Sickening, mass public adulation of a girl’s soccer game has been a great diversion for Albanese’s NWO subjugation of Australian sovereignty

The Australian psyche has hit an all-time low as millions of brainwashed people fawn over a women’s soccer match while in the background covert communism continues to remove any vestige of democracy the older generation once knew.

Deliberate sporting diversions aided and abetted by a compliant media have allowed the creeping communism of the Labor Party to dislodge once accepted freedom of speech, inserting racial division into fundamental laws, mutilating children to suit the LGBTQ agenda, then medically murdering nine-month old babies and millions of hapless citizens with deadly vaccines.

The Marxist agenda is in full swing while millions of mentally maladjusted people fall into Albanese’s well-oiled trap only to be slandered a conspiracy nut or a racist should a brave combatant raise his head above the parapet. Television morning shows with their slick, programmed talking heads are tailored for stupefied housewives and their woke husbands to maintain blissful ignorance of the communist depopulation coup which has unfolded all around them.

“Oh well we just have to put up with petrol at $2.30 a litre and grocery bills jumping 30 per cent,” laments the struggling mother, while electricity to keep the television spewing propaganda is costing householders 50 per cent more than it did last year.

State school curricula, particularly Queensland’s caters for mentally unbalanced kids, or ‘furries’ who believe they are cats or dogs to purr and growl in classes or relieve themselves in kitty litter (Ravenshoe State High), totally disrupting any kids who might have a chance of learning how to switch on the TV or being conditioned to the Aboriginal mantra of ‘white bastards stole our land’.

Core subjects such as reading, writing and counting past ten have long been consumed by the UN humanist agenda of black entitlement to crime, girls are really boys and the sky is about to fall in because a cow farted.

Parents who send their kids to a state school should be prosecuted for child abuse.

While Labor’s Long March is almost at its destination Covid-jabbed citizens suffering Stockholm-syndrome continue to ‘vote’ for the two-party system ensuring they will remain slaves forever to the technocratic elite, that is at least until the mRNA jabs finally kick in. – Contributed