Katters Australian Party Member for Hill Shane Knuth helped to rid the state of vaxx mandates and hopefully soon the Labor and Liberal Parties from the halls of power.

Member for Hill Shane Knuth has cautiously welcomed news that Queensland Health’s Vax mandate may be scrapped, adding it should never have been implemented in the first place.

The tenacious Knuth has been the only real voice in state parliament sinking the boot into Labor over the cruel, wrecking-ball mandates for the past 18 months.

The Liberals were silent on this devastating policy which has wrecked the state economy and ruined tens of thousands of lives, never mind the similar number or more adverse reactions and deaths from experimental, mRNA gene altering shots.

“I have been outspoken on this since mandates were first introduced by the State Government, along with the thousands of health workers whose lives have been turned upside down because of this ridiculous policy,” Mr Knuth said.

“All it did was weaken our already struggling health system across the state, particularly in regional Queensland, which in turn put lives in unnecessary danger, because valuable staff could not be replaced.”

Mr Knuth congratulated the new Health Minister on the initial move.

“The new Health Minister appears to be listening to Queenslanders and finally acknowledging that we need to get these experienced and valuable health workers back to work to alleviate the strain on delivery of services across the state,” he said.

“However, I am disappointed with the caveat to this news that a two-week consultation period will be undertaken, which begun last week, whether to repeal the current mandate.

“This government loves a headline, but the devil is always in the detail. You cannot give hope to thousands of workers and their families, then say it may be scrapped or place conditions on the withdrawal of the mandate…it should be unconditional and immediately scrapped.”

Mr Knuth said health workers were not the only ones affected, with teachers still being targeted and Queensland Police Service members stood down and facing ongoing disciplinary action for refusing to be covid vaccinated.

“These are not anti-vaxxers, they are normal people, who for whatever reason, whether it be medical, personal, religious beliefs or advice made a personal decision,” he said.

“I find it unbelievable that the State Government is recruiting 2,500 police officers from overseas, because of shortages in the service, while at the same time continuing to stand down hundreds of valuable, experienced officers across the state.”

Mr Knuth said their only crime was a personal choice to refuse to be covid vaccinated.

“We have youth crime out of control, with offenders often released back on the streets after committing serious crimes, yet the very people we rely on to protect us cannot do so simply because they made a personal choice not to be vaccinated,” he said.

“It simply doesn’t make sense and I call on the Minister for Police to immediately cease action against QPS members and get them back to work on full pay and benefits.

“I also call on the Education Minister to immediately drop any disciplinary action of standing down or reducing teachers’ pay for choosing not to be vaccinated.”