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Spanish socialists and corporate elite up to their eyeballs in WEF agenda

Not all Spaniards support their new socialist government’s agenda. Tens of thousands of Spaniards, most of them Vox Party supporters, came out in protest against the Sanchez coalition government early this January.

THE list of attendees to this month’s World Economic Forum reveals much about where governments are going with the WEF agenda.

A stunning example is the government of Spain, controlled currently by the long established Socialist Workers Party. Ironically, these so-called champions of the workers have sold out to the WEF’s global digitalization plan, strongly opposed by Italy’s growing populist movement that protested en masse earlier this month.

The WEF attendance list shows, for instance, Nadia Calvino, the country’s First Deputy Prime Minister, as Minister for Minister for Economy and Digitalization of Spain. No secrets there about where Spain is headed.

And then there’s Teresa Ribera, the country’s other Deputy Prime Minister, who is “Minister for the Ecological Transition of Spain” – not just another environment minister, but a minister overseeing Spain’s “ecological transition”. Agenda 20-30 and great reset, here we come.

Spain’s prime minister is Pedro Sanchez, a slick, suave, cardboard cut-out politician, from a wealthy family and owner of an industrial packing company but also an avowed atheist and Marxist. Sanchez, the privileged capitalist, is also president of Socialist International.

Sanchez’s “social democrat” PSOE (Spanish Socialist Workers Party) governs with the support of a socialist left party called Unidas Podemos, a so-called democratic socialist alliance that includes communists and is supposedly anti-globalisation and anti-austerity. Good luck with that, boys and girls.

And right up there with the socialist champions of the workers on the WEF attendance list were the representatives of Spain’s corporate elite, such as Ana Botin, group executive chairman of Banco Santander, and JoséLinares Perou her CEO and “Global Head, Corporate and Investment Banking”.

Also listed were the two chiefs of BBVA, a multinational financial services company based in Spain and said to be one of the largest financial institutions in the world. Other Spanish attendees represented oil and gas and construction companies, media, entertainment and sport. No doubt about it, the globalist neo-Nazi Klaus Schwab has “penetrated zee Spanish”.

If you’re not entirely convinced that Spain’s corporate community have been entirely captured by green ideology, there’s Luis Cabra, deputy CEO of the famous global oil and gas company Repsol. Imaz carries the title “Director, Energy Transition, Technology and Institutional Affairs”. Luis was at Davos with his CEO Josu Jon Imaz.

These oil executives must be wondering just how things will go when they have “transitioned” to solar panels, batteries and windmills. Will Repsol logos still be adorning electric cars and motorcycles as they whizz quietly around the tracks, taking half-hour pit stops to recharge. “Transitioned” motorsports sounds like a much quieter pursuit. Hopefully the nasty tendency of vehicle batteries to self combust will be sorted out by then.

Sanchez has been hailed by Californian professor Jacob Soll, writing in the leftist news site Politico, as a shining success story for the European left. But Sanchez’s government is strangling the farming sector by cutting irrigation water supply under the guise of “fighting climate change”. What Sanchez, like the Dutch government, is doing is taking control of and reducing food supply. Part of the truly diabolical WEF agenda.

Sanchez’s Spanish Socialist Workers Party has a long history. In1921 it split because the “social democrat” wing did not support the PSOE’s integration in the Communist International founded by Vladimir Lenin two years prior.

The result was the formation of the PCE, a merger of the Spanish Communist Party (Partido Comunista Español) and the Spanish Communist Workers’ Party (Partido Comunista Obrero Español). The PCE was first legalized after the proclamation of the Second Spanish Republic in April 1931. The republic was “the first democratic regime” in the history of Spain.

In 1936 General Franco led a military coup against these growing leftist forces. It degenerated into the horrors of the Spanish Civil War. While Franco’s brutal rule during the war has been perpetually condemned by western leftists, the war subsided and the country moved ahead under his rule. He was as much a popular figure among Spaniards as he was a hated figure.

As noted by Encylopedia Britannica: “The period of ostracism finally came to an end with the worsening of relations between the Soviet world and the West at the height of the Cold War. Franco could now be viewed as one of the world’s leading anticommunist statesmen, and relations with other countries began to be regularized in 1948. His international rehabilitation was advanced further in 1953, when Spain signed a 10-year military assistance pact with the United States, which was later renewed in more limited form.”

The country prospered economically in the 1960s and Premier Franco gradually began loosening his hold on power, appointing Prince Juan Carlos as his successor on the monarchial throne he re-established by referendum in 1948.

