Think outside the party faithful or Abandon Ship



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  1. Peter Schuback

    If the labor party is elected in the election the RSRT will be introduced , this will send prices throug the roof and cost hundreds of thousands of jobs and around thirty thousand owner drivers to lose their buisnesses

  2. It has become known that the EU has been operating under a massive grammatical fraud and England and other people of other countries are starting to become aware of such a fraud. Such corporate governments are using Dog Latin, being Latin Symbolic text but rendered under the English discriptive text rules, being a fraud and known by high legal minds. This text is a declension, being an immorality and rendering no positive law to condone it. Its survival depends on the grammatical ignorance of the public. Its purpose was to render the public as private trusties to a foreign corporate criminal entity that has no lawful ability. A trustee has no rights other than the contract the trustee is subject too. Its a lose lose situation for the public caught up in such a fraud.

    The ALL UPPERCASE TEXT, is not English, it is foreign and renders any contract as void if the parties become aware if its grammatical false standing. The only way to validate such a fraud is to deceive the public into the fraud, rendering the public as no longer public, but as a citizen of the foreign corporate fraud government, and turning true Australians into foreigners to their own lands… its fraud.

  3. I live in the United States. I am happy about the majority of the U.K. citizens voting to leave the European Union. I think it was a great vote for liberty, independence and sovreignity. I will be even more pleased each time one of the countried leaves it. The EU is a beginning of the New World Order. I hope for every country to also leave the UN, including the United States. The UN is so evil!

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