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Much more to the abduction of Cleo Smith in WA not yet published

By Rachael Knowles, National Indigenous Times

The Aboriginal man who was wrongly accused by 7NEWS as the abductor of 4-year-old Cleo Smith has started defamation proceedings.

On Tuesday, Terrance Flowers filed a statement of claim in the Western Australia Supreme Court against Channel Seven.

Flowers, also known as Terrance Kelly, was falsely accused by 7NEWS on November 3. The network posted to Facebook, Twitter, the Seven website and on television.

In a statement O’Brien Criminal and Civil Solicitors, who are representing Flowers, said Flowers had “nothing to do with it and was never a suspect in the case”.

“Mr Flowers recently became a father and like everyone else throughout Australia, and particularly being a parent himself, he was hoping for Cleo’s safe return,” they said.

“Being identified as responsible for her abduction and disappearance was extremely distressing to him and his family.

“It is of great concern to Mr. Flowers and his family that a major media company would proceed with a story of this magnitude without being absolutely certain as to its accuracy.”

The law firm said the effect of the “substantial error” has been “devastating”

“The publications by the Seven Network led to Mr. Flowers being made the subject of hate around the nation and the world and resulted in him being hospitalised with a severe panic attack,” they said.

The matter is now before the WA Supreme Court.

O’Brien Criminal and Civil Solicitors has asked that Flowers and his family’s privacy is respected throughout the court process.

Hitler insisted newspapers don’t tell lies

by Kev Moore

Excerpts from Adolph Hitlers’ book “Mein Kampf” pages 138 and 139

“……….If we consider the attitude of various Governments towards a whole series of really pernicious phenomena in public life, we shall at once recognise the fearful significance of this policy of half-measures and the lack of courage to take responsibilities. I shall single out only a few from the large numbers of instances known to me.

The Bible for the Australian media

In journalistic circles it is a pleasing custom to speak of the Press as a ‘Great Power’ within the State. As a matter of fact its importance is immense. One cannot easily overestimate it, for the Press continues the work of education even in adult life. Generally, readers of the press can be classified into three groups:

First, those who believe everything they read;

Second, those who no longer believe anything;

Third, those who critically examine what they read and form from their judgements accordingly.

Numerically, the first group is by far the strongest, being composed of the broad masses of the people………………….

………………………………………………The third group is easily the smallest, being composed of real intellectuals whom natural aptitude and education have taught to think for themselves and who in all things try to form their own judgements, while at the same time carefully sifting what they read. They will not read any newspaper without using their own intelligence to collaborate with that of the writer and naturally this does not set the writer an easy task. journalists appreciate this type of reader only with a certain amount of reservation.

Hence the trash that newspapers are capable of serving up is of little danger —— much less of importance——-to the third group of readers. In the majority of cases these readers have learnt to regard every journalist as fundamentally a rogue who sometimes speaks the truth. Most unfortunately the value of these readers lies in their intelligence and not in their numerical strength, an unhappy state of affairs in a period where wisdom counts for nothing and majorities for everything. Nowadays when the voting papers of the masses are the deciding factor; the decision lies in the hands of the numerically strongest group; that is to say the first group, the crowd of simpletons and the credulous…………………………

………………………………Particular attention should be paid to the Press; for its influence on these people is by far the strongest and most penetrating of all; since its affect is not transitory but continual. Its immense significance lies in the uniform and persistent repetition of its teaching. Here if anywhere, the State should never forget that all means should converge to the same end. It must not be led astray by the will-o’-the-wisp of so called ‘freedom of the Press’, or is talked into neglecting its duty, and withholding from the nation that which is good and does good. With ruthless determination the State must keep control of this instrument of popular education and place it at the service of the State and the nation………………………….

………………………..Was it not the German Press that understood how to make all the nonsensical talk obout ‘Western democracy’ palatable to our people, until an exuberant public was eventually prepared to entrust its future to the League of Nations? Was not this Press instrumental in bringing a state of moral degredation among our people? Were not morals and public decency made to look ridiculous and classed out of date and banal,until finally our people also became modernised?……………………………..

UFO threat next disinformation campaign for Earth

Deep State assets Channel 7 and 60 Minutes have begun the subterfuge

by Alexandra Bruce

I missed this Steven Greer video when it was posted a couple of weeks ago but it’s a great follow-up to the Dark Journalist interview with John W Warner IV that I posted yesterday, in relation to the imminent release of a report by the Director National Intelligence about UFOs.

