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The UN Voice marauders are engulfed from within, hiding where they remain, impotently raging as they burn

Fortunately, the majority did not goose-step with the will of our glorious misleader

Stephen Reason

14 Oct 2023

74 thoughts on “The UN Voice marauders are engulfed from within, hiding where they remain, impotently raging as they burn

  1. ESSENTIAL VIEWING here, folks…

    .com/video/Cb6ZPT1lJTCI/ (stick “bitchute” at the front)

    Just be warned, Guru has VERY POOR communication skills – so try to look past that, as Caz provides all the useful info.

    NOTE IN PARTICULAR – YES folks, the AEC was UP TO THEIR NECKS in CHEATING in AnAL’s BS “Voice to Parliament” referendum. Their CHEATING was BLATANT and WIDESPREAD, just like usual.

    Yet they STILL lost, with the AEC reporting 60% to the NO vote.

    Truth is, the NO vote was likely 80%+. Think on that going forward, as our fake corporate “governments” tell us all to GO AND GET STUFFED as they push ahead with their BS “treaties” and shove the Globalists’ UNDRIP down our throats.

  2. Pat from Vic

    You have such an eloquent way of expressing your views.

    Every time I read one of your comments, I cannot help but smile or laugh.

    I am extremely grateful you are on our side.

  3. Dazza said – “My self, we are not celebrating but are waiting for the next scene of agenda 2030 to be played out…”

    Indeed, these Satanic baby-eating psychopaths NEVER back down, they only ever DOUBLE DOWN.

    They ALREADY have all the necessary fake corporate “legislation” in place, slipped in the back door while no-one was watching. They have Plan B & C & D & E all the way to the end of the alphabet.

    NONE of it is “legal”, of course, because NONE of these fake corporate “governments” is “legal” – they’re ALL CORPORATE ENTITIES which are MASQUERADING as our “governments”, all owned lock stock and barrel by FOREIGN BILLIONAIRES.

    And as we’re ALREADY seeing, these treasonous seditious mass-murdering arseholes will shove their BS “Treaties” down our throats whether we like it or not IF WE LET THEM.

    Silence is CONSENT. Whatever they do, they will do because they THINK THEY CAN – because no-one bothers to get up off their arse to STOP them.

    Which would be a tragedy of historic proportions, seeing as how we outnumber these traitorous psychopathic walking canine turds about 10,000 to ONE.

    The biggest challenge I foresee is figuring out how to make a sturdy rope noose stay on a big slimy piece of SHIT long enough to hang these bastards. Might be easier just to burn the worthless lowlife sold-out treasonous mongrels (all nice and legal like, and never forget, ONLY in the best POSSIBLE taste).

  4. It concerns myself greatly when we read an article with such boasting, of victory! What happened to the referendums of prior times concerning the councils being recognized under the constitution we voted no 3 times to the councils being recognized through referendums. So what happened, the states and territories introduced a new act called the Local Government Act and whalla the constitution problem disappeared. The state governments have the legislation all ready drawn up for the voice and ready to go. Look at Western Australia what they passed in regards giving the Originals a voice and then were forced to repeal it.
    My self, we are not celebrating but are waiting for the next scene of agenda 2030 to be played out

  5. Ben, said: “All Labor need do next is work out the official narrative of how to hand Aust to the UN without causing a civil war.”

    Correct, they have a plan B and C and D, etc.

    For example, Queensland has already put in place the necessary shonky legislation to do a Treaty with the Aboriginals in Queensland.
    That info was reported on Cairns News months ago,

    Shonky legislation has been put in place in Queensland and other states by way of legislation and and regulations, codes, agreements and the like. All follows the UN, WEF, etc, narratives.

    Mostly already in place to carry out plan B. The Voice would have made it much easier to finish taking our property and country, but not absolutely necessary to do so,

    Any person who believes that we won the war and can now negotiate with the NWO grubs. is definitely still a sheeple.

    I suggest that the average person has very little idea of what the corporate governments are up to, what their real plans are for us, not the bullshit official narratives.

    If we had in place local community information groups all over Australia that could supply the average person with the real info, what a difference that could make.

    Then have community discussions about the info, then make community decisions about the info, would that be of value, would that work for us?

    I mean do it on a large scale, all communities large and small.
    So bloody simple, why in hell don’t we do it?

    Billboard Battalion is a fine example of how to get info to the average person, there are other community groups/forums also doing a great job, for example CN.

    Until we have/use permanent local community groups/centers that are in all communities, to get the info out, we may be wasting time and effort on other methods that have achieved little to nothing over the last few years.

