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New electorate of Cape York looming after welfare vote dominates result


At least 4000 voters, solely dependent on government welfare payments to survive, have elected Labor in the seat of Cook, leaving the economic generators of the Far North floundering without a say in government.

To separate the disparate welfare influence from the southern half of the Cook electorate it has been suggested the creation of a new electorate would be more in the interests of maintaining a thriving agricultural and mining industry.

Plans to create a separate state seat of Cape York with a boundary drawn north of Laura will now escalate before the Labor Party is able to further entrench itself with welfare voters.

Patriach of North Qld Bob Katter has been approached by indigenous leaders seeking to form a new electorate of Cape York

One proponent of a new seat is the patriarch of the north, Bob Katter, who said he had been approached in the past by indigenous leaders seeking support for a separate electorate.

There is no farming industry north of Laura, just a handful of viable cattle breeding properties locked in a continuing battle with federal and state environment departments, indigenous land rights encroachments, egregious mining exploration companies and a Labor Party determined to shut down the cattle industry.

During the election campaign, notorious Green lackey, Deputy Premier Jackie Trad, threatened land owners with a new round of Wild Rivers, more water storage restrictions and World Heritage listings over the remaining 50 per cent of the land area of the Peninsula not already languishing under conservation zones.

The world’s toughest vegetation management laws will be introduced under the guidance of two of the ALP’s in-house, rabid greenies, Trad and colleague Dr Stephen Miles.

If either possessed a modicum of political will, no help can be expected from so-called representative bodies such as Agforce or the Natural Resources Management (NRM) quangos which are dependent almost entirely on government funding to survive.

Agforce, the last bastion of the failed Liberal Party will struggle to attract membership or have any direct policy influence on a resurgent Labor Party, driven entirely by the trade union movement and the United Nations Agenda 30 to which Queensland is a signatory.

Spot the clowns: Miles and Trad want to lock up Cape York in a deal with the Greens for allowing Adani mine to go ahead

It will be an entirely political manoeuvre to protect the Far North from the flush of international socialism seeping from the confines of the Queensland south east corner which enjoys state government largesse at a ratio of 10 to one over the north.

It is only the cross bench in State Parliament which now can thwart the UN agenda pushed by the Marxists of the Queensland Labor Party seemingly aided and abetted by the flailing Liberals.

As one commentator quipped, “there are no Nationals in the Queensland parliament, just Liberals wearing Akubras.”

The electorate of Traeger, formerly Mt Isa until the unaccountable Electoral Commission tagged it with this misnomer, was held easily by Robbie Katter with 66 per cent of the primary vote.

In the campaign Katter warned the ALP that one of his first policy initiatives for the new parliament would be to create the new State of North Queensland.

This policy obviously resonated with the adjoining, redrawn electorate of Hill easily taken by his colleague Shane Knuth, in spite of the best attempts of the Electoral Commission to gerrymander Knuth from Parliament.

Hinchinbrook, joining Hill to the south also seems set to go to Katters Australian Party.

North Queenslanders will be assured of a tumultuous ride during this term of parliament, towards attaining their well-deserved, modernised statehood.

At the close of counting on Tuesday night, Labor held Cook with a margin of 2900 preferences.

Think outside the party faithful or Abandon Ship


Pavetto pin-up boy for Gay Pride

jonathan-pavetto-2The gay pin-up boy for the Liberal Party in Bob Katter’s seat of Kennedy has a problem with the truth or has been dumbed down like most other LNP candidates by the big end of town back room boys. 

Brisbane lad Jonathon Pavetto hailed by the Gay Pride magazine for taking on Katter, according to Liberal sources, is parroting his mentor Warren Entsch’s line that KAP is preferencing the Greens and Labor over the LNP. 

Poor Warren probably can’t read but the how-to-vote card has been floating around pre-polling booths for days. 

Such is the desperation in the Far North where the Liberals have been promising the world for years but give only party platitudes when pressed by the electorate.

Bob Katter has been able to get Treasury to pour millions for roads and other infrastructure into Kennedy over the past three terms of parliament. 

Cairns News roving reporters say that Mr Entsch continues with his campaign of lies at the Laura Races, Campdraft and Rodeo. 

Fortunately a number of people have already voted and read the KAP card for themselves that shows the ALP and Greens last on their ticket.

 Warren has been caught out big time and people have remarked that he is being quite childish, in the knowledge this will be his last term in parliament.-





Letter to My Fellow Australians from Bob Katter


To My Fellow Australians, this last six months ending February 2016 concludes the worst period in Australian History.

  1.  Seventy percent of Australia’s manufacturing vanishes with the closure of the Australian Motor Vehicle industry next year.
    “Australia will have made its last motor car.”
    With the closure of Australia’s last Whitegoods Plant at Orange all Whitegood manufacturing is gone.
    “Australia has made its last washing machine.”


