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Muslims finally get caught ripping off millions from Child Care

Shorten and ALP will miss out when these welfare voters go to jail

Investigators fear this long-running scam, similar to others which have previously been reported on various television programs, is just the tip of the iceberg

from the ABC

  • NSW Police yesterday arrested 18 people who were allegedly involved in the scheme
  • The Commonwealth Child Care Subsidy Scheme was designed to help reduce the financial burden on low and middle-income families
  • Detectives are investigating other childcare providers in NSW

A childcare provider allegedly filed claims for non-existent children and bought the identities of parents as a way to defraud millions of dollars from the Federal Government.

According to its website, Red Roses Family Day Care — which has locations in Sydney and Wollongong — promised to provide “high-quality, home-care options for children between the ages of birth to 12 years”.

But the family-run company allegedly made fraudulent claims worth up to $5 million from Government childcare programs, including the Commonwealth’s Child Care Subsidy Scheme (CCSS).

More than 170 Muslims have been targeted by NSW police who have ripped off the Child Care system by more than $4million in eight months. One Muslim woman had $35,000 cash in her purse and was claiming Centrelink payments. This huge scam is a direct result of ALP/Greens immigration policy. (pic NSW Police)

Red Roses Family Day Care allegedly filed claims for children who never existed and investigators NSW Police are now pursuing up to 150 parents who allegedly sold their children’s identities to help the company qualify for the subsidies.

“There are over 150 parents laying claim in terms of rebate, what we’ve taken out yesterday are the professional facilitators behind his syndicate,” NSW Police Acting Assistant Commissioner Stuart Smith said.

The ABC understand the business existed on paper, but no child ever went into care at any of the properties.

“The [child] identities were legitimate it’s just there wasn’t any physical evidence of anyone being looked after,” Acting Assistant Commissioner Smith said.

Police said some of the men and women charged over the alleged scam were preparing to target the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

One of the “childcare centres” that supposedly looked after 50 children was operating out of a garage, police said.

Yesterday, NSW Police arrested 18 people over their alleged involvement in the scam — so far 17 have been charged.

“Strike force Mercury will continue in its investigations and we won’t rule out further arrests,” Acting Assistant Commissioner Smith said.

The company’s director, Alee Farman, 49, was among 15 women and three men who were arrested yesterday during raids stretching from Fairfield to Wollongong in relation to the alleged syndicate.

Police said Mr Farman was originally from Iraq and became an Australian citizen in 2007.

Police said one woman arrested yesterday had $35,000 cash in her handbag, despite claiming Centrelink benefits.

More than 20 properties targeted

The means-tested scheme was designed to help reduce the financial burden placed on low and middle-income families paying for childcare.

Subsidies are generally paid to childcare providers, who are required to pass them on to parents as a fee reduction.

Families then make a co-contribution to their childcare fees, paying the provider the difference between the fee charged and the subsidy amount.

The CCSS previously existed under different names before last July.

It’s OK to be white

NSW Liberal Govt unleashes its fascist enforcers against Canadian free-speech activist

Fascist UK bans Lauren Southern

Lakemba mosque in Sydney wins again

by Gil Hanrahan

This stunning interview(link below) with Andrew Bolt on Sky News deals with so-called Australian multiculturalism, genocide of white South African farmers, collapse of the food chain in South Africa and the looming genocide of its 50 million black inhabitants.

Bolt deals with the invoice handed to Canadian free speech advocate Lauren Southern by Victoria Police for alleged protester control..

Stefan Molyneaux and Lauren Southern dismiss Australian multiculturalism as a myth

Rent-a-crowd in Melbourne tried to stop the meeting of concerned citizens where population expert Stefan Molyneaux discussed the collapse of white society and how black races including Muslims have lowered the IQ of their gene pool.

The video links below reveal the plan the Labor and Liberal duopoly have engineered to foster black immigration at the instruction of the Islamic-controlled United Nations.

While the European Union is in its final death throes and the UK already lost to Islam, Australian politicians like Julie Bishop and Bill Shorten have become UN quislings, bowing and scraping to Islam.

Southern says it is accepted by Australian media to call Jesus a homosexual but when she called Allah gay, she was condemned by the media and Islam alike.

Some call it dhimmitude.

Lauren Southern dismisses ‘multiculturalism’ as a myth.