  6. The NO win has only slowed down the Treaty process. If you check the 26 page Uluru Statement (eg @ Malcolm Roberts webpage — malcolmrobertsqld.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2023/08/26-page-Doc-14-Uluru-Statement-from-the-Heart.pdf ) and go to pages Pages 110 – 112, you will find 3 very simple Flowcharts titled Roadmap 1, Roadmap 2 & Roadmap 3. Each Flowchart shows how govt can take a path to Treaty/Treaties.
    Team Kamikaze, Labor, was following Roadmap 1 but they just crashed into a brick wall of resistance in the form of 60% saying NOPE! That eventuality was foreseen by Team UNIDRIP, aka Team Parasites, so the plan will now take a detour as shown in the Roadmaps. Looks like the next step is a Joint Parliamentary agreement on a Makarrata Commission Bill, then Voice & Treaty/Treaties.
    All Labor need do next is work out the official narrative of how to hand Aust to the UN without causing a civil war.

  7. @Blisskit. I liked Rove and the Roving Approach as well. I never agreed with his liberalism, but he was funny and he was truthful in his humour except when he singled out the Catholic Church as the Numero Uno the paedo scandal that engulfs every institution of social influence. The child violators are not all in the Church.

    We could all use some Rove right about now I think.

    Here is PM Albo reading his script on ‘indigenous disadvantage is the real division facing Australia’. What a sanctimonious wanker. He doesn’t give the proverbial rat’s about indigenous disadvantage. Their deprivation is the political spearhead these corporate pretenders need for extinguishing Australian sovereignty and delivering this country to the UN. And he and his fellow Bolsheviks are going to do everything the Big Jew Money tells them to do to make sure AbCorp harvests the billions of dollars the Australians are trying to invest in these most marginalized of communities.

    No wonder Senator Jacinta Price told Paul Murray of Sky News that she is “appalled” at the senators who voted down her urgency motion for a Royal Commission into the sexual abuse of Indigenous children.

    On Oct 17 (Tuesday), Senator Price called for Prime Minister Anthony Albanese to hold the Royal Commission. She moved for an audit of the social services of the Aboriginal Industry and for a bipartisan effort “to bring about common sense practical approaches to solve some of these issues.”

    “I was just absolutely appalled at the excuses and the flippant way in which some of the Labor senators behaved in response to this call.

    “Labor, the Greens, and Senator Pocock, all voted this motion down.”

    This is the Yes Campaign for the Uluru Statement in the true colours. As far as I am concerned Albo can just roll up all 18 or 24 pages of that Uluru statement, stick it up his ass and smoke it. I wouldn’t even mind some tax dollars being spent on the smoking and ‘welcome to country’ ceremony. By all means a song. ‘You’re the voice Albo and we understand it.’

  8. Blisskitt said – “Please could she say how this was achieved? ”


    100 slabs of concrete. All up to Indigenous living standards according to our fake “government’s” track record.

    They don’t get $40 billion PER YEAR for nothing, after all.

    Just BTW, that happens to be TEN TIMES how much the USA gives in aid to Israel each year. Think about that.

    If I was a cynical person, I’d be asking WTF has it all GONE?

    Maybe $400 million per concrete slab?

  9. I will post article here and funny I saw it on the Guardian but when I searched came up on the Age and SMH. I do think we all need to know what we are counteracting.

    “Labor won’t look back on Yes campaign but hamstrung on next steps”

    Reference here :


    The very last paragraph is standout material.

    “While the government has not outlined its major plans post-Voice, Indigenous Australians Minister Linda Burney on Tuesday announced 100 houses had been built in 100 days in remote communities in the Northern Territory.”

    Who knew you could build a house in a day? (the three little pigs). Please could she say how this was achieved? Because if that is true there won’t be a homeless person in Australia by what next year?
    She was quiet for a few weeks did she build them all herself?

    Can anyone provide the evidence?

  10. Lindesymonds
    I don’t have anywhere near your knowledge but as I was brought up Catholic, I will say I agree, pretty hard not to. This prick who I can’t be bothered naming is the darkest, most revolting supposed “anointed one”, “God’s chosen one” to ever grace the planet well since I’ve been alive any way. I also agree with you on Waleed Aly but don’t forget Roving enterprises, aka Rove McManus, produces that ridiculous show. Rove himself I think it was Friday, got completely bagged because of his use of the Project to promote “YES”. Used his 9 year old daughter in it (because she gets its). Well let me advise Rove, many kids “get it” and they are the opposite of his particular child. He may have been somewhat humorous perhaps 20 years but perhaps should reflect on some of his comedy pieces and who he used to promote himself!

  11. That odious little halal dweeb Waleed Aly has now parsed the NO victory. And he just can not get that smirk off his face.

    Waleed opines: your higher IQ people with tertiary education and an address in an affluent burb understood the significance of the Referendum Issue and voted YES. Appropriately. Waleed thoroughly approves of this cohort. They are liberal, deferential to BIPOC sensitivities and dependable when it comes to moving UN Agenda along.

    Then, on the other hand, we have your retards and knuckle draggers who eat servo pies, think Ernie Dingo is the name of a beer and vote in a bogan electorate. These did not understand the Referendum Issue and voted No. They are just fair-go Australians who do like politicians and poofy liberal causes and default to the negative. Herein lies the problem.

    Picture your typical vegan, nutritionally deficient non-Cis with chartreuse hair and an MA in Gender Theory on the Soros Payroll voting Yes for xiser Box Ticker friends in the Aboriginal Industry. How many IQ points are we talking about here Waleed?

