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  1. Dear Ross

    It is a great headline, but the text beneath in cartoon form achieves the opposite.

    Who is the idiot ( who put this misleading information out?

    I think you put it out too hastily without understanding it, or thinking it through, or checking it first. I will give you within a day or two about 200 words that will far better explain what to do.

    In my view we should NOT accept his concept that you should stop numbering at 6. — THAT is what the Greens and Major Parties WANT !

    — Why? because there are no 7,8,9,10,11 etc preferences available to build up any rivals (e.g. KAP or Shooters) to overtake them !

    It is crazy in the Senate to vote 1 to 3 to good parties then 4,5,6 for Libs/Labor/Greens.

    That means in NSW, where we have 41 Parties, that a vote in this manner would leave 35 squares blank, which contain parties that would benefit from the voters’ 4,5,6,7,8,9 etc preferences

    Consider this example of a type of vote in NSW, as directed by this cartoon below:

    1 = Katter Party (now you and I love Tom Harris, and I am doing my best to help him, but we know that he has more chance of being run over by a bus than of winning adequate primary votes among a field of 41 parties who are all dividing up the votes among them)

    2 = Non Custodial Parents’ Party — these are good blokes with a worthy cause, and I have often voted 1 for them in the senate, then 2 for somebody like KAP or Shooters etc — I spoke to Andy Thomspon recently (and previously); they are taking a stand on principle of equal parenting, while recognising in reality that they have NO chance of beingn elected

    3 = some minor party like One Nation, or Family First — which parties got 1.2% and 0.4% respectively at the 2013 election; these have NO chance of being elected this time. Sorry, that’s just reality.

    then 4,5,6 to Lib/Nats and ALP and Greens.

    Well the Lib/Nats dont need your vote because Libs will get 5.2 quotas and get 5 Senators elected anyway, and the 0.2 quota will go to waste; so if your vote gives them 5.21 quotas, well what have you achieved? you made 0.21 quotas go to waste instead of 0.20 quotas

    And the ALP will get about 4.5 quotas, so will get 4 Senators elected and then likely the 0.5 quotas at the end will get their 5th Senator elected

    So the really important part of the misleading advice below is that the number 6 goes to the Greens INSTEAD OF to somebody worthy like Shooters or Senator David Leyonhjelm, both of whom do stand SOME realistic chance of being elected, but NOT if lots of voters accept this misleading advice below.

    That cartoon advice is a crafty way of getting a voter to vote for the Greens instead of for the multitude of alternative Parties that voters should be supporting AHEAD of the Greens, who should go LAST


    Yes, I have always advocated voting in pen — but of FAR GREATER IMPORTANCE is to _do Scrutineering_ – otherwise the words of Josef Stalin in the attachment come to pass

    It is FAR EASIER for corrupt AEC officials to simply grab a bundle of votes and stuff them into their shirt or trouser pockets etc than to go through one by one rubbing out pencil marks.

    A bundle of votes going missing is what happened in the WA Senate election – AND IT HAS HAPPENED MANY TIMES BEFORE !

    e.g. I scrutineered at the 3rd largest polling booth in Bennelong and I proved beyond any doubt that 200 house of Reps ballot papers went missing. They handed out during the day 3,400 Senate ballot papers and 3,400 House of Reps ballot papers. In the counting at night there were 3,400 Senate papers and ONLY 3,200 HoReps ballot papers.

    I am GROANING at voter ignorance and the way that the new Senate voting system will deliver what it was designed to do, namely a huge bloc of Greens Senators who will be in control

    as exPM John Howard said at a Liberal party dinner over a month ago ‘this new Senate voting law will “entrench the Greens in control” [of the Senate]’

    Yours in the cause of democracy, Lex Stewart

  2. Sorry but your advice about the senateis misleading. RestoreAustralia is advising all patriots to number AT LEAST 1 to 12 BELOW THE LINE. Do not number LIB/LAB/GREENS AT ALL.

    On the Lower house paper number 1 to 6 and put LIB/LAB/GREENS last in that order.

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