The main purpose of Greer’s update here was to explain why renowned attorney, Daniel Sheehan, who has long been associated with Greer’s Disclosure Project and is well-known for his work on Iran-Contra and on the Silkwood case is now representing Luis Elizondo, who Greer describes as a “professional disinformation agent putting out false intelligence about the UFO matter through the mainstream media.”

Greer explains that Sheehan was hired by Elizondo because the Pentagon was about to pull his security clearances. He says, “It wasn’t because he was doing things with TTSA…They [the Pentagon] wanted him to do that. It was because he had resigned from TTSA, falling-out with the people that were the hardliners wanting him to present that there was an ‘alien threat’ or a threat to the National Security.”

Man made UFO over Newcastle, NSW- Pic Newcastle Herald 1999

In other words, Elizondo is being threatened with loss of his security clearances, not because he was disclosing classified material but because he went ‘off the rez’ and no longer wanted to lie about the ‘alien threat’.

Greer continues, “And he has told two people on my team, including attorney, Daniel Sheehan that he knows and the other people, like Chris Mellon know that there is no such thing as an ‘alien threat’, that there is not a threat to the National Security but that’s the only way they can get this in front of the American People to get more overt funding for the Space Force and eventually, a conflict with these extraterrestrial civilizations. He has flat-out said he knows that everything he’s been saying about this being a ‘threat’ is untrue.

“Now, Daniel Sheehan has also shared – and this is even more explosive – that Luis Elizondo has informed him that he, in fact has been in a facility where an actual extraterrestrial vehicle was stored. Now, why is that important? Because he’s all over the news, 60 Minutes, every Mainstream News channel, along with his other cohorts in the cover-up, such as Leslie Kean, Nick Pope, Chris Mellon and others saying that ‘we don’t know what these are’.

Mysterious triangular UFO’s made by Northrup-Grumman

“Now, interestingly, he absolutely knows that some of these craft are, in fact of extraterrestrial origin. He must also then know that some of them are ours. For example, the recent Jeremy Corbell interview on Fox News, where they were showing these triangles swarming our Navy ships. Every one of those pyramid-triangular-shaped objects with the flashing light on them are from either Northrup-Grumman or Boeing or Lockheed – most likely, Northrup-Grumman. Those are man-made UFOs. They’re anti-gravity vehicles. Everyone in the aerospace industry, at any level of clearance knows this.

“So this is a big problem. So I told Mr Sheehan, I said, ‘Look, you have to be very careful if you’re going to work with this gentleman. You have to understand that he is a master of disinformation. I am quoting from a senior CIA official who wrote me about this when they first emerged, after Unacknowledged came out in 2017. And of course, Daniel Sheehan knows this. He told me point blank, ‘Yes, we know this.'”

Greer says Sheehan is representing Elizondo in the hope of getting him to come clean and possibly after him, to get some of the others to admit they know that there is no threat from UFOs and that they have been coerced into making these claims…

“The head of the Lockheed Skunk Works, Ben Rich wrote, in answer to a friend who asked him, ‘Are these extraterrestrial or man-made?’ He said, point blank, in writing, signed by him on the Lockheed Skunk Works stationary letterhead that they are both. They’re both man-made and extraterrestrial.

“Now, this is of course one of the most preeminent aerospace figures of the 20th Century and this is not a contested item. It’s in his penmanship and signed by him, back to a friend, that we’ve acquired. We have enormous amounts of information like that.

“So, these people that you see on 60 Minutes that you see on Fox News and CNN and all the media, this is the ramping-up of the false disclosure that we warned about in 1999, when we wrote the paper, ‘When the Disclosure Serves Secrecy.’

“Why? Because they want people to now know that there are UFOs but they want to put this big lie out there that they are a ‘National Security threat’ and concern. This is what Nick Pope and others keep saying. By the way, Nick Pope has admitted to two people on my team that he has been paid large sums of money to say these very scripted things in the Mainstream Media so that he has been able to buy some really pricey real estate in Soho in London and elsewhere.

“One of my concerns about this is that, while I normally do not engage in sort-of gossip, is that now that these people are mis-educating deliberately the American People and the world on this. It is a very big concern. They have stepped into another level of deception. It’s one thing if you’re at a UFO conference in front of a thousand people. It’s another thing if there are millions and millions of people hearing this lie.

“Now, all these people, from Chris Mellon to Luis Elizondo to Leslie Kean to Nick Pope and others know for a fact just what I just said; that there are two types of UFOs seen: man-made ones – that is the bigger secret, by the way. The ET issue is not as big a secret as the man-made ones, for a reason I’ll get into in a moment. And that this is not a ‘National Security’ threat.

“All the images that you have seen in the Mainstream News of the Tic Tac, of these pyramids and triangles – those are ours and they were filmed and known, at some point they would release it to open the door to this subject. But there’s more coming…

“Unfortunately, we’re at a point now where there is a massive information campaign that is false and the reason they want people to think all of these are things, that we don’t know and can’t figure out how they fly is so that eventually, they can put out more scary information, perhaps next month with the Director of National Intelligence Report, showing even more gruesome events that have happened, that show in fact, that these are a threat to the National Security. Why? Of course, that with the Fascist military-industrial and industrialist complex want people to be afraid of something.

“So this is the next big thing. It’s much bigger than 9/11. It’s much bigger than COVID. We’ve been warning about it for some time. Unfortunately, we’re trying to see if some people can get pulled off the precipice, including Luis Elizondo. That is why Daniel Sheehan is working with him. Now, I’ve made it very clear that Daniel Sheehan has told me he would do this that if he cannot get Luis Elizondo to speak the truth and come clean on this that he would drop him as a client…

“My understanding is, you know, people are complex. I think both Chris Mellon and Luis Elizondo regret what they’ve done. We also know that there are other people who are beginning to come forward with information, which sounds unbelievable, such as Jacques Vallée, disclosing that in the 1980s, he saw a document describing CIA-run alien hoaxed abductions in Brazil and Argentina. We are going to be releasing this soon…

“There are a number of things that need to come out and I’m making an appeal right now anyone who has has information or has been on a tactical team engaging in these false flag operations from the 1950s until now need to come forward and expose this as a hoax. The reason for that is that if we don’t expose the trickery and the hoax, the thing that the American public and the world are going to be left with is this terrifying perspective of there being a threat from Outer Space, which will justify not only the expansion of weapons into space but also the Space Force and this ‘alien threat’ narrative that they’ve been working on for 70 years.

“Remember, Wesley Clark, Four-Star General Wesley Clark, as well as Wehrner von Braun and Carol Rosin have stated that they have seen documents that were very Top Secret that were listing all the nations that we would get into wars with and that the big crescendo, the final card to be played, as Wehrner von Braun stated would be the ‘alien threat’ card. We are there now in 2021, May of this year.

“By next month, who knows where this will have gone? We need to move forward very aggressively to get the truth out, so we are working so that. In the next month, ‘The Cosmic Hoax’, this next documentary that all of you have helped fund – and I’m thanking you very much for that – we are already now in post-production on that and I’ve seen a rough cut, the first 45 minutes. It’s amazing. It’s going to blow people’s minds. It’s going to be case-closed.

“That film is not going to be proprietary. Every single one of you need to find influencers, celebrities, networks of people to take that film and post it on every site on the planet the instant, I mean the day it’s released…

“The reason they keep saying we don’t have anything that can move like that Tic Tac or move like those pyramid or triangular object over the Destroyer; the reason they’re saying that, even though it’s it’s an absolute provable lie is because it preserves the element of surprise. It preserves the element of surprise of a false flag operation, where those same technologies that are man-made and controlled by covert programs can be used in some kind of scary scenario..and make it look like it’s the aliens did it, blaming on the aliens…

“I think if we can expose this central lie, we can prevent this disaster and but that’s not going to be done by CNN and CBS News and 60 Minutes. It’s going to be done by us and you guys, all of us together have to join hands and expose what the truth is…

“Everyone has a list of a few hundred people they may have been on their social media pages. Some may have thousands, some may have millions. It doesn’t matter, because if millions of people share it with a few hundred people we’ve reached hundreds of millions of people so everyone needs to see that this is kind of how you can join in this effort.”

