A MELBOURNE politician has stood up in the Federal Parliament, smearing and defaming parents protesting against the transgender library reading events that they see as little more than veiled sexual grooming.

The library readings are part of a well-funded, highly organised global cultural Marxist campaign to blur and destroy traditional male-female distinctions and ultimately the traditional family. It aligns with the World Economic Forum’s push for transhumanism, population reduction and control.

The library readings are also concurrent with the discovery of homo-erotic pornography being placed in the childrens’ sections of public libraries in South East Queensland. Books promoting homosexual and transgender sexual activity have caused a storm of parental protest across the US.

Also, as reported by The Australian newspaper, a “wellbeing team” at Northcote High School in Melbourne has been emailing 12 and 13-year-old students, without their parents’ permission, asking them if they would like to be confidentially known by a different name, gender or use different pronouns. All this behind the parents’ backs.

But Josh Burns, the member for McNamara who hails from the ranks of St Kilda’s green-left radicals and chairs the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Human Rights, is fine with this situation. In Parliament on June 22nd he stood to defend and promote the so-called Rainbow Angels, a group co-founded by Felicity Marlowe, the Victorian government funded lesbian activist.

Rainbow Angels are apparently on a mission to shield their LGBTIQ comrades from protesters who have recently forced councils across Melbourne to cancel 10 or more such events. The Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV) announced it would host a meeting for mayors across Victoria to “help them manage aggressive behaviour”.

Burns, in his speech on June 22, likened parents and others opposing the LGBTIQ library reading campaigns to Nazis, bigots, anti-semites and copycat inciters of hatred. He even suggested the anti-drag queen campaign in the US had incited a mass shooting.

“As Fliss (Felicity) points out, far right extremists are copying what they see in the United States where the Trump Republicans are whipping up homophobia and transphobia , not to mention significant anti-Semitism to further their political agenda,” Burns told the Parliament. “In the US this incitement to hatred had already led to events like the Colorado nightclub shooting where five people were killed.”

Burns went on: “As legislators, we have a duty to ensure that nothing like that happens in Australia. My own personal experience in the Jewish community is of security guards out the front of synagogues every single week and security guards outside of schools every single day. To participate in Jewish life in Melbourne, and across the country, it’s often a choice between going into a secure environment or not going at all. It’s a choice for families to go into a community centre that is constantly having to be under watch and guard. It’s a reality for so many people.”

So Burns equates the recent protests by parents against drag queen library readings to the perennial threats against the Jewish community by neo-Nazis. He further equates the protests to “incitement of hatred”. No, it’s the brazen parading of sexual deviancy in front of children that incites the contempt of parents to so-called progressive educators and their stooges like Burns.

Under state anti-grooming laws across Australia, it is a crime not only to attempt to lure a child into a sexual act, it is also a criminal offence to merely expose a child to “indecent material”. The trans-homo crowd, by flaunting their mock female sexuality in front of children at their library readings, are pushing the boundaries of the law.

This crowd, of course, protests that their overt and mock sexuality is not indecent, when the intent of the law is clearly to protect children from sexual innuendo and sexual indecency. Even the Victorian Justice Department notes that “The offence of grooming concerns predatory conduct undertaken to prepare a child for sexual activity at a later time.”

Transgender activists are giving the impression that they are only trying to gain societal acceptance for their lifestyle. But laws to protect LGBTIQ+ people against discrimination were in place long before this same group began the so-called rainbow readings, which raises the obvious questions around grooming.

And now, because parents in Melbourne and elsewhere are standing up against what is clearly a globally organised transgenderist political/psychological assault on children and the traditional nuclear family, the LGBTIQ crowd is again crying crocodile tears, claiming, as they always do, victimhood.

In his unparliamentary display of contempt toward regular Australians, Burns even had the audacity to play the “religious discrimination” card against the anti-grooming protesters, saying “here in Australia, if you hold a particular religion, if you’re a certain sexuality or if you have a particular identity, you should be free to practice who you are peacefully and without restriction in this marvellous country of ours”.

In fact it was the LGBTQ lobby and their left-wing homosexual friends at the Sydney Morning Herald, the ABC and other media that have been attacking a Presbyterian minister for giving messages they condemned as “homophobic” at Scots College in Sydney and at his own church.

According to the Herald “numerous students and teachers” present complained that Reverend David Maher’s sermon at the college had “homophobic and misogynistic overtones, including using the phrase, “love is love, cat food is cat food.” It seems the Rev. Maher was merely trying to make a moral distinction between love and common commodities.

It is also clear from Rev. Maher’s sermon quoted by the LGBTQ news outlet Star Observer that he was citing the Old Testament Book of Proverbs and its advice against sexual promiscuity in general. Are we now to believe that Christian and other religious teachings on chastity and fidelity are “homophobic and misogynistic”?

There is a clear anti-religion element in the global LGBTQ campaign and it is probably only a matter of time before they push for “LGBTQ protection” laws that will outlaw biblical passages or sermons like Rev. Maher’s.

The trans-homo activists complain that Victoria’s communistic “anti-vilification” laws only protect people based on their race or religion. It would only require an amendment to include “sexual preference” and the door would be open for legal warfare against people like Rev. Maher and their churches.

*Picture is a drag queen library reading in the US. Note the mock female sexuality that has increasingly upset feminists, who have been fighting drag queen demands to use their private spaces.