Britannica notes further: “He (Franco) demonstrated marked political ability in gauging the psychology of the diverse elements, ranging from moderate liberals to extreme reactionaries, whose support was necessary for his regime’s survival. He maintained a careful balance among them and largely left the execution of policy to his appointees, thereby placing himself as arbiter above the storm of ordinary political conflict.”

Franco resigned his premiership in 1973 but kept his functions as head of state, commander in chief of the armed forces, and head of “the Movement” or Movimiento Nacional, a form of government set up by Franco during the Civil War in 1937, which included a single political party, an employee-employer organisation, and village representatives. Public servants were obliged to swear an oath to its principles.

Very interestingly, Wikipedia notes that the National Movement drew from Spain’s imperial past and declared its independence from the “purported Judeo-Masonic-Marxist international conspiracy, a personal obsession of Franco”. It appears Franco, most likely activated by the anti-masonic writings of various Popes, knew what he was up against as the forces of the left rallied in Spain in the 1920s and 30s in cahoots with the great Soviet experiment financed by certain Wall St banks.

A Catholic website discussing freemasonry states: “Masons were prominent in the French Revolution and the Irish rising of 1798. They helped lead the South American revolts against Spain as well as the unification of Italy. Discarding even the pretense of Deism, Grand Orient Lodges ceased to revere the Bible or any Volume of Sacred Law. They dominated the bitterly anti-clerical French Third Republic (1870-1940) that confiscated all Church property in France. They persecuted and slaughtered Catholics after the Mexican Revolution and during the Spanish Civil War. Even in today’s European Union, Masons favor radical secularization.”

But the website questions the link to Judaism, claiming it was Scottish Christians who founded the first lodges and a Protestant clergyman who wrote the first lodge constitution. “Not only is Marxism an entirely different entity, Communist regimes have always suppressed Masonry, as did Hitler and Mussolini,” the writers claim.

The book Freemasonry and the Vatican (pp 69-78) by Viscount Leon de Poncins, tackles the Judeo-Masonic links in a very balanced manner, citing opponents (e.g. A. Mellor) and supporters of the alleged links. But one of the most illuminating quotes is from Rabbi Eli Benamozegh’s 1914 work Israel and Humanity which states “What is certain is that Masonic theology corresponds well enough with that of the Kaballa.” The Rabbi goes on to state that Rabbinical works in the early Christian-era prove that “the Haggada was the popular form of a secret science, whose methods of initiation bore the most striking resemblances to Freemasonry.”

The book also discusses at length the revolutionary nature of the lodges and the links between Masonic doctrine and Marxism along with satanism, naturalism and freemasonry. Fast forward to the 2020s and we can see these ideologies running rampant. Naturalism most notable as environmentalism – a sort of new global religion mixed in with neo-Marxism and the brazenly satanic anti-Christian popular culture as demonstrated by the likes of Madonna and the global fashion brand Balenciaga.

This is underlying reason we see the bizarre alliance of corporate capitalism and neo-Marxism under the World Economic Forum, funded by American Jew Larry Fink, said to be the world’s richest man in terms of wealth his BlackRock company controls. Fink is at the top level of a new class of global multi-billionaires – not exclusively Jewish but certainly strongly influenced by them.

How quickly the Spanish will transition to their new digital system is unknown, but Sanchez and his socialists look positioned to be one of the countries that lead the way. Or will they fall again to a populist counter-revolution as faced by their forefathers some 86 years ago? The so-called “far right” Vox Party, which won 52 seats in the national assembly, is now the third largest party in Spain.

The Vox Party is not buying into the left’s “humanitarian” campaigns against “gender-based violence” and other such causes.

Mr Fink and his carbon spewing dupes of Davos want to curb your driving

BlackRock CEO Larry Fink (below) and company flew to Davos on these private jets, but they want you to accept that driving your car when you please is causing “climate change”.

THOSE of us who live in the regional towns need not worry too much – you’ve got your easy-to-access shopping centre in or near the city centre, probably only a few minutes from home.

But the thousands of dupes attending the annual World Economic Forum gathering in Davos, Switzerland, are beating the drum for a big plan for the majority of us who live in cities.

That plan, which has already gained a foothold in Australian city council bureaucracies, is the so-called 15-minute city or “20-minute neighbourhood”, as Dan Andrews’ bureaucrats are calling it. Bastien Girod, a fresh-faced young member of the Swiss National Council, was caught on video keenly advocating for 15-minute “smart neighbourhoods” or “sustainable districts”.

Dr Girod (a PhD) is also affiliated with the aptly-named SusTech, the Group for Sustainability and Technology, that makes whizzbang “net zero” technology to make sure you don’t fall for the temptation of sticking with your evil old fossil fuel car or gas stove.

And why has Girod got such a warm inner glow about 15-minute cities? Because a 15-minute city means you won’t have to own a car. It might even mean you won’t be allowed to own a car or severely restricted as to where you can drive it. But don’t worry, “everything you need” will be within walking distance! Wow and whoopee! Imagine all that fossil fuel CO2 that won’t be driving the climate crisis – again the big theme for the Davos crowd!

Of course Girod didn’t mention the more than 1000 private jets parked around airports in Switzerland that brought delegates to the conference. Nor did he mention the lines of fossil-fueld private cars winding through the mountains bringing them into Davos.

Neither did Girod mention that Larry Fink, a prominent WEF board member and coincidentally CEO and chairman of BlackRock, the biggest fund manager in the world, has a big stake in PetroChina, the CCP’s state oil company that is developing the industry in China in a very big way. Mr Fink’s BlackRock also blacklists those dirty little oil and coal companies that don’t comply with his and the WEF’s ESG (Environment, Sustainability, Governance) rules.

But Girod really believes what he is touting. He’s just another of the naive and ambitious corporate/political pawns having a nice winter holiday in Davos, all the while banging his “sustainable living” drum as the other dupes around him would expect. Delegates’ heads nod in agreement as Girod drones on. Girod also knows that making the stage at Davos could bode well for his political future – environment minister perhaps?

Girod became so swept up in his plug for sustainability he actually endorsed Joe Biden’s plan to blackmail and bribe US companies into supporting the net-zero game plan. “I think for instance that Biden’s suggestion that governments only buy from companies that commit to Paris (Climate Accord), who commit to science-based targets, I think that’s a smart policy.”

Regardless of what people like Girod say, people in the UK, for instance, are not buying the 15-minute plans already being rolled out for trial in Oxford. There a group of savvy locals called Not Our Future discovered that 15-minute cities actually depend on “traffic filtering”, which is a system of traffic monitoring and banning of vehicles from certain areas at certain times. Go where you’re not allowed to and bingo the camera on the corner sends you a fine.

As explained by one Oxford local, the idea is being run out everywhere worldwide and the basic motivation is to “basically tie down people into areas where they can go and can’t go, and later on that will mean biometric tracking for all of us, like in China”.

The group has carried out an excellent exercise in public action and needs to be replicated here in Australia. How it all pans out is yet to be seen.

Victoria is being groomed for an energy crisis by green lunatics

Angry Scots burn their energy bills in a recent protest.
Victoria’s massive gasfields shown in pink and yellow.

VICTORIA’S green-left and the dizzy-headed disciples of the World Economic Forum are pushing for the total electrification of the state while unlawfully abandoning the massive gas resources they sit on and are duty-bound by law to use for the state’s benefit.

Andrews and the corporate clones around Melbourne Mayor Sally Capp, a WEF disciple, want some 2 million Victorian homes to ditch gas appliances and switch to unreliable wind and solar-fed grids and battery banks in suburbs that go flat after a few hours. The government has costed the so-called Gas Substitution Roadmap $14,500 per household, which would cost the state an astronomical $30 billion. But the gas industry says it’s more like $21,500 to $40,000 per household or roughly $60 billion.

In the UK, the energy crisis caused by the insane Russia gas boycott, is pushing household energy bills up tenfold. In Scotland, people are burning their power bills in public protests. It’s all part of the current stupidity of western political and corporate decision-making.

Meanwhile there is no shortage of gas in Victoria. The state’s first developed offshore gas and oilfield, the Gippsland Basin, contains reserves of 2.7 trillion cubic feet of natural gas and ethane, and there is so much excess gas in the more recent Otway Basin in the west of the state, they are storing it underground when it is not being sold out of Queensland to foreign buyers.

Andrews’ Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning is refusing to release modelling for its so-called Roadmap, which is hardly surprising when one realises there is no sound reasoning behind it. It is little more than blind obedience to the World Economic Forum that has arbitrarily announced a global “transition to net zero carbon emissions” to stop the alleged “climate emergency”.

The Roadmap is also a treacherous and unlawful sell-out of the longstanding principle that states own mineral resources under the ground and that the state as a whole shares in the benefits of those resources.  

The general rule under mining law in Australia is that the Crown (in right of the State) owns all minerals. This has been implemented by statute, initially by enacting that all future grants of land must contain a reservation to the Crown of all minerals. Now, all new grants of freehold titles in Australia have provided that all minerals were reserved to the Crown.

The Victorian Government’s own Earth Resources division states that it “encourages a commercially viable mining industry which makes the best use of mineral resources in a way that is compatible with the economic growth, social wellbeing, cultural wellbeing and environmental health of the State”.

But Andrews, Mayor Capp and the legions of virtue-signallers actually believe they are “saving the planet” by turning off the domestic gas supply in the state and forcing people on to “unreliables” based on intermittent sun and wind and part-time batteries. The people of the UK and Germany are learning the hard lesson already with their astronomical energy bills based on increasing use of wind and solar and dwindling gas supplies.

Gas has long been a convenient, efficient and inexpensive form of energy for 2 million-plus residential users in Victoria. It is also an important energy source for industry. But the hare-brained elite of the state are prepared to spend $30 to $60 billion to virtue signal the end of fossil fuel energy for homes in order to give Klaus Schwab and his Davos crowd a warm inner glow.

Andrews, his socialist left faction, the Greens and the ranks of corporate WEF shills led by Mayor Capp all think the world will end if we continue using fossil fuels, Victoria is being led down a path where only the elites of society will be able to afford the energy the has given Australia one of the highest living standards in the world.

So-called electrification is in fact WEF policy: “Achieving net-zero carbon targets will require clean electrification of energy uses, especially for buildings, transport and industry… The Global Future Council on Clean Electrification will bring together subject matter experts from industry, academia and civil society to amplify the value and role of clean electrification in the energy transition,” the WEF states.

Capp and her corporate cabal on the Committee for Melbourne, think of themselves as paragons of virtue by blindly pushing WEF energy idiocy i.e. total reliance on wind, solar and other so-called renewables such as the extremely expensive hydrogen option. The only energy source in the WEF’s approved stable that makes sense (but is expensive) is nuclear, because without that their renewable mix simply would not work, as Germany has been discovering.

Victoria’s current political leadership however, is unlikely to embrace nuclear, because they have such a long history opposition to it. So, if Dan and his political cabal can rig another election win, the future for Victoria looks grim indeed.

The reality of energy supply is very clearly described by a Scottish academic Robert Wilson in his essay titled “The Future of Energy: Why Power Density Matters”. Essentially, it is fossil fuels like coal and oil that provide the required “horsepower” to drive the power supply for the typical modern city or nation state.

Wind and solar, unlike coal and oil, have a serious lack of power density, that is, the amount of energy (Watts) generated per square metre. Wilson provides the simple example of a cheap propane powered generator that provides in excess of 1000 W/m2, which is far in excess of the power density of any conceivable new method of generating renewable energy such as the massive wind towers that only generate 2 to 5W/m2 because of their intermittent and unreliable operation. Solar is not much better, and at very best achieves 20W/m2 in desert solar farms but only 5W/m2 in Germany or other nations with low sunshine hours.

In reality, the best energy supply is some sort of mixture of renewables, nuclear and fossil fuels, but the latter is what drives the productive capacity of a nation, and it is no accident that modern nation states adopted coal-fired and nuclear electricity as their primary energy supply. It is also no accident that China built more than 3000 coal-fired power stations to drive their massive manufacturing capacity and heat and cool their huge population.

These basic facts appear to have escaped the starry-eyed corporates like Mayor Capp, who had executive roles at WEF partner KPMG and is involved in the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group. One thing we learn in the world of power and politics is that high status often has more to do with driven ambition and self-preservation and less to do with intelligence or wisdom.

Are these prominent Australians supporting Klaus Schwab’s global digital prison?


PATRIOTIC, freedom-loving Aussies have some questions for the swag of politicians and public figures who have direct and indirect associations with the World Economic Forum. Some are:

  • Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young, WEF Young Global Leader (2021)
  • Liberal Senator Andrew Bragg, NSW, (YGL 2021)
  • Clare O’Neill, Victorian Federal Labor MP for Hotham, member of Emily’s List Australia, a political network that supports “progressive” female candidates for election. (YGL 2019)
  • Former Human Rights Commissioner Edward Santow, WEF YGL and Fabian Society member (perfect match!)
  • Movie actress/singer Jessica Mauboy  (YGL 2021)
  • Future Super executives Simon Sheikh and Geraldine Chin Moody, YGLs actively supporting WEF aims and objectives under banner of so-called “ethical investment”
  • Sally Capp, Lord Mayor of “global city” Melbourne, senior roles in WEF partner KPMG
  • Diane Currie, chief planner, City of Brisbane, member WEF Forum on Future Cities Tomorrow and UN Habit Advisory Committee.

The questions: Do you back the World Economic Forum in their plan to use AI technology to censor so-called misinformation on the internet? Do you support the use of facial recognition technology to surveil Australians? Do you support the so-called digital ID system and the abolition of cash? Do you support the WEF’s so-called great reset system where people “own nothing and will be happy1”?

