from Larry Pickering

Bemused climate disciple Al Gore does not know if he has been punched, bored or drilled.

A report out of Canberra today insists Clive forked out $200,000 to have Al Gore pretend he supported Clive’s carbon tax policy. To be honest that Canberra report is the only thing that makes sense of a very unusual Press conference and one of the craziest spectacles yet pulled by Clive. Is Gore that much of a whore? 

Well, Clive certainly wants everyone to love him and Al certainly charges $200,000 per engagement, so why wouldn’t they both get together to promote the opposite of what each “passionately” believes in?

Gore’s global warming myth took its final swan dive yesterday as he stood, stoically red faced, supporting Clive’s dumping of a carbon tax and burying of an emissions trading scheme while Clive busily pretended he was green for a moment.

Will Penny Wong and Fred Nile be calling a joint Press conference today maybe? 

Of course our reliably Left Press gallery didn’t think it was all that disingenuous of Al Gore to support the reverse of his global warming mantra because it might have been the final nail in the coffin of their favourite hoax.

There is no problem explaining Clive’s intention. He wanted a visible soft green edge to a policy that drags Abbott further to the Right than even he dared go.

Yesterday, Clive dumped the carbon tax and the mining tax, ensured an emissions trading scheme will never happen and allowed Abbott off the hook with his “Direct Action” nonsense while Al Gore stood beside him ensuring his global warming scam is as good as cremated!

It was Abbott’s Brere Rabbit moment. “Please, Mr Palmer… please don’t throw me into that awful ‘Direct Action’ briar patch.” Mister Rabbit performed cartwheels all the way home.

Let’s be honest here, Abbott has an IQ above his shoe size and does not believe in global warming, nor does he believe planting a few trees and capturing carbon will alter the globe’s temperature… Clive has just given him a perfect set of outs.

The only real losers from yesterday’s charade was Christine Milne and her Green comrades. How did they feel watching their messiah play stinky finger with the devil?

Abbott got what he wanted, Clive got what he wanted and Al went home with another $200,000 he can use on his carbon trading scam.

Everything, including a soul is for sale, it’s just a matter of how much.