PM Albanese is sucking up to Chinese leadership today but will it do Australia any good? How is it that Albanese and Labor are representing the majority of Australians with only 32 per cent of the national primary vote? After 70 per cent of the country voted down Labor and Albanese in a referendum in October, President Xi certainly would understand the tenuous political situation in which Albanese has placed himself. Legitimate government needs to be restored in Australia.

By Tony Ryan

The two most militarily aggressive nations in the world are Israel and the US.

The US is hoping to provoke Israel to attack Iran.

The top five military powers in the world are Russia, China, Iran, Turkey, and America. Nevertheless, America is at least 20 years obsolete in military technology; it has a serious deficit in military personnel: its weaponry costs 10 times more than that of other nations; and it is out of ammunition. Moreover, most people on this planet have had a gutful of US oppression, America having invaded and occupied 61 sovereign nations since 1946 and with almost 800 military bases installed across the planet.

Even worse, for 75 years the world has watched Apartheid Israel practice genocide on the indigenous Palestinians, all in the spurious cause of a Jewish Homeland when, in actuality, no Ashkenazim Jews are ethnic Jews. They have no Israelite DNA and no claim on Palestine. In truth, the actual Semites, Sephardi, Misrahim, and Palestinians, are oppressed by the Askenazim Khazarians whose origins are in 13th century Ukraine.

Will China move on Australia when it hits the fan in Israel?

As Mohandas Gandhi observed, nobody has the right to invade the home of another people on religious grounds. The entire Zionist nightmare has been financed by Washington.

Guided by history, what may we now expect to happen in the Middle East?

My guess is that, provoked by Blinken and Sullivan, Israel will attempt to nuke Iran, who will intercept and destroy the missile. Iran will then let loose a fusilade of missiles on Israel, joined then by Turkey, Lebanon (Hezbollah) and Syria. The US will retaliate on Israel’s behalf and both Iran and Russia will sink every US aircraft carrier and war ship in the region, this requiring only one missile per vessel. Russia and China will then destroy every US base in Europe and the Middle East. China will wipe out all US bases in the Philippines, Guam, Japan and Australia.

Anybody who thinks this is not the prelude to WWIII deserves to become as extinct as Israel and Washington will soon become. Do I retain some elements of optimism? Yes. China has invested massively in Australian arable and residential land, plus Darwin harbour, so it will not destroy its own assets.

What we need to do right now is invoke the Magna Carta and re-establish legitimate government in Australia, before somebody arrives and does this for us. Trust me, no major surviving power is going to leave a former US asset in a South Pacific vacuum. We have days to get off our Aussie arses.