Queensland the socialist surveillance state

Motorists travelling the Bruce Highway between Brisbane and Cairns are the most photographed and heavily fined in Queensland, last year coughing up an estimated $500,000 a day for the Brisbane socialists.

Roadside cameras trying to catch speeding vehicles in some stretches of highway range from only hundreds of metres apart to a camera found around every 10 klms. Some cover both lanes, others only one lane. That amounts to potentially many hundreds of expensive cameras in fixed or movable positions along the disgraceful A1 route linking the Far North to Brisbane.

Much of this narrow, major highway is in appalling condition, having a rough surface and being unsuitable for any high speed driving. Yet the MRD generated more than $170 million last year from hapless motorists or truck drivers who had been caught behind slow moving caravans or heavy vehicles for tens of kilometres along this busy route.

Queensland Labor is installing more point-to-point cameras that calculate average speed over a given distance.

When they pass a slow vehicle in a 100 klm zone a purposely positioned speed camera picks up the overtaking car that might have had to reach up to 120 klm per hour in order to pass safely on the Labor goat track.

Queensland Labor is making a welter out of poor roads with hundreds of thousands of traffic infringements lining Treasury coffers. The Bruce Highway is the state’s major truck route and drivers are mercilessly photographed by these revenue raisers ultimately resulting in a loss of licence and income for struggling operators.

Qld Labor expects the Camera Detected Offence Program will bring in more than $500 million this financial year.

On July 1 last year, the fine for not wearing a seatbelt increased from $413 to $1,078, while the penalty for speeding between 31 kilometres per hour and 40kph over the limit climbed from $643 to $1,078.

The fine for running a red light increased from $413 to $575. 

The notorious Bruce Highway

The fine for drivers nabbed travelling more than 40kph over the speed limit increased from $1,286 to $1,653.

Some high resolution devices are positioned higher than others peering into truck cabins to capture mobile phone use or if seatbelts are being worn.

Most of the cameras operate in real time immediately sending your personal image to a vast data bank held in Roma Street police headquarters in Brisbane and others are received by an extensive array of Main Roads Department computers at their Mt Gravatt facility on Brisbane’s southside.

High resolution cameras can show wedding rings and other personal features. Did you agree to this invasion of privacy by the socialist state?

The latest model cameras are carefully mounted on high poles protected by at least 100 metres of steel barricade to prevent irate motorists from mowing them down. Some are positioned on bridges.

How much longer will hapless motorists allow Queensland Labor to punish them with excessive fines which amount to unlawful taxes that do not prevent road accidents.

Last year after a prolonged spate of unexplained single vehicle accidents and other serious collisions involving more than one vehicle, Main Roads Minister Mark Bailey, who is unable to drive a car and does not hold a driver’s licence, admitted there could be a connection between Covid mRNA vaccination and these accidents.

Reports from around the world suggest serious medical episodes caused by mRNA vaxx had caused many accidents when drivers took a fit, passed out or had a heart attack from myocarditis, a common reaction to spike proteins found in the toxic concoction. Judging by comments from truck drivers at truck stops it won’t be long before these cameras are either damaged or will disappear. We share their anger.

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