  12. @crisscross767 Pope Francis has a range of opinions. He tweets.
    He makes personal phone calls all over the world. The only people who will take no notice of his notions about covid, the earth mother reverance, special blessings for sodoms who feel ‘bullied’ and the food fight in the gender cafeteria etc will be Roman Catholics who actually have the faith of the Roman Catholic Church.

    At present, he is otherwise engaged with the universal session of the Synod on [wait for it] synodality. Yes. A synodal order will deliver all the things we need to become more inclusive, welcoming, earth aware and speed up the process of one world religion.

    This is an emergent Counter Church and everyone is advised to steer clear – especially its manifestation in whatever your group happens to be. All the big umbrella JudeoXtian orgs like WCC, WEA are unfortunately onboard with all this crap.

    All you really need to know is that the Vatican has signed off on all 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals – along with every other religious and secular institution on the planet subverted by the Communist Revolution.


  13. Below info was reported on Cairns News, over a month prior to the Voice Referendum taking place:

    September 7, 2023 at 9:27 pm
    Will this be the end of the Voice?

    The wrong form was used, so said the court. The application showed that the referendum was shonky,

    Did Dr William Bray cause the grubs to change their plans for the Voice?

  14. @aapkoning, AND this is precisely the reason, that these PARASITES/ SAVAGES want to SHUT us up, to CENSOR/ CRIMINALIZE our rightful free speech, in order to prevent us exposing these raging PSYCHOPATHS, who are our real enemies/ CRIMINALS, which of course only continues to benefit + protects them.
    The SATANIC Rothschild are on top of that list.

    We vastly outnumber them, but sadly they’ve compromised & infiltrated just about everything, so-called education, FAKING our history, using weather & earthquake weapons warfare against us, the mind surely boggles!!

  15. crisscross767, Yes it never stops, 5000 years plus trying to exterminate the Goyim. Because we want a world of out own… “These animals can no longer live.”
    Ezra Yachin, a 95-year-old Israeli army reservist, is seen inciting “every Jew with a weapon” to kill Palestinians and “erase the memory of them”.

  16. Julius Skoolafish, good one.
    Jonathan Greenblatt, CEO of the Anti-Defamation League, said on MSNBC on Sunday that opposing Zionism is not only “anti-Semitic” but also “genocide” because “every Jewish person is a Zionist,” writes Chris Menahan.
    How long will this go on? >5000 years against all other world citizen…?

  17. Jonathan Greenblatt, CEO of the Anti-Defamation League, said on MSNBC on Sunday that opposing Zionism is not only “anti-Semitic” but also “genocide” because “every Jewish person is a Zionist,” writes Chris Menahan .

    “I have long said anti-Zionism is anti-Semitism – I was wrong, anti-Zionism is genocide,” Greenblatt declared.

    “Every Jewish person is a Zionist,” he emphasized, regardless of whether they are a religious Jew or an atheist.


    The UN Charter is based on the former USSR Constitution

    “The United Nations is Zionism. It is the super government mentioned many times in the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, promulgated between 1897 and 1905.” – Henry Klein, New York, Jewish Lawyer, in Zionism Rules the World, 1948.

    “Anti-Communism is anti-Semitism.”
    Jewish Voice (New York: National Council of Jewish Communists), July-August 1941, p. 23

    “It is not an accident that Judaism gave birth to Marxism, and it is not an accident that the Jews readily took up Marxism; all this is in perfect accord with the progress of Judaism and the Jews.”
    Harry Waton, A Program for the Jews and an Answer to All Anti-Semites (New York: Committee for the Preservation of the Jews, 1939), p. 148

    “Karl Marx, who came from an old family of rabbis and brilliant Talmudic scholars, was to point the path of victory for the proletariat.”
    L. Rennap, Anti-Semitism and the Jewish Question (London, 1942), p. 31

    “Among his [Karl Marx’s] ancestors were Rabbis and Talmudists, men of learning and keen intellect.”
    Henry Wickham Steed, in The American Hebrew (New York), December 9, 1927, p. 206

  18. And still the newspapers try it on:
    Where did the referendum fail?
    We are ashamed… (of the majority)
    It was too difficult for the least educated to understand… (least indoctrinated more like)

    Who gave them the moral high ground over democracy?

  19. I would guess not so much a failed attempted land grab via UN as a second failed attempted bloodless coup ( Malcolm Turnbull “Leader of the Republic” was first ) and I would say that our dear departed QE2 handed over to Globalist UN some time ago with just the details to be dealt with. Since we have been so naughty as to reject Elbow Gump’s hamfisted attempts at a constitution project, we can expect worse to come, perhaps the Marberg or just the injections, as we have been told, by the usual crowd, so why should this not happen, answer, no reason.
    Elbow’s “The Voice” was always 100% about changing the constitution, because nothing would stop him from setting up “The Voice” or any other department since they are always setting up departments and swapping them around to avoid responsibility and tweaking around with their rules until it gets to the point you will need a smartphone telling you constantly what you can and can’t legally do, in fact wired into your brain would be most effective.
    The politicians who are silent are owned in one way or another, “Take the money or we shoot your dog” type of deals. Let’s hope the “Yes” voters figure out what a scam this was when Elbow is asked what’s stopping him from doing “The Voice” anyway, and stand clear, there will be a large and long spray of bullshit following.
    Come on Elbow you useless bullshit artist, give us “The Voice” anyway, just as you might if you didn’t have the CONSTITUTION AGENDA to run, in some “Take the money or we shoot your dog” type of deal.

