Bauxite wash plant at Rio Tinto’s Weipa export facility

Australia, the world’s quarry, has not been allowed to become a manufacturing country as attested by our acquiescence to Deep State when signing the Lima Agreement, which saw our manufacturing capability divested offshore beginning 1975

The NWO operative and Marxist Labor Prime Minister Gough Whitlam ensured we would never become a significant player in the world economy or a manufacturing powerhouse in the Asia Pacific region.

That crown, with the help of the communists in the ALP was reserved for China. Today nothing has changed. The ALP and unions have become much more sophisticated since 1975. Dopey Aussies who have been mentally transfixed and handicapped by modern media, have allowed a handful of multi- billionaires to flog off our non-renewable resources to China.

If China wishes, it can stop Australian raw material imports at the drop of a hat, and it won’t be an Akubra.

Similarly our non-renewable bauxite reserves at Weipa and Gove have been raped and pillaged by mining giant Rio Tinto.

During the Bjelke Petersen era the Nationals at least had the foresight and fortitude to force US miner Comalco to build an aluminium smelter and refinery at Gladstone in the late 1960’s instead of shipping every tonne of bauxite straight to China and Asia for downstream manufacturing.

Multinational miner Rio Tinto soon muscled in on Comalco and now has majority shareholding. The Royal Family is said to be the largest non-institutional shareholder of Rio.

Now alarm bells are ringing again when last week European mining giant Glencore announced it had applied to the George Street cabal to open a new 50,000 acre bauxite mine in the Aurukun community south of Weipa.

Glencore’s proposed bauxite mine, just south of Rio Tinto’s new Amrun Port facility and mine near Weipa on Cape York Peninsula

The Glencore concession lies near the middle of Rio’s massive mining lease.

There is no doubt the application will be granted and mining could start in 2027 with a FIFO workforce thus denying Cape York residents and their third world economy any new or extended townships. This future planning ties in with rumoured plans by the ALP to nominate Cape York Peninsula next year for World Heritage listing in the run up to the state election.

The incompetent Marxist ALP and union partnership has all but closed the Gladstone alumina plants due to the world’s highest electricity charges and there has been no plan announced by Glencore to sell its bauxite to Rio Tinto.

The Europeans plan to ship, through a new port, all their spoils directly to China. New manufacturing is forbidden in Australia with the blessing of the Australian Labor Party and its union bed-mates.

Several years ago Katters Australian Party candidates proposed that an alumina smelter and a coal-fired, new generation power station(fired by local coal reserves) be built at Weipa, to be serviced by a railway line connected to the former Greenvale line north of Townsville.

When these plans were released to Cape York indigenous communities, the candidates said not one objection was received.

The Iron Boomerang

A massive nation building project which would make us the top manufacturing country of the Southern Hemisphere has been on the drawing board since the heady economic development days of Lang Hancock and Joh Bjelke Petersen. The Iron Boomerang envisions iron ore being shipped to Abbot Point near Mackay in Central Queensland, smelted, using local coal, to make iron ingots or first stage steel, then shipped to China for manufacturing.

Coal returning in railwagons to Port Hedland could fire their smelter to produce steel.

The plan is to build a single-track railway line with passing points, for starters, between Abbott Point near Mackay in Queensland, and Port Hedland in WA. At both ends multiple modular steel plants will combine the minerals into first stage steel, which can be shipped in slabs on customised container ships for further processing in Asia.

Promoter Shane Condon estimates each end would be able to export 22 million tonnes of first stage steel slabs per annum, and the process will be 20 per cent more efficient than China.

The project requires an investment of $70 billion, but it would create 50,000 Australian jobs in construction, and 35,000 permanent jobs in operation.

“The economic benefit workforce, which is directly related and happens immediately, is 100,000 jobs”, Condon explains.

“In 10 years, from the first steel, I predict that with the industries that will be world competitive, and the re-industrialisation of Australia, it will be 500,000.”

The Project Iron Boomerang partnership is asking the federal, WA, NT and Queensland governments to contribute just 0.35 per cent of the total cost to kickstart the project.

It seems that a better prospect for Australia would be to forget China and do all the manufacturing here. But will Deep State allow the political parties to act for the betterment of our country? Our leaders are so deeply compromised that they would give Deep State our last 5 cents if demanded.

The bottom line is that while ever unintelligent Aussies keep supporting the ALP/LNP duopoly our standard of living will keep declining until we manifest into pedophile Keating’s “banana republic.”

Some say we are already there.