By Cossack Colonel Yuri Kominisky

On the 5/8/23 a Russian ship-fired onyx rocket targeted an SBU (Ukranian secret service) base in the Nikolaevsk region where a large NATO meeting had been organised the result was multiple dead. One NATO (American) General and three Australian officers destroyed. They enemy was counting on the structures thick walls to shield them from Russian rockets. The American’s are now saying that their general was killed in a training accident somewhere in America but the internet and satellite data reveals a different story.

The general was an American superstar supposedly having actively participated in most American hot wars, they seem to forget this is not Afghanistan where the defenders were armed with antiquated hunting rifles. The Australian officers were apparently Apache helicopter instructors heading home feet first, one would hope that Albanese will honour their lame sacrifice. Perhaps if he starts sending sacrificial Ozzie’s by the dozen then the war may end a little sooner than later.  

The pre-Baltic countries have found courage as they hide in the folds of NATO’s skirt. They believe themselves to be immune from RF fire power and have blocked Russia’s access to Kaliningrad via the Suwalki corridor transiting thru Belarus. The pre-Baltic countries have positioned troops and tanks blocking Russia’s access. They had previously been warned that this was not prudent and that a response would be forthcoming. Kaliningrad was formerly a part of Nazi Germany taken by the USSR in 1945. Russia has fortified military bases present in the country fully staffed. Russia’s modern arsenals can easily strike European targets including Berlin from their Kaliningrad bases.  

Almost 90 per cent of grain loading facilities at Odessa port have been destroyed.

The RF will be releasing volunteer combatants from service commencing 1st September as the we have amassed 550,000 combat ready troops. The Syrians have contributed 12,000 fighters eager to meet the NATO horde and the North Koreans have indicated that they are ready to send 500,000. During Shoigu’s recent visit to North Korea, he noted that it was time for North and South Korea to reunite something we are sure the Americans would disapprove of. Even the African’s have indicated an interest in siding with Russia in this American orchestrated event.

The Chinese are onboard with the program as well interested in gaining first hand combat experience. They have roughly 2.5 million serving personnel and should the need arise will be able to inject 1 million soldiers to defend what’s left of democracy.