2.   The only registered Port in the Northern Half of the Australian Coastline has been sold to the Chinese (a) compromising USA defence usage, (b) creating a foreign owned tollgate, which under the China Free Trade Agreement provides the Port owner with the right to an “unlimited” toll charge on all Imports and Exports flowing ‘into and out of’ the North West quadrant of Aust..

Soon after this extraordinary event two members of the Federal Cabinet announced the $5000m North Australia Development Fund. The Australian Financial Review newspaper photographed the “potential investors” (assumed recipients) of the $5000m namely:-

Wilmar the giant foreign sugar Corp., JBS Swift the giant foreign beef Corp. and the Chinese CEO of the Port of Darwin. No Australian’s were mentioned.

3.   It was reported in the media, following government statements that 11% of Australia was foreign owned. Since 52% of Australia is on the World Register of Deserts and over 20% is “Aboriginal Land” for which no Title Deed is available or possible (and therefore no economic development), and 7% is National Park.  In other words 79% of Australia’s lands is ecologically and or legally precluded from any economic activity. So even in the early 2000s more than half of Australia’s usable land was probably foreign owned.

In the last six months:

  • Minister Barnaby Joyce announced the Ord Stage 3 as a preferred recipient of Northern Australia $500m Water Fund. The Ord Stage 2 and Stage 3 are both Chinese owned. They will comprise Australia’s Biggest Farming Operation.
  • The Van Dieman’s Land Dairy farms Australia’s biggest farming operation purchased by China.
  • Cubbie Station Australia’s 2nd biggest farming operation is China owned.
  • Chinese purchase Nicoletti Farms, Australia’s biggest grain grower.
  • Terra Firma Australia’s biggest cattle producer disclosed 60% of its operations are to be Indonesian owned.
  • Queensland 2nd biggest cattle station Wulugurang (Wentworth) sold to China.
  • Glenrock, reportedly NSW most valuable ($45m) cattle property (Hunter Valley) sold to China.[1]

4.  The decision to continue Interest Rates at a 1000% higher level than our competitor nations pressures upward the price of the Australian dollar (Paul Keating and Peter Costello free floated the dollar. It went down to 49 cents and 51 cents respectively. Their subsequent intervention almost doubled the dollar’s value). Interest rates are set by the Federal government’s Reserve Bank (RBA rate is currently over 2.0%. Overseas rates are around 0.3%). Doubling the price of the Aust. $ effectively doubles the price of exports – pricing us off the world market. Similarly it halves the price of imports pricing us out of the Australian market.[2]

5.  The New South Wales Government has decided to legalise the Uber Corporation’s car hire operations which at present breach the (Taxi Hire) laws of NSW. This is quite extraordinary. An Australian State govt. will enforce Taxi Hire laws against its own people, but won’t enforce those same laws against a Foreign Corporation.

  • This decision effectively and ultimately will take some $2000m of licence values off the (NSW) Australian taxi owners (mostly owner drivers), and gives it to the foreign Corp Uber, franchised by Google.
  • This will create ultimately a foreign corporate monopoly on Taxi Hire, bad enough in itself, but 15,000 full time jobs will vanish into part time employment (and this employment will be by a foreign corporate monopoly).
  • 25% of all taxi hire revenues will now go overseas, taken off the people of New South Wales, off the people of Australia, and given to offshore interests.[3]
  • In a deregulated taxi market, services will plummet. Gone will be oversighting and scrutiny of drivers, virtually:- no cameras, no meters, no distress alarm,[4] no base, no taxi ranks, no ‘early hours of the morning’ service, no services for the disabled, no commercial insurance for passengers. But what we will have is variable pricing (ie. sky hi prices at peak hours).

6.  The collapse in the World Market Price for iron ore and coal brings the Ideology Chickens home to roost.
Successive governments have reduced the Australian economy to a single motivating mechanism “Free Marketing”, the most primitive simplistic and supine of principles has been applied to the most highly complex, and most deadly competitive, of all human activities.
After all “there is only so much game at the water hole”.


[1] Source:  The Australian 18 April 2016

[1] 1a) Much has been made of the fall in the Aust. $ over the last year to 75 cents as at 16 April 2016.

         However, the ave. price of the Aust. $ for the last decade before this was not 95 cents, it was 79 cents.

   1b) On my only overseas trip, our car hire company in Brazil had all Aust. Holden Caprices.  Louiz the owner

        said “Best value for money car in the world.  But I’m not buying anymore.”

I asked ‘why’.  Louiz said “your dollar has doubled so the price of a Caprice in Brazil has doubled.  It’s now double the price of our Brazilian equivalent car”.

