By Cossack Colonel YURI KOMINYENKO
UKRAINE has lost roughly 500,000 of its personnel since the beginning of the special military operation, data which does not incorporate the sanitary losses and those missing in action. The ratio of dead to wounded is generally 3:1.

Near Belogorovka, the RF recently took five strongholds. Airstrikes hit Starokonstantinov military airfield (Khmelnitsky region). Planes carrying storm shadow missiles usually depart from there. During the summer offensive it’s estimated that 90,000+ Ukrainian souls have been lost not forgetting their western armour and vehicles and now Zelensky is discussing the mobilisation of children. In mid-August that casualty rates in some units of foreign fighters had reached 85%.

The US is unable to convince Zelensky to negotiate with Russia, probably because Zelensky has written into the law that their will be no peace discussions with the RF. There was no breakthrough during the Ukro counteroffensive and they’ve used up most of the strategic reserves.

The US cannot win the proxy war. It is impossible militarily and industrially, but accepting this reality is equally impossible for them. 70% of all of the equipment provided for the counteroffensive is destroyed, 54% of the M2 Bradleys have been destroyed, another 27% received significant damage, and the list goes on. This included the loss of Western weapons and many NATO-trained soldiers.

Reports say that Ukraine is losing between 1-2 thousand men per day. Much of Ukraine’s military tactics, are driven by NATO computer modelling and strong intelligence support. Russia has increased its defense spending by 68% with $111 billion dedicated to crushing Kiev’s Nazi-ISIS regime and fighting “US hybrid war”. They face a difficult autumn, a million-strong Russian army and the loss of new territories. As it stands, the longer this conflict continues, the worse it will be for Ukro’s and their puppet masters.

Ukraine has received its first batch of US M1 Abrams tanks. UK and French Storm Shadow-SCALP-Eg long-range and air-launched cruise missiles have been used to attack RF targets, Crimea included. Western engineers modified 5 Su-24M bombers to carry such weapons and one was recently destroyed. The introduction of longer-range missiles systems like the Taurus and ATACMS will not be a game-changer. Seems that fascist NATO wants direct conflict with Russia, the cost to humanity may exceed the 1945 event.

The RF is developing an electromagnetic missile equipped with a high-frequency generator of immense power – capable of neutralising enemy electronics (micro circuits) including aircraft within a 4 km radius – called the Alabuga complex. The system can destroy missile warheads and communication devices on aircraft, while blocking automatic loading of tanks, detonate artillery shells inside turrets. RF troops use remote clearance vehicles called “Listva” (Foliage). These vehicles can detect and disarm radio-controlled land mines using ultra-high-frequency radiation.

Russia’s Tu-160M ​​supersonic strategic bombers received new Kh-BD cruise missiles boasting a range exceeding 6500 km. The new Russian kamikaze drones range now exceeds 200km. The RF continues to destroy aircraft, repair facilities, oil refineries, munitions depots, training centres for saboteurs and accommodation housing mercs. Cruise missiles and depleted-U2 shells were similarly destroyed.

RF forces have strengthened command and control posts, diversified their supply network and no longer rely on large and vulnerable ammunition depots near the front line. The Columbian (US) mercs are about to face a harsh Russian winter, this will be interesting. The RF wasted another NATO command control centre setup near the Kiev Oblast an estimated 57 dead 90% of which belonged to the NATO horde. The RF continues to build its forces, mobilisation continues quietly in the event the NATO Horde grows some balls and actually enters the fight formally and we will punish them hard.

US Army hospital in Germany is treating so called “volunteer” American soldiers hurt while fighting for the Ukros – Yankee taxes hard at work. The Ukros are using chemical weapons in Gorlovka, Donetsk region, and while shelling Zaporozhye don’t expect any Western calls for regime change.

Large numbers of Ukros continue to surrender by reaching out on a dedicated radio frequency 149.200 call sign ‘Volga’. It has been used by more than 10,000 Ukrainian servicemen. The frequency is active along the entire front. Recently a PoW’s camera revealed how the Ukros forced Russian PoWs to walk in minefields as Zelensky’s troops opened fire on them, apparently hitting a mine right next to where the Russian PoWs were.

SpaceX to contractually provide the Pentagon with satellite services as part of the ‘Starshield’ program. This is the military alternative to the “civilian” Starlink system, which apparently relies on the existing satellites. The project will be owned by the US government and controlled by DoD. Musk is looking more and more like controlled opposition. Within two weeks 250 of Musk’s low-orbit satellites have been taken out by a combined RF/Chinese effort. They detonate a device full of shards in the path of an oncoming satellite the cloud destroys the satellite and the residual gradually burns up as it reenters earths atmosphere.

The Ukros allege to have taken Andreevka twice in two days. The village is long gone literally, nothing but rubble remains not a single erect structure, and absolutely nothing to hide behind. Yet still the fools persist in trying to gain a foot hold. This is precisely the reason the RF stepped back from it there is no cover there at all. But it must make them feel good, telling the world that they are taking it over and over.

The lower house of the RF parliament has passed equalising legislation exempting ‘volunteers’ fighting in Ukraine from income tax. RF military serving in the conflict zone enjoy similar privileges. Such individuals will not be charged fees for passports and driver’s licenses. Russia withstood unprecedented pressure from the West, its economy officially recovering from the sanctions.

The DPRK is still in a de jure state of war with S. Korea, which is supported by the US. There is a 70 year old armistice established in the early 1950’s (no peace treaty). Constant military provocations between the two Koreas and frequent demonstration launches of ballistic missiles in the north are unsettling the Japanese and S. Koreans. The US, Japan and S. Korea have agreed to “annual multidisciplinary military exercises” and to “deepen information sharing re N Korean military activities,” and to “establish a hotline”. In response Kim Jong-un visited Russia resulting in arrangements incompatible with American posturing.

N. Korea has stock piled enough munitions to arm 8 million men, double the combined resources of the RF/Ukraine. Potentially the RF may be supplied with 10 million shells of 122mm and 155mm calibre. Providing improved analogs of the US HIMARS, able to strike targets up to 400 km (KN-25 systems) and modernised MLRS’s such as the KN-09. Korean artillery is currently being transferred to the RF.

In exchange Russia can provide space, aviation, nuclear submarine & ICBM technology. This is one of Russia’s responses to the NATO Horde arming the Ukros, the West is being given a taste of its own medicine. N. Korea has been preparing for war ever since the US leveled every two-storey structure in the country and as such has created the worlds largest cache, rounds fully compatible with RF systems.

The RF and China consider that all UN sanctions against N. Korea must be lifted. The US, S. Korea, Japan,UK, Australians and New Zealand, are pumping arms here, transferring elements of their strategic forces to the south of the Korean Peninsula. There are whispers of some form of nuclear weapons appearing in S. Korea and Japan.

While the US continues to provide bombs of democracy to the Ukros the US and their puppets are silently deploying the US Army and Navy near the Chinese coast. Stealthily the US is entrenching its incipient military along the coasts of East Asia, setting up new military bases in the Philippines near Taiwan, rushing to open US embassies in Pacific island countries where it previously had no diplomatic missions or interest. February 2023: Solomon Islands. May 2023: Tonga. May 2023: Papua New Guinea signed a Defence Coop. Agreement, embassies in Vanuatu and Kiribati next.

On Saturday 9-10-23 Palestinian militants launched a breathtaking surprise attacked against Israeli oppression, launching 1000s of rockets defeating their iron dome air-defences, penetrating the fenced borders, killing hundreds and capturing others including some senior military personnel. The Jews were caught with there pants down whom have since mobilised their military forces bombing 2 mosques, levelling multi-story apartment building(s) (housing media outlets) within the Gaza strip (centre) vowing to destroy the Palestinian militants and a large part of the Gaza Strip.

They have cut power and the supply of goods Gaza the world largest open space prison roughly 21x3km. The Hamas has stated that if the Jewish forces enter the Gaza Strip then they may mobilise and so far they have destroyed several radar bases on the peripherals. Israel retaliated with artillery fire into Lebanon. The Jews are mobilising heavy armour to or near the borders of Lebanon and the Golan Heights in Syria.

Israel appears to have enemies on all fronts and must of done a great deal to many to acquire so much resentment and hatred. Tehran has been launching fireworks in celebration of the Palestinian offensive. Currently there are many Syrians fighting with the RF fighting the NATO horde and this turn of events may result in many of them being redeployed closer to home.

Israel has asked Biden to send more missiles as their stocks have been depleted as much of it has been sent to Zelensky. Biden has redirected $18 billion to support further killing of Palestinians leaving Zelensky with a gaping mouth. The Hamas posted a video thanking the Zelensky regime for the provision of US weaponry to fight the Israeli oppressors. One can only wonder how the Jews knew where to strike at the Hamas within 24 hours of the commencement of the uprising since they had no clue they were about to be contested by the Palestinian peoples.

The Ukrainian frontline has softened to the point where an RF battalion is now positioned within 120km of Kiev. The men are reporting that there is little to no resistance remaining along pockets of the frontline although the Ukros are still fighting hard in the Bakhmut area. The Israeli conflict will provide a good opportunity for the yanks to drop Zelensky. The Germans and the Poles have had a gutful of the Ukrainians and it appears that its time to drop him. After all, the Ukros failed to defeat mother Russia, costing the NATO horde economically, financially, politically and militarily. Now that the horde is weakened its time for the oppressed to stand-up.