By Stephen Reason

On the eve of a rare blue supermoon, as the season turns and the Gregorian calendar denotes its final August days — we have finally been given a date. Many months of secrecy and speculation have preceded this historic announcement: The 2023 Voice Referendum will be held on Saturday, October 14.

In six weeks and three days, all Australians will be obligated to partake.

Tonight’s lunar event is certainly of occult significance, (the year’s biggest and brightest), but such a deliberate observance will not cast the desired spell. There will be no forthcoming change to our Constitution. Australians will not be fooled, not now, not by this; and despite the shaming propaganda and cynical corporate endorsements — it will all be for naught. And just as sure as winter yields to spring and the gloom and chill are overcome by a return of light — the devilish Lies underpinning the Voice will yield to Truth.

And they have…

The primary objective of The Voice was always treasonous. It was never intended to benefit Indigenous Australians. Having been drafted by The United Nations (UNDRIP

1) in partnership with The World Economic Forum, it was intended to advance their shared objectives as defined by Agenda 2030. Thus, “The Voice,” (as a concept of UNDRIP) is a pathological template to legally asset-strip Australia, and to effectively reduce our population to landless serfs: “You will own nothing, and be happy.”

It was always about using the device of the “Aboriginal” (to be enshrined in the Constitution and embedded amongst the executive branch of our Federal Government) as a means to carve-up and expropriate Australian farmlands, forests, coastlines, rivers and private properties on behalf of a Transnational Billionaire Class.

The process as outlined by the ‘Uluru Statement from the Heart,’ which Prime Minister Albanese declared he would “commit to realising in full,”

2 is VOICE and then TREATY and then TRUTH. Despite displaying it brazenly on a T-Shirt, Albanese has laughably maintained that “The Voice is not about Treaty.” Continue reading: