Greg’s Ontario hospital report.

The testimony below appeared on Twitter and reveals the brutal reality of child trafficking and its devastating physical and psychological effects on victims.

The victim, who retains his real name for obvious reasons, has taken years to recover and is now able to share the trauma. We have no reason to suspect it is fake and is a timely reminder of this evil trade brought to light in the movie Sound of Freedom.

Some people have attempted to paint Sound of Freedom as a psyop designed to get people to microchip their children. That’s a bit far fetched, and if you follow the story of the movie’s development you will see it has been a battle against the establishment the entire way and still is. Here’s what “My Name is Greg” shared:

“Last Saturday was the 43rd anniversary of corrective surgery I underwent. The surgery was needed as a result of my trafficking and repeated rape as a child. Just 7 years old when I went through this. And there was years more of it after That surgery.

“The crazy part is that, I didn’t understand that it was the result of rape until about 2018. I knew about the surgery previously but my parents who were my primary traffickers, had me convinced that the surgery was the result of poor hygiene/bum wiping, on my part. And that’s what I believed until 2017.

“That’s not how these types of things happen. I now know that. The trauma of realizing this truth is fairly fresh for me. Only 5 years or so and I’m still unpacking the implications and dealing with the complex emotions around it. This truth nearly killed me. It destroyed my marriage and put me in a trauma unit for 3 months.

“My life has been completely devastated by it for the past half decade. Much of it, horrible. Much of it, deadly dangerous. I share this stuff because one, I think it’s healing for me but also, because I hope that my sharing helps other survivors not feel, quite so alone.

“And to those who don’t understand the life of a trafficking victim. I share because, I hope it provides a little bit of insight into The truth of child sexual abuse and child trafficking. Help them to understand that movies like Sound of Freedom, are covering very real topics. And that these things have been going on for a very long time. There is nothing new under the sun. At any rate thank you for reading and God bless. And if you’re a survivor hold fast and remember Christ understands and Christ is an option available to you.”