  20. Annhoyt Mitchell, Good comments! However some readers will not like what you have written down. As for: Part your Quote: “He warned Albo to stop but Albo saw and loved the Greenbacks waved in front of his greedy face!!” We could easily say and know damn well many others in Government positions, like Scott Morrison, THEY all like the same — Greenbacks… Not to forget Financial corporations*.
    Here some refreshing of our memories.
    She Exposed One Of The World’s Biggest Banks*; They Ruined Her Life.
    Stephanie Gibaud pulled back the cover on the criminal activities of UBS, the world’s largest private bank.

    The French government has utterly failed to protect her from the harassment and retaliation that followed.

  21. Hold my Bud Lite. Albo has now reminded us that during the Labour Referendum ‘First Go’ 2023, Dutton made a ‘solemn promise’ to hold another one.

    The Lab/NLP/Green Tag Team is working together to chart the path of the Uluru Statement through Referendum.

    It’s about sovereignty. And the Tag Team is committed to denying it to Australians. We think we voted against racial division in this country and I am sure that is where the yada-yada will be focused.

    But UNDRIP and Uluru Agenda rolls on. [Internationally they are building a world soviet and racial strata and sovereignty is inter-related, except of course, in European ancestral lands] A rank goes down, a new rank steps in that can move the Agenda forward – perhaps through legislation and the courts with another leader, perhaps another Go at Referendum – seeing as how we got it wrong the first time. Who knows, we will have to wait and see if they decide to audit the Aboriginal Industrial Complex and how they reign in the identity politics.

    CN reminded us of this fact in the lead-up to Oct 14 2023

  22. The EU is being transformed into the United States of Europe. To achieve that, Europe first has to be economically devastated to the level of Weimar Germany.

    Then it has to be militarily destroyed in a staged conflict with Russia so the Europeans will forget all about “national” identity and sovereignty and accept CENTRAL control as a “European Federation”, much like the Americans.

    In the meantime, quite a few will die as will many in the Indo Pacific.

  23. AAPKONING (et al). If you read the Deerborn Independent chronicles (aka Henry Ford’s “The International Jew”) it is clear who is shaking the jar.
    For first time readers I might suggest chapter 60 to whet the appetite.

  24. Now’s the time to write Our Will letters to our MPs to get on with building Australia up and reclaiming our country and our freedoms.

    Victoria is the most radicalised red socialist State with the most Yes votes, so far.
    The politicians need to hear from us, the people, to represent we, the people of their electorates.

    Warn the reprobate that bending the knee to globalist entities will have consequences.

    If we all wrote such letters to our representatives after the resounding win of the Australian peoples saying no en masse to Constitutional change, this might really save us from more nasties ready to descend if we let them.

  25. Terry Shulze, I still like this, (seen it in one of Ron Unz review comments), and could be applicable to a lot of circumstances: “If you put different groups of ants in a jar and leave them alone, nothing happens and they live neatly alongside each other… until you shake the jar. The people who shake the pot must be destroyed. And people are not ants, WE can communicate with each other and realize that WE are not each other’s enemies, but the satanists shaking the pot are the enemy. We can all fight together as the Satanists want, or we can join arms and attack the Satanists… stop being afraid, start believing that we as HUMANS can form one fist to destroy the elites.”
    Ethnic white nations are disappearing. Within themselves, massive, unassimilable immigrants from the Third World turn them into Towers of Babel. The disappearance of European nations is accelerated by their loss of sovereignty to the European Union (EU). Instead of Germany, France, Italy and the other historical nations, there is a European Union with one central bank and a common currency. The German mark, French franc and Italian lira no longer exist and neither does the sovereignty of European countries over their monetary policy.
    Do White People Have Enough Intelligence to Survive? Check out at:

  26. Oh the pain! in Vic’s trash MSM..most edifying to see, ha!
    Whinging on about..but what about Australia’s overseas reputation and
    the role of racism in the referendum.
    Or how about ‘Indigenous’ Victorians mourn defeat.. lol, yeah right.
    And because ‘disinformation’, yada, yada…
    Teals and sniveling virtue signalling morons besides themselves.

    Schadenfreude justified, no sympathies for the potentially nation-wrecking supporters.

  27. After the NO vote will we get more bushfires?

    Using Wildfires as a Weapon

    The US government war-gamed using wildfires in Vietnam to attack enemy strongholds in the jungle, to destroy enemy supplies, and to create visibility (post-burn) of the landscape below.

