Some of the Antifa/Democrat crowd gather in a Portland park. Umbrellas shield their faces from cameras and pepper spray.


US patriots are cheering the 12th county in the state of Oregon voting to secede from the Democrat-state government that has rigged the electoral system that gives the notorious city of Portland vast over-representation.

The vote of Wallowa County to become the 12th to join the push brings a total of one third of Oregon counties into the Greater Idaho movement. Both Idaho and Oregon state legislatures would have to agree to the secession with final approval by the US Congress.

Portland is notorious as a centre for the so-called “anti-fascist” Antifa, whose own flag is a mirror image of the 1932 German Communist Party flag. The city is swamped by homeless crack and meth addicts wandering its streets. Conservative commentator Steve Turley calls it “nothing less than an open air insane asylum” and an example of “insane liberal lawlessness”. In 2018 Paul Joseph Watson had even stronger descriptions of the city.

In one of the riots during the Trump administration years, Antifa attempted to burn down the local federal courthouse and periodically for at least three years fought running battles with the so-called “far right” Proud Boys and Patriot Prayer, basically militant Trump supporters pushing back against Antifa, a far-left enforcer for Democrats.

The concentration of Antifa leftists in Portland correlates to the city and state’s long domination by the Democrats who “won” the last election for governor, despite losing in 29 of the state’s 36 counties. In other words, the Republican candidate Christine Drazan won 80% of all counties but lost to “progressive” Tina Kotek, an American female version of Dan Andrews.

Democrats, who are notorious for seizing and holding political power by any means, go to great lengths to harvest the votes of the tens of thousands of illegal immigrants who enter the country and are also known as outright election cheats.

The conservative, rural counties where traditional American values are the norm, have long had a gutful of Portland and its notorious leftists. Secession to the nearby conservative Republican-dominated state of Idaho, which stands to increase massively in size and reach the Pacific Coast if the secession move succeeds.

The Greater Idaho movement, which is made up of 15 of Oregon’s 36 counties, began in 2019 and the movement has since grown to include people from adjoining California and Washington states. So far, 12 out of 12 counties that have held elections on the matter have voted in favor of secession.

Democrats in Oregon and Idaho, of course, oppose the idea while Republicans have approved of it and claim it has virtually no chance of advancing into reality.

Idaho Democratic state Senate Minority Leader Melissa Wintrow told Fox News Digital in March. “It would be bad for all involved and bad for the country, and I am opposed to it at all levels.”

Republican state Rep. Judy Boyle said: “I am supportive of the Greater Idaho idea. I have lived along the Oregon border my entire life, so have many east Oregon friends. They have been quite frustrated with the liberal I-5 western Oregon corridor running their state and completely ignoring their values and needs.”