The resemblance is said to be more than coincidental since his mother visited Cuba nine months before Justin was born, and socialized with Castro.


ONE can only guess what Fidel Castro’s son Justin Trudeau was doing yesterday when hundreds of thousands of Canadians came out to march against his cultural Marxist LGBTIQ assault on children in the 1 Million March 4 Children .

The Canadian Prime Minister, who has been described by various critics as “narcissistic and psychopathic”, was probably on the phone to Klaus Schwab apologising profusely for the behaviour of the Canadian underclasses. “Don’t vorry my boy, ve haff plans for zee unvashed masses who misbehafe,” Klaus would have reassured his underling.

Over in the west in Vancouver Antifa thugs showed up before the rally started in an attempt to intimidate parents. “All cops facing Antifa activists. None facing the other side. Can’t imagine why?” commented film maker Lauren Southern. Canadians joined the protest in cities right across the nation in cities also including Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Hamilton and Halifax.

Unlike any other political party leader in Canada, including the so-called Conservatives, Maxime Bernier of the Peoples Party of Canada fronted up in the capital Ottawa to support the protest, declaring there are only two genders. “I’m here like you as a dad. I have two girls and I’m proud of them and you are here as mom and dad and you know what you are doing today. You are fighting for the future of our country, and I must tell you, you are starting a quiet revolution in Canada,” declared Bernier.

It was commonsense, straight down the line truth that resonates with most people, who know the difference between male and female in nature and in humanity, unlike the confused and twisted gender change warriors. Sagmeet Sikh, the turban-wearing leftist who leads the New Democratic Party, turned up to support the LGBTQ counter protesters.

Meanwhile the gutless and fake conservative Pierre Poilievre told his “Conservative Party” MPs not to comment online or talk to media about how schools should handle LGBTQ issues. Why? We’re guessing it’s because Poilievre doesn’t want to offend his WEF-UN patrons, who of course are committed to “global LGBTQ rights”.

To be more accurate, Bernier is really talking about a counter-revolution because Fidel’s boy Justin has been pushing the cultural Marxist agenda as much if not more than his friend Jacinda Ardern, although the latter could no longer stand the hate she generated and resigned in order to become a global green lobbyist and online censorship advocate.

In April, Ardern was announced by the Little Green Prince William as a trustee of the Earthshot Prize, an environmental award. She was also appointed “Special Envoy for the Christchurch Call”, an organisation set up to censor online content considered unsuitable by globalists and neo-Marxists.

And while angry Canadians were out on the street trying to defend their children, Justin was down in New York having hugs with Jacinda at the Global Progress Action Summit where they and other caring, sharing elites get together to toss a million dollars at some starry-eyed environmentalist group considered worthy of the Earthshot Prize.

While the little Green Prince Willy Also floating around New York “charming the Americans” the Big Green King Charlie was over in Paris schmoozing his WEF associate, the Rothschild puppet boy Emmanuel Macron, an expert in the art of ignoring the millions among the unwashed French masses who despise his rule.