By Lyndesy Symonds

After Trump’s arraignment in Miami on 37 federal charges (June 12), the US military broke cover and began to be cited across the US. This is a massive deployment across all 50 states.

This is not National Guard under the command of the state governors. National Guard is now federalized, since 2020 they are part of the US military under the command of Commander in Chief of the US armed forces.

And there will be large deployment of the US Marine Corps to Australia for the biannual Talisman Sabre 2023 exercise which will commence July 22 – they have been arriving and are still arriving.

After his arraignment, Trump addressed a large rally in North Carolina in what is being reported as a ‘what I will do if I am elected in 2024’ speech.

Under Continuity of Government (which is not reported in the MSM of course), I think we should hear and understand this speech to the American nation and the American allies as a declaration: ‘this is what I am doing now as Commander in Chief of the US armed forces’ . Salient among these details is a commitment to round up all illegal migrants surging through the Open Border and being resettled on social security throughout the US. But there is more. Much more and it contains a reiteration of the US commitment to allied nations.

Such a move would, of course, put him at odds with United [Communist] Nations Global Compact on Migration – read Open Borders.

In that speech, Trump acknowledges the Communist Takeover of all branches of the US federal government and their agencies – the very agencies that are now being grilled before the US Senate Judiciary.