Covid explained for TV addicts

by David Esplin

In answer to a query why the MSM cannot be believed

It boils down to this. It’s either a psyop being perpetrated by our governments or a psyop being perpetrated by those who want us to lose confidence in our governments. It’s impossible to determine which at this point. But I don’t think anyone could argue against it being a psyop either way and statistics are easy to falsify and spin. Trouble is, if our governments are being truthful with us then there’s several things they need to explain which they’ve made no attempt to:

Why haven’t they addressed the fact that an elaborate world-wide conspiracy / psyop has been perpetrated against all the governments and all the citizens of countries throughout the world?

Devious mainstream media has been programming the populous regions for decades

Why has the media never addressed any of our concerns about the governments’ inept response to this alleged pandemic? They’ve never once deviated from supporting the government agenda, you know, just like you’d expect if a government was using the media to spread propaganda and support the government’s fear campaign to create anxiety and compliance during a psyop (and given them financial incentives to spread fear porn and not ask any embarrassing questions)?

Why is it that the governments have all been in lockstep with one another in their approach to dealing with this alleged pandemic, something that’s been planned for over a decade?

Why is it that every single measure governments have implemented have been counter-productive in terms of dealing with a pandemic, unscientific, unconstitutional and a breach of the Nuremburg Code?

Why is it that no lab anywhere in the world has ever isolated Sars-CoV-2 yet we’re meant to just accept that this thing exists when flu miraculously disappeared for 2 years while they produced all the figures justifying the need to get vaccinated?

Why were test kits for Covid-19 being sold in 2018, 2 years before the alleged pandemic began?

Why was Fauci funding gain of function research at the Wuhan lab where this outbreak allegedly started?

Why is it that for the first time in history, governments called for a medical state of emergency when no actual emergency existed (given the 3.4% death rate quoted by the WHO was actually 0.002%). Why did they shut down economies, implementing measures which destroy small businesses, quarantined the healthy rather than just the unhealthy, banned proven and effective medications, falsified and confused statistics of those dying “with” covid and dying “of” covid, deemed asymptomatic rather than symptomatic people as cases, used a test (PCR) which is not only not fit-for-purpose according to its creator but can easily be manipulated to create up to 100% false positives and cannot distinguish between Sars-CoV-2 and the flu, vilified heathy people, falsely blaming them for spreading the virus, rushed through vaccines which aren’t vaccines, altered the definition of vaccines to make them qualify as vaccines, mandate that people wear masks when it’s been proven they’re ineffective and dangerous, mandate that everyone gets injected with an experimental and irreversible gene manipulator that alters 20 of one’s 23 chromosomes, that offers no protection from catching or spreading the virus and which destroys your immune system. Why did they ignore the fact that people’s natural immunity is orders of magnitude more effective at protecting a person than the so-called vaccine, ignore the fact that 99.98% of people recover from the virus putting it on par with a typical flu season, prevent doctors from providing information on the risks of the injection (thus preventing people giving informed consent). Why did they provide incentives for hospitals to test and treat for covid and have patients die of covid, arbitrarily close and open borders, provide incentives for people to not work, take measures to disrupt and destroy supply chains, delay treatment until it’s too late, provide zero advice on over the counter vitamins and minerals that could help people, encourage them to stay indoors so they run low on vitamin D, and so on.

I don’t know about you but I’d prefer to listen to the thousands of expert doctors speaking out about this than to politicians, bureaucrats spouting absolute nonsense.

You ask how it is that we don’t trust statistics which support the government narrative? Because statistics are easy to spin, especially when if someone is hospitalised or suffers adverse effects or dies within 14 days of receiving an injection, they are automatically deemed unvaccinated, even if they were previously fully vaccinated prior to that injection. That’s a very convenient way to hide the harm being caused by a vaccine, wouldn’t you agree, especially given the fact that most people suffer the harm within 14 days of being injected with it?

Then there’s the fact that the registers such as VAERS tend to be only account for as little as 1% of adverse events. But even going by official figures, the amount of harm being caused by all of these so called vaccines should have seen them withdrawn from the market immediately.

Our governments told us that children are at effectively zero risk of harm from Covid, yet once the vaccines were available they advocated first for 12 to 17 year olds then 5 to 11 year olds to take them, coercing parents to get them jabbed. Now the FDA in the US is in the process of approving them for children 6 mths to 4 years. And kids are suffering from things that only mature adults used to suffer from.

