500 of the top Aboriginal corporations

By Lyndesy Symonds

Long after Step One to Makarrata and Treaty is decided by Referendum, our Australian conflict (across a range of issues) with the Aboriginal Corporate and Political Structure (and its Industry) will remain.


Their Voice and political influence in the affairs of this nation will remain and not for the better.

AbCorp is a Marxist cadre loaded with Box Tickers and backed by the United [Communist] Nations. AS A MATTER OF POLICY, they are depriving Aboriginal communities of wealth that should flow onto them from the Australian taxpayers – wealth for the social progress and development of the Indigenous population.

AbCorp is using the deprivation of these communities as a spearhead. In another Marxist context – this is uMkhonto we Sizwe without the military wing. Same type of organisation, same Marxist Agenda. This is the way Marxist cadres operate. Here they are working the tried and true tactics against the majority of Australians to leverage the Marxist Agenda – which will conform to UN Agenda.

We are sick to death of the ingratitude of Indigenous Activists