Perhaps you can put to rest, Senators and others, the strong suspicion among many Australians that the WEF’s Young Global Leaders are pushing the WEF’s so-called Great Reset agenda which will essentially make private property illegal and keep the population virtually imprisoned in a digital identity system which controls every aspect of life. You think that’s a conspiracy theory, no it’s an actual plan put up in plain sight on the WEF’s own web pages.

Australians would reasonably suggest that you put those suspicions to rest right now by disassociating yourself from plans to censor free speech and expression on the internet in addition to the diabolical digital identity plan and the endless vaccinations pushed by WEF partners Bill Gates, Pfizer and the

We know that Senator Bragg chaired of the Senate Select Committee into FinTech and RegTech, joined the class of 2021 Young Global Leaders as did pop singer Jessica Mauboy. What’s next Jessica, a run for the Senate or House of Representatives? Nothing like celebrity to propel one into political influence, hey Jess?

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Pfizer chief, Gates use Africans in PR stunt to push even more vaccines

Pfizer’s fat cat CEO and chairman Albert Bourla presents his latest sales pitch at the World Economic Forum.


PFIZER CEO and chairman Albert Bourla and Bill Gates (surprise, surprise) are again pushing vaccines on pregnant women in African and other low-income nations under the guise of running a so-called Health Accord.

The launch of the Accord at the World Economic Forum in Davos also doubled as a PR stunt with the Pfizer chief schmoozing up to the presidents of Rwanda and Malawi. Resistance to vaccination campaigns is strong in Africa. In 2014 Kenya’s Catholic Doctor’s Association accused the government of employing population control by stealth, after they discovered a tetanus vaccine targeted exclusively at women of childbearing age was laced with a birth control hormone called beta human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG).

The HCG was found in all six vaccine samples sent to the University of Nairobi medical laboratory and another in South Africa. The Catholic doctors discovered the Kenya Ministry of Health had not tested the vaccine, but merely trusted it because it originated from WHO (World Health Organization), supposedly a credible organisation in matters of health.

HCG was developed by the WHO in 1992 and employed five injections. It was used in Mexico in 1993 and Nicaragua and the Philippines in 1994 and was reported to have caused miscarriages three years later. The doctors said WHO tried to bring the same anti-fertility program into Kenya in the 1990s but were stopped.

Now Gates, in league with Pfizer, is pushing two new vaccines (group B pneumococcal and “RC”) for mothers in 45 low and middle-income nations representing 1.2 billion people. Gates and Bourla say it’s all about promoting “health equity”.

Pfizer will supply vaccines and all of its other medical products allegedly at non-profit rates, which won’t be difficult to do, given the low value currencies of these nations and subsidies from the IMF, World Bank, WHO and other agencies pushing the global pharmaceutical agenda.

And given that these nations already have access to much cheaper generic pharmaceutical products it’s likely the Pfizer scheme has the ulterior motive of pushing those products out or at least replacing them. Kenya is also producing it

Politicians and bureaucrats in these countries will no doubt reap some “special incentives” for signing up to the Pfizer-Gates scheme as well. It is also highly likely that all sorts of regulatory changes in their national health systems, if not direct control by the WHO, will run in tandem with this scheme.

Gates’ and Bourla’s appearance on the WEF stage with the Rwandan and Malawi presidents was a not so subtle display of virtue signaling. Also on the platform was Angela Kwang, group president of Pfizer Biopharmaceutical Group.

The combined Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of Malawi and Rwanda is about US$22.29 billion. Pfizer’s COVID vaccines sales for 2021 totaled US$37 billion and are projected to reach $54 billion this year. One doesn’t have to be an economic wizard to see the attraction of poor African states to Pfizer-Gates’ “special deal” on discounted vaccines and other medicines.

World Economic Forum’s cyborg guru really has lost the plot

Harari says humans are all “hackable”.


The Israeli man Barack Obama calls “The Prophet”, Yuval Noah Harari of the World Economic Forum, would not not qualify for that title under the religious and historical standards of his own culture.

For one thing, no prophet that we know of was a gay atheist, like Harari. To be fair, he is known as a best-selling technological author and “futurist”. The latter title arises from the fact that he’s a spruiker of global technocracy and some unoriginal ideas about how human beings can be hooked into biological sensors placed under the skin with their brains linked to the internet.

Harari is fearful of technology and the reality that it will replace millions of jobs and his solution is to merge humans and that technology under the Great Reset/Agenda 20-30 banner. The idea is severely lacking in ethics and understanding of humanity’s divine origins – the concept of Imago Viva Dei (Image of the Living God).

