By Alison Ryan

Councils are the problem. Nine out of 10 councils were all registered on 1 Nov 1999, five days before the last Referendum where Australians voted to either become a Republic or stay with the Queen of our 1901 Commonwealth Constitution.

Now we’re facing a sideways attack upon our founding Constitution 1901, from the Voice. But once we know of the massive fraud perpetrated upon Australians, the con job is over.

Educate For Protection are working to expose the fraud. They have the cases to show that we don’t have valid lawful elections. When the governor is taken out, there’s no valid Federal or State Election writs. Conceivably we are not living under a government; we are under a corporation/company/business.

So council/corporation rates do not exist; they are a property tax.

A corporation cannot fraudulently tax us; only a government can tax a resident. A company must give a tax invoice with a commercial contract to do business for payment.

In Victoria council/corporations are seeking a 3.5% increase in rates. Then there’s the windfall tax, and increased land taxes by the corporation. All this is being uncovered because people have been losing their homes, their jobs, their farms.

When the corporation/councils go rogue and they start to carve up the State, this is massive trouble, and we know that it time to act.

Dan Andrews the CEO of the Victoria Corporation ABN 57 505 521 93