THE Queensland State Government, the third respondent in suspended GP William Bray’s High Court appeal, failed to file a response on Friday.

After the filing deadline passed, Dr Bray sent the following email to the court: “Dear Crown Law, I note the Third Respondent’s (State of Queensland) failure to appear before this matter in the High Court within the 14 days required after service of the filing of the applicant’s leave for appeal. The failure to follow procedure is in breach of High Court Rule 1:10:1 and 41:04. Sincerely, The Suspended William Bray, Applicant.”

It now appears that the State of Queensland is not prepared to defend the Constitutionality of its so-called National Law scheme that supposedly allowed the Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency (AHPRA), to take away the medical license of Dr Bray of Queensland on August 16th, 2022.

On July 4th Dr Bray made history when he became the first individual in Australian history to successfully appeal against a decision of the full bench of the High Court to dismiss his case against AHPRA , the Medical Board of Australia and the State of Queensland.

“It’s never been done before. It’s been done by a simple man with no legal support except for the help of good people … and I merely presented my matter and my thoughts to the court. There must have been goodness, there must have been smarts and there must have been truth and justice in that High Court, because they could have easily dismissed my unprecedented request but they didn’t,” Dr Bray told a My Place meeting on the Gold Coast on Wednesday (July 19th).

“They allowed me in despite the full bench ruling against me. So that means we have allies, we have friends in high places, ladies and gentlemen, and we are going to win,” he told the meeting as claps and cheers sounded out. When Dr Bray was speaking, he pointed out that the Queensland Government, one of the three respondents, had only one day and 12 hours left to file its response to his appeal. We will update on this as soon as possible.

AHPRA bared its rotten teeth during the Covid plandemic when it came down on GPs like Dr Bray, who dared question the dangerous experimental mRNA jab and related atrocities imposed on the Australian people by the layers of the medical bureaucracy, operating under the control of the WHO, aka the global medical mafia.

What the AHPRA corporate bureaucrats didn’t realise when they came down against Dr Bray was that they had a real fight on their hands. His protest at the Australian Medical Association national conference was just one round. Dr Bray took his fight with AHPRA to the state courts and eventually the Queensland Supreme Court before moving his case to the High Court. After yet another dismissal on technicalities he realised that major constitutional issues were involved and had not been addressed and appealed the dismissal.

What Dr Bray and his supporters discovered was a highly suspect scheme operating between AHPRA and the Queensland State Government. AHPRA exercises its alleged authority over doctors through a so-called national law that is legislated into being by Queensland and then adopted by other states. This is clearly unconstitutional.

Dr Bray, through official correspondence with federal and territory health departments, also discovered that AHPRA is neither a Commonwealth agency nor a state agency. So where do they obtain their alleged authority from? A so-called national law legislated into being by one state?

So, asks Dr Bray, does AHPRA have the power to pretend to be a Commonwealth agency? And where does this agency obtain the power to interfere in the doctor-patient relationship and suspend doctors for free speech and warning others about a dangerous injectable?