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You’re the NO voice

9 thoughts on “You’re the NO voice

  1. IN FULL: Senator Jacinta Price addresses National Press Club | ABC News


    flying Tricky Woo an hour ago

    Yes, thanks to those who let me know it was on. Fantastic and the best Press Club address I’ve ever sat through. Well done Jacinta, you represent ALL of us.
    mike ots flying an hour ago

    It’s the first time I’ve watched the whole show. Great effort and as hard as they tried they could not embarrass or belittle the fine woman. Three big cheers.
    h ttps://richardsonpost.com/monica-showalter/33016/ssrn-censoring-covid-research/

  2. Looks like we’ll need one of those smoking ceremonies for the dead cat that is ‘The Voice’ Referendum 2023. How much is that going to cost? But Labour still has enough room to swing that cat – especially if they decide to jig the Referendum. My guess is they’ll swing it and then throw it into the LNP backyard. Welcome to country! The Party that ran the UN CoVID operation can be depended upon to deliver Aboriginal sovereignty over Australia to The Money Power, its Communist Revolution and its UN.

  3. The DEFAULT position on any referendum question must always be NO!!

    Unless they can convince me it’s NOT going to damage the joint it’s a NO goer. If it ain’t broke DON’T tamper with it.

    Never mind any sentimental stories and pretty wrappings and ribbons. Them’s just hooks to catch mullet with.

  4. More messaging needed to the general community, folks.

    Too many Australians are LAZY AS ALL SHIT, despite being capable of critical thinking if forced to.

    I had a close contact tell me she’d got the “Referendum Booklet” in the mail, and wanted to know if she should “vote” YES or NO.

    I told her FFS, if this “Voice to Parliament” BS gets through, Australia is FINISHED! So don’t just vote NO, vote HELL NO AND GET F*CKED”!!!

    If you have a passing thought to email anyone on this shit, or to DISCUSS this BS with anyone, then DO IT.

    You would be SURPRISED how many people you might assume understand what’s going on, DON’T – because they’re too busy “living their lives” to even take the time to THINK about it.

    So put it in FRONT of them – you can take a horse to water, as they say, but if you DON’T, then when is the horse EVER going to hydrate itself?

  5. No to every point of the 18 page Uluru Document beginning with ‘Voice’. No to Makarrata Commission and Ministry of Truth Telling Exercise.
    See booklet “The Voice – A Cultivated Crisis”. donpinwill@gmail.com
    Reprinted on https://unicuiquesuum.com/2023/09/01/the-voice-a-cultivated-crisis/

    Yes the Aboriginal people are recognized as citizens of Australia. This was confirmed that Yes the 1901 Constitution does include them in the 1967 Referendum. Yes they travel overseas on Australian passports. Yes they have a voice in Parliament – the Minister for Aboriginal Affairs. Yes they have an entire industry to look after the interests of approx 3% of the population – including their Box Ticker ‘Wiradjuris’ who wouldn’t know the Wiradjuri community if they fell over it in broad daylight. Yes their industry gets an annual budget of billions. Yes their Land Councils are lawyered up with Federal money and waging lawfare across the continent for native titles which they will then use to create No Go Zones and exclude their fellow Australians.

    And yes – since there is a poor me, poor fella me sorry business narrative, the Aboriginal Box Ticker Industry should be fully audited.

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