    A declassified, secret report entitled, “Forrest Fire as a Military Weapon Final Report June 1970,” discusses conditions preferable when selecting a target for forest fire sabotage.

    Heavy fuel loadings of unusually dry material.

    Many simultaneous ignitions.

    Intense solar insolation.

    An unstable atmospheric lapse rate.

    Marked vertical and/or horizontal wind shear.

    They also discuss when selecting a target, you must understand the location’s dry season, the vegetation of the location, the humidity content of brush on the ground, and how to preplace litter at ideal humidity levels to ensure the fire catches.

    Just wondering what to expect this summer?

  28. tonyryan43: “Incidentally, I followed a reader’s advice and entered links to Josephine Cashman and discovered I am banned from her site. Oh dear. I must be a bad person.”

    Most disappointing of her! Any idea why you’re banned, Tony? I’d be most interested to know why she would ban anyone, least of all you.

  29. Terry Schultz, Have some lefty relos that have had a change of heart when blanket land claims have been lodged on top of them, NIMBY ism at work>

  30. I didn’t vote YES for two reasons.

    1. When Albo said he only read the first page, I realized he was just following orders.

    2. When I found out what Noel Pearson has done, I realized the Ab originals already had a Voice to the Australian Parliament. It would be interesting to know how much of the funds went to improve the lives of his “brothers” and “sisters” as well as “aunties and uncles” and all the “nephews and nieces”.

    As far as the UN and the WEF are concerned, they are controlled by the zionists, who never forget and never forgive.

    Australia can expect to be a target now, with weather events, bush fires (DEW’s?), floods (cloud seeding?), earthquakes (Scalar weapons?) and tsunamis, all designed to get the people “off the land”.

    Australia has delayed the formation of the One World Government, the One World Religion and the rest of the New World Order pipe dream. A mere speed bump in history?

    However, I am hopeful that the only other Country delaying this progress will succeed.

    Mr Putin made it quite clear recently.

    World Economic Forum (WEF) founder Klaus Schwab, is a “globalist terrorist” who is “holding humanity to ransom”, according to Russian President Vladimir Putin who warned the elite that their New World Order has failed and their “days are numbered.”


    For the record, there seems to be a lot of military charter flights taking place in and around Australia, with Virgin, Rex Aviation and Nexus, all flying daily. I was wondering why some of them were going to Guam. Maybe R&R for US and Australian troops or special VIP’s?

  31. yanta said – “And yet almost half of Victorians voted yes (assuming no funny buggers with the counting).”

    That’s a mighty big assumption. Why are we letting the AEC’s reported “numbers” do our “thinking” for us? That would be the AEC owned by foreign Globalist billionaires and run by a an utterly sold-out treasonous baby-eating Freemason with no life skills or conscience and a pre-booked cubicle waiting for him in the deepest pits of Hell.

    Remember how walking dogshit Dictator Dan won the Victorian state election in a landslide?

    And he didn’t even have to do ANY campaigning to get that overwhelming vote. Kind of like Biden standing alone in a carpark with the tumbleweeds blowing through – except Dangerous Dan didn’t even have to do THAT. What did he know that we didn’t?

    When it comes to vote-rigging, Victoria is the WORST, they have it down to a fine art. And FWIW, I don’t personally know ANYONE who voted “YES” in Victoria.

    But I’m sure there were plenty of alleged “Victorians” who DID vote “YES” – again and again and again and again and again (plus all those walking dead people who rose to the occasion). Plus all the “NO” votes that strangely just didn’t make it to the count, or otherwise got tossed in the bin. Plus all the old folk in nursing homes who had friendly personalised “assistance” to “help” them vote. And all the rest.

    Just saying.

  32. Some readers need a lesson in tactics.

    Very early in the piece, Jacinta Price exposed the Voice Referendum as a Trojan Horse, meaning the UN Wolf joined the sheeple disguised as a sheeple. She made no further mention of this. She fully understands the globalist implications, but when most of the verbal and literary missiles in the air are “conspiracy theory” and “paranoid crazies”, she would have been a fool to align with those targets. The media would have eaten her alive.

    Instead, she focused on the central visible issue, how Aboriginal issues can be brought to government attention by people who understand these. Nobody else.

    Some of our local pundits and gurus need to grasp that some of us have been in the war for decades and we know our enemy’s choice of weapons and deny them any opportnity to use these. In sales and marketing this is called “stick to the script”. In management it is “Be objective and focused”. To Sun Tzu it was “know your enemy and know yourself”.

    Ergo, sure you need to know the terrain but you only place your troops and your guns where they have maximim effect and minimal casualites.

    Even today, if you want to rant about the Rothschilds, Claus Schwarb, or Noah Harari, expect listeners to walk away from you in droves. Point to why they cannot pay their rent or mortgage and you really have their attention. Harness their interests, not impress all with your vast knowledge of globalisation and the NWO.

    Incidentally, I followed a reader’s advice and entered links to Josephine Cashman and discovered I am banned from her site. Oh dear. I must be a bad person.