A little gun history

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    In 1929, the Soviet Union established gun control. From 1929 to 1953, about 20 million dissidents, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

  • In 1911, Turkey established gun control. From 1915 to 1917, 1.5 million Armenians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.
  • Germany established gun control in 1938 and from 1939 to 1945, a total of 13 million Jews and others who were unable to defend themselves were rounded up and exterminated.
  • China established gun control in 1935. From 1948 to 1952, 20 million political dissidents, unable to defend themselves were rounded up and exterminated.
  • Guatemala established gun control in 1964. From 1964 to 1981, 100,000 Mayan Indians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.
  • Uganda established gun control in 1970. From 1971 to 1979, 300,000 Christians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.
  • Cambodia established gun control in 1956. From 1975 to 1977, one million educated people, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

56 million defenseless people rounded up and exterminated in the 20th Century because of gun control:

You won’t see this data on the evening news, or hear politicians disseminating this information.

Gun-control laws adversely affect only law-abiding citizens.

The next time someone talks in favor of gun control, please remind them of this history lesson.

During WWII the Japanese decided not to invade America because they knew most Americans were ARMED!

Australia is now virtually disarmed and this comforting fact has send that message to the Jihadists of Islam, the gates are open, there are but a few bolt action rifles kept at addresses on police firearm registries where secure information leaks like a sieve.


Australia has never seen such an increase in gun related crime on the streets since gun control was introduced.  It is out of government control and people are being shot almost on a daily basis in Sydney and Melbourne. Criminals are now freely armed and know they can run rampant since the public was disarmed by Prime Minister John Howard in 1997.  To implement his ready to roll legislation he could not get through parliament before this tragedy he took full advantage of  the patsy Martin Bryant.  Bryant had an IQ of 66 and is now rotting in jail accused of shooting people with the accuracy and speed only capable by a few military-trained people in the world.

There are amazing facts in witness statements; the shooter was right handed, Bryant confirmed to police again on Channel 7 on consecutive Sunday programs he was left handed, with other witnesses stated the shooter was not Bryant, not to mention one of the rifles used at Port Arthur was handed into Victorian Police and their records showed it had been destroyed.

AFP, Indonesia Govt terrified of Corby TV interview


The Pickering Post



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Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, recently returned to the fray over concern that news sources are being threatened by the Gillard Government.


According to Indonesian officials, their Parole Board had no choice but to release Schapelle Corby. “It’s not my decision, it’s the law”, said the Minister for Justice. But if it was “his decision”, Corby would still be in jail where Australian Federal Police would also prefer her to be. Channel 7 executives want Corby to talk but AFP and Indonesian officials want her gagged. Why is that?

As Pickering Post said before Corby was released on parole, “… it will be years yet before Corby has the chance to give her side. Strict parole conditions prevent her publicly defending herself. A slip of the tongue and she’s back inside.”

But Channel 7’s concern is for ratings, not for Corby’s welfare.

The AFP were not looking for cheque butts, they knew no money had changed hands, unless of course Channel 7 was misleading Federal law enforcement. That’s a criminal offence of obstructing justice and highly unlikely.

But the AFP were sending a clear message to Corby: “Keep your mouth shut if you want to stay on the outside!” At the same time a clear message was being sent to Channel 7, “Don’t do it!”

The only payment Channel 7 has given Corby so far is a free night in the luxury Sentosa Seminyak resort in Bali, where Willesee has also been seen, lurking in the shadows, awaiting her signature and his share of the ‘proceeds of crime’.

Seven Network’s Commercial Director, Bruce Mr McWilliam said, “The raid will not stop the network from pursuing an interview.” Like all current affairs programs, consideration for their target runs a distant second to ratings.

Most readers on this site believe in Corby’s guilt (and she may well be guilty) but the AFP and DFAT have some serious questions to answer regarding evidence that convicted her and the AFP operates on the ground in Indonesia with close connections to the most corrupt judicial system in Asia.

[DFAT is no stranger to international criminality. Under Bob Carr it aided and abetted the kidnapping of four girls from Italy, a nasty situation Australian courts have reversed, but DFAT personnel have never been held to account.]

There is nothing that Corby can say of interest to Willesee that won’t put her back in jail, but Willesee is a wily interviewer and Channel 7 will run with it regardless.

If Corby reads this (and she will) I hope she takes this advice: “Stay away from the silver-tongued Willesee and do not accept any money from Channel 7. You can tell your story in three years’ time.

“Meanwhile, enjoy what you can of that corrupt country



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