By Lyndesy Symonds

The USC Title 28 3002 (15) (A) (B) THE UNITED STATES, A FEDERAL CORPORATION USC 1871 is the fake constitution legislated by the 41st Congress in an act that is completely ultra vires their legislative power to enact under the Constitution 1787 of the American founding ratified 1788. The branches of the US government: executive, legislative and judicial were constituted under the 1788.

The basis of the Communist Takeover of the government is that the process of subversion – over a century in the making (destabilization) – has configured all branches of government to the USCode 1871.

Speaking of these branches, and especially the Executive branch, General Douglas MacArthur told the Mississippi Legislature “Our policies are leading us toward a Communist state with as dreadful a certainty as if the leaders of the Kremlin themselves were charting our course.” March 22 , 1952 and quoted in “Iron Curtain Over America” by John Beaty – former military intel officer of WWII.

This day is now here. All branches of the US gov’t (the civilian authority) are subverted under the USCode Title 28 3002. But in the legislative branch of the Congress there does remain enough Senators to make use the Judiciary Committee and haul representatives of the subverted agencies and departments of the Executive branch before the Committee and face interrogation. The whole shitfile of these agencies infiltrated by political crime cartels and harnessed to the DNP (a Communist front) or subverted elements of the GOP is being opened and read into the Congressional Record.

This is being broadcast publicly and livestreamed. This is not a Hearing. It is a Show Trial documenting the Communist Takeover of these agencies.

Then there is the massive deployment of the US military across the lower 48. This is by order of the Commander in Chief of the US armed forces under the Continuity of Government beginning with Federal Continuity Directive (FCD) 1, 2017. The Constitution of the old Republic 1787 is suspended under the COG. Thus, the subverted agencies of the Federal branches of gov’t which are configured to the USCode 1871 are in the frame and now in the cross-hairs of the Senate Judiciary.

The Biden Administration currently presiding over the Executive branch of government, acting under the USC, is in the frame right along with the rest of the Communist Takeover.

Whereas, the US military is structured as a chain of command that ultimately goes back to the Commander in Chief. Under the government of the old Republic (constituted under the 1787) the President of the Executive branch of government is first the Commander in Chief of the US armed forces. This is because in the American founding (which was a War of Independence) , the military and its code came first.

Under the COG, starting with FCD 1 (2017) the US is governed by the Commander in Chief under US Military Code. The Constitution 1787 is suspended by the COG.

As I have written elsewhere, it is important for the Australians to understand that the Commander in Chief of the US armed forces is not the Biden Administration – which shitfile is currently on trial before the Senate Judiciary. It can only be Donald J Trump who is addressing the American nation live since his arraignment in Miami June 2023 – a process to which he is publicly submitting because the US republic is based on laws and its foundation is both military code and constitutional law. The military code of law is not at issue here. What is at issue is the fake USCode and the Communist Takeover built on top of it through all branches of the civilian government.

In terms of the Communist subversion of the foundation of the old Republic and the crime cartels that are part of the sistema, it looks very much to me like the US COG is going to ‘plough the road’ so to speak. But this is not something on Trump’s list of things to do if he is re-elected 2024. This is what he has ordered to be done now as Commander in Chief under the US military code of law. And the heavy armor is rolling across the interstates of the lower 48.

And for the ANZUS and AUKUS alliance with the Australians, he has sent the best – the USMC and representatives of his political organisation to speak directly with the Australian nation.

Alliances are something that can only be negotiated by the sovereignty and that is what we should be working on. The American sovereignty is clear by the system of law and government I have outlined. It will be represented here in July and will be speaking directly to the Australian nation.