  33. Rebecca, said: “They don’t give a rats what the people want, they’re doing it anyway.”

    100% true and correct.

    We are not in their club, we are the garbage they are trying to get rid of, including the children.
    New replacements are already here and a couple of million on the way “immigration”.

    We will not be able to have “any” real lasting success if the grubs are left in place running their shonky, illegal. unlawful, unconstitutional, immoral, bullshit governments.

    Leave them in place, with no real effort made to throw out that garbage, we my as well give up now, why prolong the pain.

    Okay there are some we can keep, I just counted them on one hand, I had fingers left over.
    Those good ones could be chosen by their communities, to be representatives for their communities, same as any other community members.

  34. Ask yourself: Who are the biggest consumers of ABC propaganda and agendas?

    The “Yes” vote was BY FAR the strongest in the inner city and well to do areas o the big cities, NOTORIOuS FOR PURSUING “WOKE” AGENDAS.

    ABC Media brainwashing must rate as a key element. It’s a sad state of affairs for a Publicly funded broadcaster to be involved in the manipulation of public opinion rather than delivering objective and truthful information.

    The woke shit will keep hounding Australia until the ABC is restored to its original purpose.

    So what are we going to do about that? Allow even more and more brainwashing by weirdo ideologues whom we pay to brainwash us? Or are we going to stand up and protest and demand what we are due!!!!

  35. Agree with Tony B… Be on your guard, stay frosty! We are many, we can do this…

    Rebecca..”.Though mostly factual, they embellish some of the official narrative, omit others but never, under any circumstances report the whole truth.”

    This applies to all msm and has done for quite a long time.

  36. The referendum failed, so what.

    The first thing said was they’re doing it anyway. They said implementing aspects of the Voice were already too far advanced to stop.

    Can’t you see? They don’t give a rats what the people want, they’re doing it anyway.

  37. David A, said:
    “Their Agenda 2030 plans may be in dissaray, but we need to be very vigilant, as it looks like they’re going to try to legislate in UNDRIP anyway ”

    Yes, UNDRIP, and many other UN and WEF type entities.
    Those entities give their plans/orders to the governments (including our [sorry their] corporate governments) and the governments make up shonky legislation to follow/fit the dictates of their overseas masters.

    Truck loads of those plans/orders have already been placed in Acts, Regulations, Codes, Agreements, Advisories, etc.

    What used to be our councils and shires are now very shonkt local corporate government, run/controlled by the UN.

    To clean up the mess we are in, we need to start with the local UN controlled governments.

    Get rid of them by putting in place what we used to have, local well known and trusted representatives – NO party politicians,
    Then do the same for state then federal corporate governments.

    To do that we need to get together as communities all over Australia.

    Some Australians have already done so, we need the majority of Australians to step up and assist with saving what used to be our country…

    Long lasting positive results would take months, not years.. Trouble is, we are fast running out of time.

    The resent NO vote was a very good start, we need to keep going, we had one win (won one battle) there are many more battles to win before we can win the war.

  38. The result of this referendum clearly suggests 40% of the population need to ask themselves why they are misaligned with their nation..

  39. I am in Victoria and I was disappointed to see we had almost half of our state vote yes. We suffered the worst lock downs in the world, under the mosst tyrannical of dictators and some of the worst violence against our people. And yet almost half of Victorians voted yes (assuming no funny buggers with the counting). I feel ashamed to be Victorian. So many people here are still under the MSM and fear mongering spell.

    btw: Is that a Hitler type salute albo-sleazy is doing on that pic at the top of this article?

  40. There is still around 40% of Aussies that are dumb as bricks. However, the good news is that the stupid 40% are most likely ‘fully vaxxed’.- good riddance…

  41. The Australian law recognises that a treaty is:

    … an agreement between States (countries) which is binding at international law. In some cases international organisations can be parties to treaties. Even if a document is agreed between two or more sovereign countries, it will not be a treaty unless those countries intend the document to be binding at international law. DFAT

    Section 61 of the Australian Constitution allows Australia to enter into treaties as an exercise of Executive Power. Treaties are then tabled in both Houses of Parliament.

    A treaty is generally tabled after it has been signed for Australia, but before any treaty action is taken which would bind Australia under international law. DFAT

    The legal process for Australia to sign, ratify or accede/implement to an international agreement/treaty is set out below:

    Signature – agreement in principle, but not legally bound by the treaty.

    Ratification – a binding agreement that Australia will implement the treaty. In the case of a multi-lateral United Nations agreement an instrument of ratification prepared by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade is deposited with the UN Secretary-General after being approved by the Governor-General in Council.