But according to you, anyone who is suspicious of the government agenda is crazy. Sorry, I’ll err on the side of caution thank you. Government is not your friend. Try harder to convince us. We’re open minded.#

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. There are a lot of new ones Tony since Murdoch pulled out. Will look. Ed


  2. To Editor of Cairns News… I would truly appreciate a list of URLs of surviving independent newspapers in Australia. If we can link, we will be that much stronger. Cheers, Tony Ryan.


  3. Thanks Colin we try hard with our very limited resources. Ed


  4. Hi Editor, I’m 70 & love your news reports. I’m broken hearted to see this country I loved go down the toilet from despot governments, forcing their/pharmaceutical companies mandates & laws that are illegal & violate the Nuremberg code.. so thank you, thank you for sharing the truth. I do not read or watch any msm, you among a few other websites are my sources of information.

    Kind regards, Colin Mc Leary.


  5. It’s clear that it’s all just more global drama brought to us by the usual ShoBusiness Corporation … They love the Horror and Sci-Fi screenplays. They deliver maximum audience engagement every time. And scrumptuously spectacular box office earnings too!

    Thank you to our wonderful politicians and media who managed to secure high price complimentary tickets for us. Nothing like a free lunch is there?


  6. The editors piece to TV addicts is an excellent clear summary of what the world has been going through these past two years. Very good to pass on to those who dont know the truth. It is nightmarish thats why so many cant believe it, but I will use this infirmation to spread as far and wide as possible. Thank you CN.


  7. Here is the link to day 1 of the Corona Investigative Committee’s trial, also dubbed as Nuremberg 2.0.


  8. Some fabulous comments here! Unfortunately too many people still haven’t cottoned on that governments are not there FOR us. They’re there BECAUSE of us.


  9. Hi Ed, I see you asked for this link. This trial will be ver interesting Reiner Fuellmich’s and his team have worked tirelessly on this. I’ll post the link in the comments too. Cheers, Kate

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  10. Good article simple! Even covidiots could understand if they would but read!
    Tonyryan43 awesome comment thankyou.
    Ed… Thankyou for bringing the truth!


  11. Good Tony there are many independent papers around that sprung up after Murdoch desertred, thank God. Ed


  12. David Esplin has obviously not had his eye on the game and only discovered something is wrong when covid came along.

    Had he been awake for the past three decades he would know that the media is central to programme, not just a sleepy and uncritical bystander.

    For all those Aussies who think like David, please pay attention. In 1973, David Rockefeller invited Rupert Murdoch to take over world media and corporate tax avoidance and sponsored him to become an American citizen.

    In 1975, the CIA delivered a coup in Australia, sacking Gough Whitlam’s government and assuming control of their entire governing process. Not long after, Frank Lowy and Rupert Murdoch took over Australia’s media, universities and think tanks while the Trilateral Commission’s Ross Garnaut led our shift to tariff removal, free trade treaties, and carbon reduction measures… all designed to eliminate our manufacturing, food security, and national sovereignty.

    What do Garnaut, Lowy, Murdoch, and Rockefeller have in common? They are all Zionists, which is the historical uniform worn by New Word Order advocates. It has no real connection to religion except as a tool.

    A few brief years ago, Murdoch bought up the final few independent newspapers and then dumped most of them, He now controls all information in this country, and his troika controls all thought. If you are a politician you need Murdoch’s support to be elected, so Murdoch controls all major political parties, including the Greens and “democrat variants”.

    So it is the epitome of foolishness to question the role of the media when the media controls the entire agenda and narrative. (The Cairns News is one of the few surviving independents).

    In case readers have still not clicked: The US runs our defense, trade and government. The Rothschild’s Bank for International Settlements (BIS) owns the Reserve Bank of Australia and Treasury. We have not had National Sovereignty since 1975. Every policy that has emerged since 1975 was formulated by Murdoch and associates. Every Prime Minister since Ben Chifley died has worked for the New World Order; Bob Hawke, directly for the CIA.

    Murdoch is a partner in the 300 dynasty cabal that has been known variously as the Illuminati, the Club of Rome, the Vatican, the Tavistock Institute, Fabian Socialism, Communism… and so on, depending upon which particular Janus face you are facing. They are all faces of the same New World Order that has flourished since 1815.

    As I understand it, there are three independent papers in this country, but correct me if I am wrong.

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  13. For your info… this site lists batch numbers of vaccines and severity of side effects of different lots distributed in different areas…

    This is how evil it all really is – it really is an experiment.


