Woomera space base in 1960’s, bulldozed by Masonic Menzies

Letter to the Editor

While I don’t agree entirely with Senator Roberts’ take on China (after all, everything was going swimmingly until Australia started the unprovoked fight with China IN LOCKSTEP with the Globalist script), his call for reclaiming Australia’s industrial base, let alone our sovereignty, is WAY overdue by at least 60 years.

Special Communication of Grand Lodge at Town Hall, Sydney on December 17, 1918

At the end of Exercise WWII, Australia was an industrial giant. We manufactured and exported EVERYTHING from televisions and computers and domestic appliances to agricultural machinery to cars and trucks and trains and aircraft. We had the largest and most capable navy in the Southern Hemisphere and the fourth largest air force in the world.

For those who didn’t know, after the Soviet Union and the United States of America, Australia was the THIRD nation on Earth to successfully design, build and launch our own satellite into orbit, from a little place called Woomera in South Australia.

Anglophile Grand Master, Liberal PM Bob Menzies

We had our own SPACE PROGRAM with all the associated MASSIVE infrastructure and launch facilities, FFS – which Pig Iron Bob Menzies bulldozed into the dirt with his proclamation (and I quote) – “There is no future in space!”.

None of that – NONE of it – gets educated into the brains of Australian school children. Now all they’re worried about is how soon they can cut little boys’ willies off and amputate little girls non-existent boobies. And fill their minds with filth and parades of degenerate transgender misfits waving THEIR misbegotten private parts in everyone’s faces.

Take a look around at Australia today, folks. How FAR the mighty have fallen (and that’s LITERAL, not metaphorical).

From Pat