By Tony Ryan

I always enjoy these despatches, not necessarily believing the claimed positions but, recently, I have sought independent assessments by actual known experts who have field experience and… bloody hell, the Ruskie is right. The positions he describes are universally confirmed. If anything, the picture for Ukraine and the West is way more dismal than portrayed above.

For a start, the kill rate is 8 Ukros/allies for every Russian. Total Ukraine dead is half a million. Ukrainian attack reserves, which are held back until enemy lines are broken, are dying without denting the Russian front line. It seems to me, that by Xmas, the world will know that Russia has defeated 53 nations single-handedly, including the US.

This idiot has declared war on the world, on behalf of loopy Biden

The world will also know that Europe is finished. Germany and France are already collapsing. All 28 US aircraft carriers are obsolete millstones around the Navy’s neck, as are the noisy nuclear subs (to be off-loaded onto dumbarse Albo). The average age of a US military plane is 27 years… ancient. Biden has issued a call for help to the Wright Brothers. The Stealth Bomber is no longer stealthy. The Patriot Missile does not work, and has never worked. The US is out of ammunition.

Even dopey Eurotrash see the writing on the wall. Two days ago Jens Stoltenberg, put a bob on each race, admitting openly that the war commenced in 2014, burying forever the myth of Russian invasion.

Now my real point…

What does this mean for Australia?

First, we backed the wrong horse in a two-horse race, with every cent we have, or have borrowed. Worse, the Murdoch media ensures we will believe we are the good guys right until the end, when the world turns on us. Effectively, Albo has declared war on the world, including China, daring Xi to obliterate Darwin and Nhulunbuy by knocking out US spy, intel, and missile installations. Cost? 200,000 dead.

First whisper of Oz/Sino hostilities, Chinese Singapore will cancel our fuel contract. Four days later, all vehicles will grind to a halt. Energy staff will be unable to get to work to operate generators and grid distribution points so the nation will be without electricity too. By the end of a week, most Australians will be starving. By day ten every politician, bureaucrat, food distributor, and medico in Australia will be swinging from a rope, if he is lucky.

It is hard to predict anything beyond day ten other than Many Mad Maxs on lethal rampages and mopping up the Woke LBGTQ etc troops protecting the fleeing remnant of Governmet-In-Hiding.

It ain’t gonna be pretty.

OR… we could sack the government, disown previous policies, and establish a community consensus democratic meritocracy. That would work. But make up your minds fast, kids, by Xmas it will be too late. First step, is take over all media, then sack the ALP Government and request that competent public servants patch together an interim administration. Hundreds stand by ready to do this, but only if invited. We, The People, can take it from there and install democracy. This time, the real thing.