedicated web page for citizens to volunteer for Grand Jury and report potential crimes in our county. The group’s Grand Jury Awake handbook is a briefing manual for every Grand Jury.

Each county chapter also works with area militia groups to pass a County Militia Ordinance committing county government to lawfully fulfil the constitutional duty that the State has refused to perform. Zuniga says militia groups have gotten a bad rap and sometimes it’s deserved. “We’re not a militia group but our chapters teach civics and help restore constitutional militia. It’s right in the Constitution, required by law.

“Our federal and state servants will not stop violating the law on their own, but once a responsible remnant of the people restore our Grand Juries and militias and a critical mass of other citizens see the value of restored American civics, we think our state legislature will see the writing on the wall.”

Tactical Civics is also running a national project called Our First Right, to complete the ratification by the states of the original first Article in the original Bill of Rights, requiring congressional districts to not exceed 50,000 people.

It has already been ratified by 11 state legislatures and when ratified by 27 more, will give America’s 31,000 small towns their first representation in the US House and Electoral College in more than a century.

Zuniga says the political impact will be significant. “The corrupt, immoral big cities will no longer control American elections. Small districts, as George Washington suggested, will reduce corruption. Serving in the US House will become attractive to normal Americans to run affordable campaigns and serve as statesmen rather than career lap-dogs of industry and globalists.”

But reducing districts to 50,000 people will result in more than 6400 congressmen. Since the Capitol building and congressional office buildings in DC will not accommodate them, the group plans to work with the large new cohort of candidates to promise to pass its Bring Congress Home Act, creating the world’s first distributed legislature.

Congress would meet by internet as they often did during the so-called ‘pandemic’, each member working from one modest office in their own district, under the watchful eye of the people, rather than under the thumb of lobbyists.

“This isn’t rocket science,” says Zuniga. “Members of Congress will no longer abandon their families only to be corrupted by DC organised crime. And both House and Senate will be limited to two terms of office.”

The organization is working on an artificial-intelligence mobile app, the Indictment Engine™, to scan every proposed state and federal bill when filed. If it violates the Constitution, the app finds applicable state criminal statutes being violated, sending felony presentment(s) to the Grand Juries in each co-sponsor’s jurisdiction. Grand Juries would warn each target to withdraw the bill or face indictment.

Beyond its action projects, the organization has 18 other major reform laws for statesmen to pass over the long term: an end to the Federal Reserve Bank’s counterfeiting scheme, defunding and mothballing unconstitutional agencies and regulations, ending DC’s subsidising of tyrants and plundering foreign countries, truly securing borders, and more.

The organisation’s online training center offers an orientation boot camp, live forums for each project team, and a large library of books, podcasts, videos, blog articles and more at

Zuniga stresses that the group is not so much a militia group, but rather “we the people finally enforcing the magnificent law that our forefathers left us.” He says the Grand Jury system needs only half of 1% of the people to take responsibility. “We start learning what we weren’t taught in school. We turn off the circus of politics and together, we save our civilization by the grace of God.”