Letter to the Editor

In their universally and historically recognised wisdom America’s Founding Fathers established an electoral system free from the tyranny of the majority. Out of the 3,243 counties in the U S the majority of its citizens live in only 146 counties.

Should people in these 146 urban counties dictate to those in the remaining 3,077 rural counties? Please keep in mind that  the majority of those in those measly 146 counties think milk and eggs come from a carton, electricity comes from the wall, Electric Vehicles are emissions free and the earth is doomed if the inadequate solar and wind policies replace fossil fuels and nuclear.  21 of those counties are in the woefully failing West Coast cities of California, Oregon and Washington state.

Once thriving centres of cultural and fiscal and educational enterprises, folks now freely defecate in the streets and homelessness, lawlessness, poverty, ignorance and bedlam prevail.  It doesn’t take a genius to see why there are significant moves by the rural counties in these failing western states to free themselves from the cruel bondage of their failing masters.  The US Electoral College system whereby the President is elected by the Electoral College, not the popular vote, thus frees the people from the tyranny of the majority.  


Jack Sonnemann

Launceston TAS