Abbott Fears Katter Control

Tony Abbott, founder of the slush fund to sink Pauline Hanson and the One Nation political party, emphatically denied any association with theattacks on Hanson until his lies were exposed on national television Abbott will not be paying a red cent getting free his high flying blue ribbon legal team to fight a $1.5 million lawsuit by One Nation co-founder David Ettridge.

Mr Abbott confirmed in a declaration to parliament that his lead counsel will be silk Mr R.G Bain QC assisted by Mr N Ferrett. Both are acting pro-bono with instruction from Brisbane based McCullogh Robertson lawyers. David Ettridge is fighting without a blue ribbon freebie legal team.

Remember “you are not guilty until the money runs out”

Ms Hanson and party co-founder David Ettridge were both found guilty of fraud by a jury in the Brisbane District Court on August 21, 2003 and were each sentenced to three years jail as a result of direct action from now opposition leader Tony Abbott with his silent slush fund partners.

Headlining – Abbott ‘active’ against Hanson– The Australian August 26, 2003 by Dennis Shanahan, we find this statement from Mr Tony Abbott;

“She risked destroying what I thought was the best conservative government since Bob Menzies – that’s to say the Howard Government – so I certainly did take a very, very active anti-One Nation role.”

The two party system and the Liberal preservation of their elite electoral system, is now showing major cracks and in damage control as Bob Katter gains momentum similar to Pauline Hanson’s campaign not seen since federation while threatening to open the well guarded government financial accounts to the voting people of Australia? She needed to be removed, and at any cost that included forming an allegiance between Liberal and Labor parties to remove One Nation as a threat to their two party system controlling Australian politics.

Bob Katter victory sign
Bob Katter Smells Victory

Liberals advertising big time across Queensland quotes “ A Vote for Katter is a Vote for Labor” confirms Katter has them more than worried as he enjoys an explosion in his support base of disillusioned two party voters sick of the corruption and dictatorship government.

KAP Federal President, Member for Mount Isa Rob Katter said, “It’s the sort of dirty politics which contributes to a record one-in-four Australians refusing to be forced to choose between the ALP/LNP duocracy that believes it’s born to rule”.

“Of course we all know the major parties have done their own preference deals with each other – such as the LNP preferencing Labor – because it’s in their best interests for Australia to be ruled by the duocracy. However history has shown that our outdated two-party system of government has proved in the worst interests of Australia and its people,”said Mr Katter.

KAP Qld Leader and Member for Condamine, Ray Hopper said the KAP had negotiated preference agreements with a clear focus: “To put our candidates in the best position to win seats in Parliament so we can be the people’s watchdog of our corporate-controlled major party governments – and get rid of the Greens puppeteers holding our country to ransom”.

But the major parties did not deserve anything from the KAP, said Mr Hopper – and the preference agreements were designed to do exactly that; to give them nothing but rather take seats away from them.

“The major parties are just different dogs with the same fleas – or different bananas in the same skin, as the case may be,” said Mr Hopper. “So we are effectively giving neither anything – because we are in fact poised to take seats from the ALP and LNP and become the third force in Australian politics.”

Mr Katter noted that whilst government is formed on the floor of the House of Representatives, the KAP’s strong showing in the 2010 Qld election effectively handed the LNP about a dozen seats because the KAP cannibalised the ALP vote.

“So it’s crucial that Australians do not hand complete control of both the House and the Senate to any major party to rubber stamp any decision they like – nor keep the Greens calling the tune. As such, the KAP negotiated preferences that put our candidates in pole position to be the people’s voice in Parliament against the ALP-LNP ‘corporation’ that’s destroyed industry and opportunity in Australia and taken voters for granted.”

Our colluding two party system claiming democracy in Australia as we the people are forced to endure inefficient government, corrupt government, dictatorial government without means of terminating this violation under our present constitution until the elected period has expired. A true democratic voice would call to account, politicians and government destroying our nation under political license.

Established as a liar, a person without trust, will Tony Abbott change the constitution to allow the people a voice to decide any government’s future to govern outside the elected term?

The same question is directed to Malcolm Turnbull with PM aspirations, sitting in the wings with wife Lucy poised for the carbon trading orders if he leads the Liberal Party, unless he gets a better offer from Labor as he moves to establish the republic flag yet again.