  14. Gus: “We must drop “she’ll be right mate!” cause we won’t be!
    The current Canberra protest could decide the future of Australians as ‘The Commonwealth of Australia’ or ‘Slaves of a World Government.’

    Touche! We can’t be right as long as we’re being fkd over. Let’s make sure we’re not slaves to any of the sleazebags in the Australian ‘government’ first.


  15. BTW David Esplin…. Great piece, spot on! The truth could never have so many questions and inconsistencies. Only the lies we’re fed.


  16. ” It’s either a psyop being perpetrated by our governments or a psyop being perpetrated by those who want us to lose confidence in our governments.”

    Both will achieve the desired objectives which are to be imposed on us … Problem, Reaction, Solution. Ordo ab Chao…. Order out of Disorder. We saw it in the woke agendas stimulating conflict, destruction of national identity, etc, etc. We see it in the plandemic which is set simply to accelerate the process, globally.

    Many high profile movers and shakers even admit it’s a great but brief opportunity to bring in the global order they dream about.

    No governments and oppositions that are controlled by any parties and foreigners who have nothing to do with us and have ZERO interest in our welfare can be trusted. They are simply agents who serve the interests of those who engage them, betraying the trust which their own people place in them.

    Such governments and oppositions need to be thrown out like the trash they are. Make your vote hurt! They won’t stop till they feel some of the pain we feel.


  17. I read your article and I would suggest It is quite riddled with logic and common sense which is more than you can say about any of the fake news rubbish.


  18. Hi Desperate Refugee..Bill Gates said he would like to see 15 Million in this country .that means there has to be about 11 million people go bye byes. I am not ready to go yet, How about you ?

    Good letter David. There is enough in it to wake anyone up.There is a problem though.Most of the people who would get great benefit will not consider reading it. They have their heads in the sand.That could well cost them their lives . I will send it on.Remember the old saying “If you bury your head in the sand you get your a….se shot off .”

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  19. AJ Nock summed it up in his book “Our Enemy the State”.
    As the State increases its power so does the peoples power decrease. It has been quoted that the State fears its people and for that reason must seek outside and Corporate support plus enforce many rules and regulations incl. heavy taxation of labour. All this is achieved with ‘jobs for the boys’, brown paper bags and outgoings paid for by the people.
    The State consider us as unruly and unable to rule ourselves forgetting that the tribal systems survived for millennia and much more efficiently as there was no Government or State.
    Our Government or State has committed treason against its people since Federation and has survived through lies and deceit supported by a compromised mainstream media.
    We must drop “she’ll be right mate!” cause we won’t be!
    The current Canberra protest could decide the future of Australians as ‘The Commonwealth of Australia’ or ‘Slaves of a World Government.’


  20. Desperate Refugee

    F..k the doctors – these white coated moron pill pushers are up to their necks in this plandemic. You didn’t mention the children – they are not at any risk from this bullshit virus – the poison will destroy many innocent young lives. Now I hear that low life dwarf turd Greg Hunt is mandating a fourth jab for residents of nursing homes – of course to “protect” them – actually it’s to kill them off.
    Are we really 90+% vaccinated? – I find it hard to believe there are so many idiots in Australia. If we are then god help us – it will be a very very empty country.

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  21. Please send link. Thanks Ed


  22. When all the governments of the world are hated , the way is open for a world government and the Antichrist.



    Good afternoon, I do enjoy reading your posts, a breath of fresh air. I would like to bring to your attention, the opening remarks by the Corona Committee out of Germany and their opening remarks of a hearing in The International Criminal Court, The Hague, to bring to light the barbaric nature of the Medical Bio Weapon, IT IS NOT A VACCINE and the absolute uselessness of the PCR and RAT tests.

    Please enjoy this, almost 2 hour presentation. It begins around the 25 minute mark.

    Best Regards

    Gordon Ledwidge


  24. I try to inform others that mainstream media has received 100s of millions of dollars to flote around and spread propaganda in return for government favours. I now call them the sunrise jabbers who turn on Koshie to see when they can line up for another booster 💰🤥🐑💉😷⚰


  25. Well said…. a lot of people are not numeric ie they think in pictures and not numbers…

    Even then they are fearful and don’t want to face the fear.. bit like Lord of the Flies… only two boys faced the fear of the beast..

    Appreciate your newsletters



  26. common sense I use reading the article and it sounds perfect for me…greatly respected and not only true but also a sign of care for all people….rather being respected instead of being an object to be a lab rat….Sad for the children, for those have no voice!

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