jonathan-pavetto-2The gay pin-up boy for the Liberal Party in Bob Katter’s seat of Kennedy has a problem with the truth or has been dumbed down like most other LNP candidates by the big end of town back room boys. 

Brisbane lad Jonathon Pavetto hailed by the Gay Pride magazine for taking on Katter, according to Liberal sources, is parroting his mentor Warren Entsch’s line that KAP is preferencing the Greens and Labor over the LNP. 

Poor Warren probably can’t read but the how-to-vote card has been floating around pre-polling booths for days. 

Such is the desperation in the Far North where the Liberals have been promising the world for years but give only party platitudes when pressed by the electorate.

Bob Katter has been able to get Treasury to pour millions for roads and other infrastructure into Kennedy over the past three terms of parliament. 

Cairns News roving reporters say that Mr Entsch continues with his campaign of lies at the Laura Races, Campdraft and Rodeo. 

Fortunately a number of people have already voted and read the KAP card for themselves that shows the ALP and Greens last on their ticket.

 Warren has been caught out big time and people have remarked that he is being quite childish, in the knowledge this will be his last term in parliament.-