“If you know enough biology and have enough computing power and data, you can hack my body and my brain and my life, and you can understand me better than I understand myself … But soon at least some corporations and governments will be able to systematically hack all the people. We humans should get used to the idea that we are no longer mysterious souls – we are now hackable animals. That’s what we are,” Harari told the Davos (WEF) 2020 gathering.

Harari calls the historical gospel accounts of Jesus “fake news” (which implies he discounts the entirety of the Hebrew Old Testament prophets who foretold the coming Messiah) and he can only see a future of humans achieving god-like status by being merged with technology i.e. transhuman cyborgs with brains “enhanced” by AI microchips.

He is also a historian and a professor in the Department of History at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He is the author of Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind, Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow, and 21 Lessons for the 21st Century.

But if Harari was a historian with some integrity, he would at least acknowledge the historical connections between the Old and New Testament and the historical accounts of Jesus, his death and resurrection, and the rise of the early church as recorded by both Roman and Jewish historians like Tacitus and Josephus.

Harari and the WEF are also propagating a devious system of political control on business called ESG – environment, social and corporate governance. It’s simply a western adaptation of the Chinese social credit system and set in motion the totalitarian, Orwellian group think disease spreading through corporations and governments.

But not everyone is buying this system or Harari’s future scenarios. Tesla owner Elon Musk for instance, has denounced ESG as “the devil incarnate”. ESG rates Musk’s company Tesla, the maker of electric vehicles, as moderate to poor. It was set up allegedly to help people “invest responsibly” and company boards dominated by millennials with little understanding of political history, jumped on the idea as virtue signalling and “good PR”.

Not only does “Prophet” Harari, meanwhile, have no faith in God, he has no faith in mankind’s ability to adapt to an economy where many things are made and processed by machines. When you think about it, a lifetime largely spent endlessly repeating menial tasks in a factory or office for a basic wage is not only unfulfilling but unecessary.

Technological innovation will eventually make energy a free, or relatively inexpensive commodity that can be generated by every household. It will also allow the vast expanses of uninhabitable parts of the planet like the Arctic or Sahara to be more easily populated. Already, water can be tapped from the atmosphere for desert areas while heat for homes and crops can be generated in cold regions.

But Harari’s ideas and those of his boss Klaus Schwarz, are based on irrational fear of the future and a lack of reality in respect to real economics. The future, according to economist Zoltan Poszar of Credit Suisse Bank, is in commodity-backed currencies. The dominating global slush fund of US dollars (“financialism”) is on the way out and a new system based on commodities, real wealth, is on the rise. He calls it Bretton Woods III.

One of the drivers of this new system is Russia, which is demanding that European importers of its energy pay in roubles and not in dollars. This is a direct challenge to the dollar’s role and Russia knows very well the Europeans cannot afford to switch off their energy supply. What Putin is doing with oil and the rouble is what the US did with Saudi Arabia when they pegged it to the dollar.

WEF’s “green vision”, of course, wants to get rid of fossil fuel. But this plan is also on shaky ground. Europeans know, but seldom admit, that their wind and solar farms simply don’t supply reliable, cost effective energy, especially in their cold winters. But Harari and the WEF are transfixed on their so-called global climate crisis and their utopian pipe dream solution of a carbon-free economy.

Given this circle of delusional characters who run the WEF and big tech and peddle their ideas to corporations and governments worldwide, it’s no wonder the world is in the crisis it is.

Harari says the ultimate power that Stalin and other dictators longed for “is now within reach”. He warns against this totalitarian threat, but his solution of turning human beings into cyborgs is hardly an alternative.

He even suggests that the future corporate state being able to literally monitor the emotions and health of the populace with under-skin technology would be a valid public health measure against new pandemics. Oh yes, we can see the old “pandemic” narrative is most useful for those hell-bent on controlling the population.

If Stalin had this sort of technology, says Harari, he could have monitored who was not affectionately obedient to him. We now know that such technology is half a step away from being imposed on the population of China by the Communist Party rulers. Already the Chinese are monitored on a massive scale with facial recognition technology that tracks even their buying habits.

Is it any wonder that Harari and his Davos crowd are losing ground. Their ideas are being exposed and attacked everywhere, and so they should be. Kudos to mainstream politicians like Senator Alex Antic and others who have done just that, exposing Australia’s so-called “Young Global Leaders” i.e. the “graduates” of the WEF like Health Minister Greg Hunt and Greens Senator Hanson-Young.

Greg Hunt named in Dubai 2016 as best Minister in the world

Letter to the Editor
Australia is infested with rats.

Greg Hunt, ex Minister for the Environment, now Minister for Health and Aged Care, lived on a kibbutz learning Hebrew, is a Fulbright Scholar, interned at the UN Centre for HumN Rights, was a senior fellow at Melbourne Uni’s Centre for Comparative Constitutional Law, was engagement manager at McKinsey and Co, was Director of Strategy at the World Economic Forum, was named Best Minister in the World by Thompson Reuters for the 2016 World Government Summit of Dubai.

