Letter to the Editor

At 68 years old, I never thought that I’d have to live-through another Government, in my opinion, as evil, inept, irresponsible, incompetent, and CORRUPT as the Rudd/Gillard Government (2007-2013), but unfortunately, the Albanese LABOR Government is much, much worse! In my opinion, I believe that BOTH of these Governments were/are left-wing extremist (Communist, Nazi, Marxist) war-criminals, guilty of Treason and child abuse.

Treason, because they are destroying our economy and our country in general!

Child abuse, because brainwashed kids are committing suicide over the lies, propaganda, and mis-information spread about the Climate Change conspiracy theory/myth/hoax/scam/con-job by politicians, journalists, teachers, and celebrities! 

In my opinion, I believe it’s easy to see WHY this corrupt government is allowed to continue and thrive, when we have a MEDIA (90% of) that is corrupt, evil, COMPLIANT, left-wing extremist (Communist, Nazi, Marxist) war-criminal SCUM themselves!

I don’t know how these evil, corrupt journalists can live with themselves, face their kids in the evening, or sleep at night? They are a DISGRACE!

My apologies in advance to the 10% who are good, decent, intelligent, educated, conservative Australians!

Rusty Marsh,

Cowra NSW 2794.