Revolt by ordinary Australians over massive environmental damage from installing 200 metre high wind generators and high voltage power lines through many farm paddocks and backyards as shown at this South Australian site

Sky News host Andrew Bolt says the Albanese government’s net zero plans are now in “shambles,” and not just because of the cost blowouts and delays in projects.

The Labor UN dummies, Bowen and Albanese are hell bent on destroying Australia as we know it

“There’s a revolt by ordinary Australians,” he said.

Mr Bolt said there are now protests around Australia against the idea of destroying the planet to save it.

“The government has got a huge problem here because the penny has dropped,” he said.

“Australians are no longer buying the government’s green spin.

“The government’s renewables crusade is doomed, and Bowen had better soon admit it – Labor’s survival depends on it.”

Editor: The ALP should immediately hold a referendum on Net Zero and any more wind tower and solar installations. The result in Queensland would be a clone of the Voice extravaganza.