Health Minister Greg Hunt not re-contesting at next election but was Director of Strategy at the WEF. here he is resplendent in his blue label Liberal blue Masonic tie

His appointment as Health Minister in 2017, coincided with the formation of CEPI, chaired by that Liberal lying children overboard batch and ex WHO chair Jane Halton in 2017 and the 2017 watering down of Australia’s TGA approval processes to fast track new technologies and innovations (mRNA and GMO products?)

A brilliant idiot, blinded by One World Government indoctrination and is party to undermining Australia’s beautiful Constitution that has given him great opportunities and Freedoms with UN comparative compromises.

Lest we forget.

Peter W


Carbon dioxide lunacy will see 47 per cent of workforce lose their jobs in next 10 years

The World Economic Forum’s (WEF) Great Reset has been sold to the public as an opportunity to build a sustainable, carbon-neutral future. The ubiquitous sound bite of build back better, or “build back greener”, as UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson recently rephrased it, suggests that recovery from the economic devastation, following the alleged pandemic, is a chance for the world to “reset”.

Blackrock Chairman Larry Fink In his 2021 letter to CEOs, Larry Fink, the chairman of BlackRock, also expressed his gratitude for BlackRock’s good fortune presented by Covid-19:

Sustainable Development Goal 11 (b) of UN Agenda 2030 states:

By 2020, substantially increase the number of cities and human settlements adopting and implementing integrated policies and plans towards … adaptation to climate change, resilience to disasters, and develop and implement, in line with the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction 2015-2030, holistic disaster risk management at all levels.

The Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction, written in 2015, states:

The recovery, rehabilitation and reconstruction phase, which needs to be prepared ahead of a disaster, is a critical opportunity to Build Back Better.

With the 2020 emergence of the alleged global pandemic, human settlements have certainly been implementing plans. Fitting in perfectly with Agenda 2030, our leaders efforts to build back better are focused upon a recovery which appears to have been planned long before anyone had even heard of SARS-CoV-2.

A Vision for the Future

The World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) published their Vision 2050 document in 2010. Aiming to transform the global economy to meet Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), they said that a pathway would be needed. It would “require fundamental changes in governance structures, economic frameworks, business and human behaviour”. They envisaged two distinct periods of transformation.

The WBCSD is an organisation of 200 CEOs from some of the world’s largest global corporations. It is the hub for more than 60 national and regional business councils and partner organisations, including the United Nations, the EU Commission, the World Economic Forum (WEF), the World Bank, the World Health Organisation, the World Wildlife Fund, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Ford Foundation and BlackRock.

They called the decade between 2010 to 2020 the Turbulent Teens. This would be the time to construct the mechanisms that would enable the fundamental changes to be established. Transformation Time would start in 2020, once the fundamental changes had been able to “mature into more consistent knowledge, behaviour and solutions”.

In their conclusion, the WBCSD suggested how the process of moving from the Turbulent Teens into the Transformation Time could occur:

Crisis. Opportunity. It is a business cliché, but there is truth in it.

While for many of us 2020 was a disaster, the WBCSD were among the central planners of the new normal global economy for whom the global pandemic could not have arrived at a more opportune moment. It was a remarkable coincidence that the right crisis opportunity arrived precisely on schedule. In 2020, they updated their Vision 2050. Recognising that the time to transform had arrived, they said:

Despite its enormous human and financial cost, the COVID-19 pandemic has created an opportunity to drive and accelerate change at a completely different pace than we may have previously imagined to be possible.

Yet they did imagine exactly this possibility. One WBSCD partner, the WEF, have also been counting their lucky stars. The Covid-19 alleged global pandemic was an opportunity to make the significant social, economic and political changes they had long been hoping for:

The Covid-19 crisis, and the political, economic and social disruptions it has caused, is fundamentally changing the traditional context for decision-making … As we enter a unique window of opportunity to shape the recovery, this initiative will … inform all those determining the future state of global relations, the direction of national economies, the priorities of societies, the nature of business models and the management of a global commons.

In his 2021 letter to CEOs, Larry Fink, the chairman of BlackRock, also expressed his gratitude for BlackRock’s good fortune as he expanded on the unprecedented opportunity presented by Covid-19:

The pandemic has presented such an existential crisis … that it has driven us to confront the global threat of climate change more forcefully.. Markets started to price climate risk into the value of securities … then the pandemic took hold.. and the reallocation of capital accelerated even faster.
I believe that this is the beginning of a long but rapidly accelerating transition — one that will unfold over many years and reshape asset prices of every type … the climate transition presents a historic investment opportunity.