[1] Small Australian sharks, like Malcolm Turnbull son’s company, from my experience, sell out to foreign corps.  That’s how they make the big dollars.

[1] Reportedly an Uber driver in the USA committed a number of murders while driving for Uber.
At this juncture we have to buy almost all of our essentials from overseas,[5] but we now have no money to buy these essentials.
The only significant export items we are now left with are iron ore and coal, they comprise $120b of Australia’s exports of $270b.[6] This is bad enough in itself that the country’s economy depends on just two commodities. But worse still, both are facing the most serious long term structural adversity.

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Major parties panic, change voting rules as intelligent electors join forces with disenchanted voters


People and the party faithful now are awakening they are being controlled by the major parties who are feeling this serious trend.

With battle lines being drawn in the Senate the major parties are experiencing their power base being dismantled by independent senators out of their control that has forced desperate action for survival at the coming election. Again they shift the goal posts by changing the rules to allow themselves preferential treatment on the senate ballot paper.

Liberal and Labor become allies when their decades of government dictatorship become threatened by the people.

The cross benchers represent people in parliament not party rooms engaging the agendas of big business.

Attracting detrimental comments from the threatened party room machines who control the stream of  intimidating press releases from their spin doctors and fiction story tellers, the cross bench threat to the parties needs to be removed.

“If you play by their rules, you lose”

“Your rules apply on polling day, and they lose”

 Make the most of it.

Will you vote with the SHEEPLE or the PEOPLE ?


A Jewish Coup

To the editor

Rupert Murdoch, a naturalised American, with his ex-wife Wendi Deng

Rupert Murdoch, a naturalised American, with his ex-wife Wendi Deng

What happened last night with the overthrow of Abbott and installation of the jew Turnbull, was spelled out when Rupert Murdoch claimed that Australia was ungovernable just a few weeks ago. Clearly, Abbott, notwithstanding his Rothschild indoctrination (Rhodes scholar) was not performing as demanded, hence the comments of the Rothschild puppetmaster for Australia, Murdoch.

Now we have total jew control so hang on Christians, your ways will be decimated. We will be filled with same-sex marriage, republic and more Russian hatred. They cannot stand the fact that, after the jew communist takeover of Russia and the years of persecution and murder of Christians, Vladimir Putin and his Government have made Russia into the leading, perhaps only Christian country in the world. Certainly the only country showing any truth and morality. Those of us who seek freedom had better start learning Russian.

Do not give up the Christian ideals on which Australia was formed. Just remember that, what they call the government in Canberra is nothing but a private, United States registered corporation that has usurped power. If we all awoke, we could have them removed in a few days and revert to our Commonwealth Constitution.

Leonard Clampett, Brisbane

Clive Palmer works over Al Gore:


from Larry Pickering

Bemused climate disciple Al Gore does not know if he has been punched, bored or drilled.

A report out of Canberra today insists Clive forked out $200,000 to have Al Gore pretend he supported Clive’s carbon tax policy. To be honest that Canberra report is the only thing that makes sense of a very unusual Press conference and one of the craziest spectacles yet pulled by Clive. Is Gore that much of a whore? 

Well, Clive certainly wants everyone to love him and Al certainly charges $200,000 per engagement, so why wouldn’t they both get together to promote the opposite of what each “passionately” believes in?

Gore’s global warming myth took its final swan dive yesterday as he stood, stoically red faced, supporting Clive’s dumping of a carbon tax and burying of an emissions trading scheme while Clive busily pretended he was green for a moment.

Will Penny Wong and Fred Nile be calling a joint Press conference today maybe? 

Of course our reliably Left Press gallery didn’t think it was all that disingenuous of Al Gore to support the reverse of his global warming mantra because it might have been the final nail in the coffin of their favourite hoax.

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Thompson Conviction Now In Song

Thompson’s “Labor Of Love”  a song to remember when next you vote

SOS-NEWS Exposes Electoral Commission Corruption

It was disturbing to uncover factual evidence on what most Australians thought to be just a grey area when we published our investigation of the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC). It is suffering from endemic corruption and has been the life line to both the Liberal and Labor parties keeping them perpetually in government. Read SOS-NEWS  findings you need to know –

There is a public inquiry after every federal election, although mostly kept quiet, this inquiry is looking into missing votes in WA,  multi voting by individuals, people missing from AEC rolls at polling booths, and the list goes on.

Closing date for public submissions in 7th March 2014 by email to – – have your say to install fair elections in our so called democracy. Take a look at other submissions –

The pensioner vote is large enough to hold the government accountable and that fact is seriously disturbing to the two major political parties.

