By Josephine Cashman

Last week’s exposure of the Canberra UNi-party is a stunning and sobering revelation. The LNP, now UN-ashamedly in tandem with the ALP, are collaborating to surrender Australia into a dystopian ghetto archipelago of UN 15-minute Smart cities in preparation for the world’s 0.001% wealthy families to strip our assets.

UNi-party’s ugly face is revealed as both parties vow to override the right of Australians to reject the voice referendum. UNi-party attempts to hoodwink the public by claiming Dutton and Co, always supported constitutional change, as failure becomes apparent.

The Government wants the Australian taxpayer to pay an additional $300 million to repeat the Uluru Corporate Voice Con. Thanks to a troupe of useful circus idiots. Dutton has pledged to batter Australians into submission as he announces that taxpayers will be forced to pay for the rerun of this grand deception.

The LNP, Dutton and Price dig themselves deeper into lies as they rush into Plan B. Where Price descends into incoherent confusion, as a result of Dutton’s bumbling.

Jacinta Price is the chosen circus performer to deliver to the Australians a big lie, that this is the no campaign. The Australian people can smell a rat. Dutton is still supporting the Uluru Voice. It is a Yes campaign disguised as a No campaign. They are putting Price forward to sell the unsellable lie.

There is no doubt that the Voice referendum will fail.

Despite the fact that Australians will vote No overwhelmingly against it, both sides have decided to incorporate the Uluru Voice into legislation. Going against the Australian people’s Voice.

Now we find out Peter Dutton is committed to holding another referendum. What’s the point of a $300 million referendum when they’ve already agreed to it? We know now it is not for the Australian people. It is a charade, a billionaire-choreographed show.

A fifth-column insurgency set up Aboriginal people as scapegoats for the country’s collapse. They were never properly consulted on this Corporate Uluru Voice Con. A compromised government instead conspired with fake Aboriginal leader Judas Goats, fake claimers, and saboteurs of Aboriginal Australia.

Due to an endless cycle of government sabotage, Aboriginal people distrust the government, which is why the scheming traitors neglected to consult them. As a result of decades of government-appointed crooks bullying elders, and stealing billions of taxpayers’ funds intended to improve the lives of Aboriginal people, they knew Aboriginal people would not be fooled by the Uluru Voice Corporate Con.