    Accession/Implementation – the Parliament implements the agreement as an Act of Parliament

    Example: the Racial Discrimination Act 1975 (Cth) implements the Convention for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination

    h ttps://www.ruleoflaw.org.au/treaty-explainer/

    UN Charter
    “Entry into force for Australia 1 November 1945”
    In force generally
    24 October 1945 description
    Charter of the United Nations [UN]
    Notes and references to published text
    Signed for Australia 26 June 1945 by F M Forde and H V Evatt. Instrument of ratification deposited for Australia 1 November 1945. Entry into force for Australia 1 November 1945. Also applies to Norfolk Island.

    h ttp://www.austlii.edu.au/au/other/dfat/treaties/1945/1.html

    h ttp://www.austlii.edu.au/cgi-bin/sinodisp/au/other/dfat/treaty_list/TL-keyword-index.html

    h ttp://www2.austlii.edu.au/~davidv/alr/secure/tables-OLD/Aust_journals_table.html

    h ttp://www2.austlii.edu.au/~davidv/alr/secure/tables-OLD/Aust_journals_table.html

    h ttp://www.worldlii.org/catalog/33.

  42. The Voice didn’t pass the smell test because it stunk to high heaven and the stench will remain until all those responsible (including Dutton who was for it but waited for public opinion) are tried by the people for treason and hung by the neck till they are dead.

    As for this article, it certainly contributes to the mounting body of evidence suggesting many of today’s journalists are no different to politicians.

    Though mostly factual, they embellish some of the official narrative, omit others but never, under any circumstances report the whole truth.

  43. Elbow has a Chinese male lover whose brother lives next door to principal of Kelvon Grove state highschool Qld. Pilashit daily dines for free at Versace hotel owned by senior member of communist Chinese party. China Dan got beaten to a pulp for trying it on a 16 yo.

  44. I did my Research and found Golf Whitlam & Bob Hawke signed an agreement with the UN and made Australia a Corporation no longer under the Commonwealth and John Howard was also involved; A man I had the utmost respect and admiration for as I was one of the nurses who took great care of his beautiful mother at Weroona Nursing Home,Leichhardt in the 80’s! I lost all that when I read how he was in agreement!
    Maybe had regrets and realised their error as he was very much against the VOICE and openly warned the Government of bringing about the VOICE! He warned Albo to stop but Albo saw and loved the Greenbacks waved in front of his greedy face!!
    I read all about how the UN wanted to control the world by owning the land of every country and the building of their Agenda The New World Order could begin at long last!!!
    They own all the Country Leaders as their offer of millions of dollars cannot be rejected! They are the scum of the earth!! Climate Change is another baby of theirs to fool the foolhardy and Al Gore needs to be made accountable!!!
    I tried to warn Albo as a concerned citizen but he did not listen; J tried to warn all my friends whom I grew up with and attended school and graduated with but they too believed that all the Indigenous people wanted was their land to build and have a life and have a say in Parliament! I reminded them of the many Aboriginal MP’s already in Parliament and their Representatives Noel Pearson a Lawyer and Linda Burney Member of Barton who has a list of Ministerial positions and yet Alice Spring’s Indigenous people are still so far backward; the children suffer from being abused mentally physically and sexually and what have these two elites done, NOTHING!!! They live like Kings and keep their people down at heel to be able to receive and keep receiving millions of dollars which stops with them and their people continue to suffer!!! Sack these two!! And the rest of them who pretend to be doing good for their people but they are not!!!
    They know about the UN deal Albo accepted as they accepted their millions! That is why Albo could not explain the VOICE or it contents cause there wasn’t any! It was The UN’s directive!! And they were all willing participants! They all need to resign from their positions!!!!!

  45. “Military men are just dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy.” – (Jew) Henry Kissinger

    NAZI is a term initiated by the Jewish community and applied to Hitler’s NASDP.
    The term belongs to the Jews as it does in Ukraine.

    Hitler hated the term Nazi that was bestowed upon him.

    Nazi – an insult in use long before the rise of Adolf Hitler’s party. It was a derogatory term for a backwards peasant – being a shortened version of Ignatius, a common name in Bavaria, the area from which the “Nazis” emerged. Opponents (Jewish) seized on this and shortened the party’s title Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei, to the dismissive “Nazi”


  46. I thought it was against the law to use the Nazi salute. It appears that our glorious leader is doing it left handed

  47. Agenda 2030 will be implemented via local councils, it is getting harder and harder to get a planning permit in rural areas, I work a fair bit in the Hepburn shire and use that shire as an example, its near on impossible to get a planning permit much less a building permit there ,the amount of crap and hoops that you have to jump through is hopeless, the planning person is from Melbourne and doesn’t live in the shire speaks volumes as to who is in charge, also by the way this council on board with this agenda as well . By the way for the locals in that area the clean up in the wombat state Forrest has been stopped by the greenies as supposed the contractors are not using best practice, this is what I have been told so the trees that have been damaged by the wind storm event about 12-18 months ago are just laying there and will add to the fuel load when they decide to burn it all down, you cant see as much from google maps anymore as regrowth is starting to happen, I have documented and made videos for anyone that cares to know more about this. So sports fans stop looking at state and federal level for traitors, we all know who they are, but more importantly start looking at local council level at who the traitors are, that’s where to start, also the councilors that are supposedly voted in to represent their constituents do not control council, the CEO’s and officers do and answer and do the will of their masters, so people get off your collective arses and make an effort at local level and have you voices heard at these local council meetings remember they work for us not vice versa, if we dont this agenda marches on, remember these entities want us out of the rural areas and rack and stack us in these 15 minute cities and control us 24/7
    So dont bask to long in this voice victory , this is a battle that’s been won, the war still rages, keep a watchful eye out because these demon possessed people do not give up they are relentless and we need to be doing the same and push back harder. there are more of us and very few of them, and believe it or not they fear us, and rightly so.