Mark Aldridge Exposes Australian Electorial Fraud

is Mark Aldgidge

Without doubt this commentary on vote fraud by the AEC is compulsory viewing. Mark Aldridge could be described as a perennial political candidate nevertheless his hard hitting expose of both major parties reveals their depth depth of fraud. The AEC, finally after recent events in West Australia and comments by Clive Palmer, Member for Fairfax show conclusively the department riddled with massive corruption and collusion.

Having attempted to find justice he has been denied it due to stacked courts. In his never ending pursuit of a peoples government to replace the two party controlled parliament, Mark reflects factual evidence to viewers naming the crooks and the crooked deals he has uncovered.


Abbott Fears Katter Control

Tony Abbott, founder of the slush fund to sink Pauline Hanson and the One Nation political party, emphatically denied any association with theattacks on Hanson until his lies were exposed on national television Abbott will not be paying a red cent getting free his high flying blue ribbon legal team to fight a $1.5 million lawsuit by One Nation co-founder David Ettridge.

Mr Abbott confirmed in a declaration to parliament that his lead counsel will be silk Mr R.G Bain QC assisted by Mr N Ferrett. Both are acting pro-bono with instruction from Brisbane based McCullogh Robertson lawyers. David Ettridge is fighting without a blue ribbon freebie legal team.

Remember “you are not guilty until the money runs out”

Ms Hanson and party co-founder David Ettridge were both found guilty of fraud by a jury in the Brisbane District Court on August 21, 2003 and were each sentenced to three years jail as a result of direct action from now opposition leader Tony Abbott with his silent slush fund partners.

Headlining – Abbott ‘active’ against Hanson– The Australian August 26, 2003 by Dennis Shanahan, we find this statement from Mr Tony Abbott;

“She risked destroying what I thought was the best conservative government since Bob Menzies – that’s to say the Howard Government – so I certainly did take a very, very active anti-One Nation role.”

The two party system and the Liberal preservation of their elite electoral system, is now showing major cracks and in damage control as Bob Katter gains momentum similar to Pauline Hanson’s campaign not seen since federation while threatening to open the well guarded government financial accounts to the voting people of Australia? She needed to be removed, and at any cost that included forming an allegiance between Liberal and Labor parties to remove One Nation as a threat to their two party system controlling Australian politics.

Bob Katter victory sign

Bob Katter Smells Victory

Liberals advertising big time across Queensland quotes “ A Vote for Katter is a Vote for Labor” confirms Katter has them more than worried as he enjoys an explosion in his support base of disillusioned two party voters sick of the corruption and dictatorship government.

KAP Federal President, Member for Mount Isa Rob Katter said, “It’s the sort of dirty politics which contributes to a record one-in-four Australians refusing to be forced to choose between the ALP/LNP duocracy that believes it’s born to rule”.

“Of course we all know the major parties have done their own preference deals with each other – such as the LNP preferencing Labor – because it’s in their best interests for Australia to be ruled by the duocracy. However history has shown that our outdated two-party system of government has proved in the worst interests of Australia and its people,”said Mr Katter.

KAP Qld Leader and Member for Condamine, Ray Hopper said the KAP had negotiated preference agreements with a clear focus: “To put our candidates in the best position to win seats in Parliament so we can be the people’s watchdog of our corporate-controlled major party governments – and get rid of the Greens puppeteers holding our country to ransom”.

But the major parties did not deserve anything from the KAP, said Mr Hopper – and the preference agreements were designed to do exactly that; to give them nothing but rather take seats away from them.

“The major parties are just different dogs with the same fleas – or different bananas in the same skin, as the case may be,” said Mr Hopper. “So we are effectively giving neither anything – because we are in fact poised to take seats from the ALP and LNP and become the third force in Australian politics.”

Mr Katter noted that whilst government is formed on the floor of the House of Representatives, the KAP’s strong showing in the 2010 Qld election effectively handed the LNP about a dozen seats because the KAP cannibalised the ALP vote.

“So it’s crucial that Australians do not hand complete control of both the House and the Senate to any major party to rubber stamp any decision they like – nor keep the Greens calling the tune. As such, the KAP negotiated preferences that put our candidates in pole position to be the people’s voice in Parliament against the ALP-LNP ‘corporation’ that’s destroyed industry and opportunity in Australia and taken voters for granted.”

Our colluding two party system claiming democracy in Australia as we the people are forced to endure inefficient government, corrupt government, dictatorial government without means of terminating this violation under our present constitution until the elected period has expired. A true democratic voice would call to account, politicians and government destroying our nation under political license.

Established as a liar, a person without trust, will Tony Abbott change the constitution to allow the people a voice to decide any government’s future to govern outside the elected term?

The same question is directed to Malcolm Turnbull with PM aspirations, sitting in the wings with wife Lucy poised for the carbon trading orders if he leads the Liberal Party, unless he gets a better offer from Labor as he moves to establish the republic flag yet again.