By Tony Ryan commenting about Chinese military equipment on its way to Russia

America’s 2015 Rand Report, which invariably precedes US wars, recommended an attack against China. The prediction was for an easy US victory and with acceptable collateral damage. I eventually identified the ‘collateral damage” as Australia. China has about three times more effective missiles than the US.

The US also plans war against Russia. Because two fronts are seldom recommended, it seems likely that the US plans to either pull back strategically from Russia and let NATO powers carry the Ukraine conflict or, insanely, take both nations on. The former option suggests an attack against China in the near future. January onwards seems likely.

Hopefully Joe Biden knew who he was talking to during trade mission?

We don’t have to be very good guessers to imagine that Russia and China have made a mutual defence deal. If so, it seems likely that China would send Russia ground mobility technology, which it has plenty of and which are seldom used in defensive situations. By way of recopricity, it seems likely that Russia would send China missiles, most likely Kinzahls, one of which, on its own, can sink a nuclear sub or aircraft carrier. 28 Kinzahls would sink all Americas aircraft carriers.

A few Zircons would eliminate the US’s war rooms. Let’s get to the point. The US is utterly unprepared for war with a peer adversary. The Gulf War and Iraq war were not peer situations, just a bunch of ill-prepared Arabs. The truth is the US has never won a war. It’s arrogance and belief in its own invincibiity are the effects of the movie ‘Patton’, which lionised a military idiot and neurotic who played a minor part in WWII.

His competitor, General Hodge, was in fact the only general of ability in that European war. What is the US military reality? The average age of US war planes is 27 years. It’s fighters are problem-ridden. The Stealth Bomber can be spotted fifty Ks away. The noisey Nuclear submarines are millstones around the Navy’s neck (which is why the US wants to sell this obsolete junk to Australia). America’s top missile, the Patriot, received a replacment guidance system about eleven years ago.

It did not work. Two years ago a third guidance system was designed but it failed to release from the wing of the 67 year old B52. On its second test, it released but failed to fire. Clearly, the Patriot missile is a monumental flop. To make matters worse, attrition of military pilots is seventy percent. It does not get better… America is out of ammunition. No kidding. Killing industry with free trade means none can be produced for at least three years.

And the US dollar is plunging and inflation is rocketing. Surely the US military experts can see this? Apparently not. Like the rest of science and academia, the world is being run by idiots and this includes the Pentagon. A leading expert recently recommended that a destroyer/battleship sail into the Azov sea and harrass Russia. Evidently, Danial Blankman was unaware that that this would result in the 9.3 metre deep hull ploughing up the 7 m deep sea bottom, making it a sitting duck.

Or the world’s slowest mudskipper. Meanwhile, Russia is superior on every front, especially with missiles, with several hypersonic scramjet models, all manoeuverable to target and, therefore, unstoppable. As of now, Kinzahls are being mass produced. So, whatever happens, the US will not survive militarily, which means the lunatics in the Whitehouse may well launch nuclear warfare.

Naturally, they will blame it on Russia, so we need to be aware in advance that Russia does not need the threat of nuclear weapons. It already has military superiority with its SU 35 and SU 57 planes, its missiles and its non-nuclear silent submarines.
Yes, we should be worried. Far be it for me to laud a Liberal Party PM, especially the hated Malcolm Fraser, but he warned us this would happen if we did not end the US alliance. If ANZUS is still intact by Xmas, we can expect a minimum of 204 thousand deaths in the Northern Territory in the New Year and wherever there are US installations.

Within four days, Australia will be without fuel.. Within a week, no electricity. Millions may be dead or dying. Both Dutton and Albanese are simply sub-intelligent and few of their ministers seem to be any kind of improvment. I want you all to imagine Australia at war under the leadership of Penny Wong. Frightening.

Then get into gear and kick these liabilities out and establish a civilian administration for the interim. Contrary to popular belief, there are some brilliant former public servants who say they are prepared to step into the breech if called upon.