If the Voice passes this radical Thomas Mayo has vowed to use it to punish Australian politicians who don’t obey his demands.

AUSTRALIA’S outspoken conservative, Aboriginal senator Jacinta Nampijinpa-Price, has blown the whistle on the scandalous amounts of money being spent on Aboriginal welfare while other politicians claim the proposed “Voice” bureaucracy will fix the problems.

Senator Price says Australian taxpayers spend at least $100 million a day on direct support for Indigenous Australians every year or $39.5 billion of direct government expenditure every single year. The figures are based on the 2017 Indigenous Expenditure Report produced by the Productivity Commission.

Despite these millions dished out daily the Senator is having to raise half a million dollars for a media campaign against the yes vote for the Voice.

In a message sent to Cairns News the senator said: “I’m talking to you right now because I know you care. Just like me, just like every Australian, you want to close the gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Aussies.

“That’s why it makes me furious when Albo and the ‘yes’ campaigners say the Voice will solve Indigenous disadvantage. The truth is that the people who now want the divisive Voice are the same ones who have been in charge of helping Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people for decades.

“And it doesn’t stop there. Leading Voice architect Thomas Mayo, who literally wrote the book on the Voice, has been found out saying the Voice is about power and smashing institutions and reparations and compensation.

“He says he wants to use the Constitution to “force them to listen” and to “punish politicians who ignore our advice”. That’s the reality,” the Senator wrote. “Meanwhile, Indigenous communities are suffering.”

Senator Price said it was a fact that taxpayers spent at least $100 million a day on direct support for Indigenous Australians every year. “That’s $39.5 billion of direct government expenditure every single year,” she said, citing the Productivity Commission report.

“That’s more than we spend on the NDIS ($35.5 billion), Medicare ($31.3 billion) or Defence ($38 billion). It’s about the same as the Federal Government’s entire spend on schools and universities ($39.7 billion).

“Not only does this eye watering amount include welfare payments direct to individuals, it includes the money splurged on government programs, grants, non-profits, and lobby groups – an entire professional activist industry that is meant to help Indigenous Australians.”

The Senator noted that despite this massive expenditure, for decades there had been almost no noticeable improvement in the lives of Indigenous Australians and “here comes people like Thomas Mayo demanding more power and more money.”

“As far as the divisive Voice is concerned, it’s time for you and I to tell Albo enough is enough.”
The Senator appealed for donations to support the $500,000 “no” campaign against the Voice which includes TV and social media campaigns through the group Australians for Unity Ltd.

“You can draw a line in the sand today with your best gift to help hit a $500,000 ‘no’ campaign target before the end of the financial year. Saying ‘no’ to the pro-Voice activists like Thomas Mayor means mounting a campaign,” she said.