The weather bureau today on cue claimed eastern Australia was in the grip of a dry weather El Nino event until the end of summer when in fact it is a normal dry season experienced across Australia since Cook first stepped onto our land along the eastern seaboard in 1770.

The climate-cultists will be swinging from the pub bar rails salivating at the prospect of climate change, man made of course.

What the Bureau of Meteorology failed to acknowledge was the never-ending geoengineering being carried on by a secret government department or Deep State as most people know it.

These weather modifiers are dosing the atmosphere with barium sulphate and aluminium to help DEW fires which will be started when conditions are right, then rural and urban fire brigades across the country will be mobilized.

So too will Queensland Fire and Emergency Services which five years ago changed all the centuries-old accepted rules of forest and bush fire fighting.

The crew at the top of QFES and the ALP also have close mates in newly formed aerial water tanker companies which materialized overnight to accommodate their new rules for firefighting.

QFES along with its counterparts in other states will mobilise aerial water tankers to dump a few litres of water on fire-fronts as the man made fires take hold.

The states pay for the aerial water tankers whether it be a helicopter or large, fixed-wing aircraft.

Applying water by air to bush fires is as helpful as the QFES Commissioner pissing on a tussock in a grass fire with a five kilometre front.

But the cost to QFES would make an Aboriginal Land Council blush. Aerial firefighters rack up tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars a day.

Graders or dozers cost $2000 a day. Honorary firefighters in bush brigades with community-owned equipment cost the state nothing.

Once upon a time experienced bush firefighters used graders or dozers to put in fire breaks or utilise roads around fires then burn back into the wind so when the fire eventually got to the break it would burn itself out on the purposely burnt grass along the break.

Now aircraft with 500 to 10,000 litres capacity dump water on a blaze that could be a crown fire in a forest or a massive grass fire in a national park caused by years of unburnt detritus.

A total waste of time.

Ask the people who live on Fraser Island how useless aerial water is.

This waste of water and Avgas could be better applied to building proper firebreaks ahead of the fire season.

Water-bombing is just another scam initiated by the ALP-LNP duopoly. Doubtful? Just follow the money.    -Written by a firefighter with 50 years experience in rural and urban firefighting.