  48. “Price and the official NO Campaign never once addressed the primary purpose of this Referendum: it was always a Geneva-conceived device to transfer Australian land and assets to the world’s Predator Class of Billionaires.”

    Ah! The people we must not mention… Mammon’s bloodsucking 0.1% Money Changer Cult that owns and runs 99% of the show?

  49. As someone famous once said, now it is time to: AUDIT, AUDIT and AUDIT!

    Where did the $BILLIONS$ disappear?

  50. My daughter and her partner actually went online to read the government’s proposal which she said sounded good until the last 2 paras, where they stated that they could decide not to follow any directions or suggestions from the elected Voice members and the government could change the rules or make new laws any time they wished! It was a decider for them. She said if they could do that then what was the point of the whole thing. This goes to show all it takes it a little bit of research to find out the truth.

    Maybe other people did do that too.

    Perhaps the results were much higher but they cut them down however the No numbers were so high anyway there was no way they could do a cover up.

    In any case its a done deal now, thank goodness – we just dodged a huge bullet (and so did the Aboriginal people) and most people probably don’t realise that. But I hope these same people (and more if possible) are now going to be very wary of any other ‘great’ suggestions by the government.

    What they have to do now is an audit of all the government taxpayer funded Indigenous companies etc and find out where and how the money is being used because it is obviously being wasted and not going where it should go. Indigenous peoples can be represented, and are represented, and there is no need for a change in Constitution. They have 11 Indigenous members in Parliament for goodness sake, what the hell are they doing? Maybe they need to get rid of the ones in there, and get a whole new set of people who do care enough to do some good!

  51. Every unofficial survey or poll outside the fake news polls I had seen were overwhelming towards the no. Numbers like 7 : 3 were common.

  52. ron said – “… the vote must have been an overwhelming NO vote…”

    Indeed, considering the AEC’s parallel hordes of PAID “YES” voters, all voting early and voting often, being bused to multiple booths across Australia, AND the LEGIONS of dead rising from the grave to cast their “YES” votes, AND the BATTALIONS of AEC gangsters harvesting “YES” votes from old people’s homes and nursing homes all across Australia, not to mention the TRUCKLOADS of “NO” votes either ERASED or INVALIDATED or just outright shredded and tossed into the RUBBISH by the paid AEC stooges, and every other dirty cheating trick in the book and some others besides, all greased by HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS spent on CORPORATE MEDIA PROPAGANDA…

    …IMO the “NO” vote was more likely 80%+ than the reported 60% overall win.

    We SHOULD be celebrating this result – but there’s also a LESSON here, “just enough” is NOT enough. Whatever steaming BS these sold-out treasonous Globalist stooges roll out on us next (and there’s ALWAYS a “Plan B”, because these mass-murdering shitstains NEVER back down, they only ever DOUBLE DOWN), our COLLECTIVE response HAS to be OVERWHELMING.

    We’ve won THIS particular battle – let’s make sure it’s the first of MANY leading to UNCONDITIONAL VICTORY in this BS genocidal Globalist war against Humanity.

    And then the Fat Lady can finally sing and we can put all those lamp posts to use – all nice and legal like, of course, and done in the best possible taste.

  53. Very good article.
    Yes we had a win, the vote must have been an overwhelming NO vote, too hard to rig, especially when many”real” Aboriginals also voted NO.
    Well done Australia, maybe there is still the necessary fight left in us.

    The Voice would have made it much easier for the grubs to finish us off.
    Sadly, there is all of the “already in place” legislation, etc (especially at local and state corporate governments levels) that has to be “sorted”

    Leave all of that in place and they can still cause us a great deal of grief.
    Their plans will just take a bit longer, a speed bump for them.

    They could speed things up with some new distractions, such as, the tried and proven wars, plandemic, “natural” disasters. etc.

    We still need to fight (when/where justified) to get back our freedoms and right to life and health.
    And need to get back our local, state, and federal governments from the shonky private corporations calling themselves governments.

  54. Nicola Charles, TV and former (1995-2016) ‘Neighbours’ star has been speaking out relentlessly against the Agenda.

    She was recently attacked by the gutter trash Mainstream Media, for informing/ telling Australian people the truth about ‘The Voice’ and the UN:


  55. “They needed “The Voice” to parasitically dissect Australia from within;
    they needed Truth to demoralise and degrade her people to acquiesce to the theft;
    they needed Treaty to void her sovereignty, and to seize her bountiful lands. ”

    100% correct! But MORE Aussies need to wake up!
    60% of Aussies is not enough to stave off the bloodsuckers stalking Australia.

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