Fink’s comments outline how the Build Back Better Great Reset is intended to work. Some people seem to think that sustainable development has got something to do with environmentalism, saving the planet or some other vague “green agenda”. Unfortunately, they are way off the mark.

Corporate Glue

Sustainable development means stakeholder capitalism as the corporate glue holding together a global network of public-private partnerships that are collectively assuming the mantle of global governors. Under their stewardship, the international monetary and financial system (IMFS) is being transformed. The stakeholder partner network is busy capitalising a $120 trillion Carbon Bond market as the foundation of the new IMFS.

Environmentalist campaigners like Greta Thunberg and Extinction Rebellion perhaps imagine they are in the vanguard of a global environmentalist battle against climate change and the big polluters who are guilty of causing it. In reality, unwittingly or not, they are image leaders for the big polluters’ public relations department.

The same despised global corporations are key members of a global public-private partnership which is using the ruse of climate change to establish the new IMFS: one that will consolidate their global economic power and thus their worldwide authority.

Not only did the claimed global pandemic deliver the right crisis at precisely the right time, in another truly remarkable coincidence, it accustomed us to the behavioural changes required to live in our new, sustainable IMFS. Reduced travel, limited access to resources, low employment, austerity, reliance upon state financial support and new forms of currency based upon sustainable, stakeholder metrics are all part of our planned net zero future.

WEF partners Deutsche Bank are certainly among the global corporations who are aware of this. They published an article in November 2020 in which their senior analyst Eric Heymann outlined what a carbon neutral economy portends:

The impact of the current climate policy on people’s everyday lives is still quite abstract. Climate policy comes in the form of higher taxes and fees on energy. If we really want to achieve climate neutrality, we need to change our behaviour in all these areas of life. A major turnaround in climate policy will certainly produce losers among both households and corporates.
In addition, prosperity and employment are likely to suffer considerably. There are no adequate cost-effective technologies yet to allow us to maintain our living standards in a carbon-neutral way. That means that carbon prices will have to rise considerably in order to nudge people to change their behaviour. Another (or perhaps supplementary) option is to tighten regulatory law considerably.
To what extent may we be willing to accept some kind of eco-dictatorship (in the form of regulatory law) in order to move towards climate neutrality?

This is congruent with the observations of both the former and current Bank of England Governors. Prior to his departure as governor of the Bank of England, Mark Carney warned that companies unable to meet the SDG regulatory standards “will go bankrupt, without question”, In other words, lines of credit, without which even multinational corporations cannot hope to function, will be limited only to those who can afford to implement the required changes.

More recently — now as the UN Special Envoy for Climate Action and Finance, the UK Government’s Special Advisor to the COP26 conference and a Board Trustee of the WEF — Carney reinforced his message and signalled to his stakeholder partners how the new IMFS would select the corporate winners and losers.

There will be industries, sectors and firms that do very well during this process because they will be part of the solution. But there will also be ones that lag behind and they will be punished.

The winners and losers dichotomy won’t just apply to corporations. The new stakeholder IMFS does not appear to be based upon mass employment, either. Recently, the UK Government released their Green Jobs Taskforce Report. Promising a glittering future of employment opportunities, they cite the International Energy Agency (IEA) report Net Zero by 2050: A Roadmap for the Global Energy Sector. The IEA, in turn, had stated:

The transition to net zero brings substantial new opportunities for employment, with 14 million jobs created by 2030 … In our pathway, around 5 million jobs are lost … meaning structural changes can cause shocks for communities with impacts that persist over time.
This requires careful policy attention to address the employment losses. It will be vital to minimise hardships associated with these disruptions … locating new clean energy facilities in heavily affected areas wherever possible, and providing regional aid.

Pivotal Jobs Page 2

World Economic Forum trained many leaders including Scott Morrison, Jacinda Ardern and Justin Trudeau

What do these people have in common? World-wide, unified Covid responses in readiness for the New World Order

PM Scott Morrison addressing the WEF at Davos in January 2022.

There now remains no doubt Morrison and others in the party duopoly are up to their necks in the new world order of digital ID based on China’s social credit system. Australia must be rid of the LNP/ALP duopoly or it will be the end of society as we know it. Remember the voter fraud coming up and the main unions involved. They are GetUp, ETU, AWU, Maritime Union Australia. Moles within the AEC, aided and abetted by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation have been conditioning voters for months that they can only vote for the ALP or maybe the LNP. The AEC assists with voter fraud. Minor parties and Independents are always excluded by the communists of the ABC.

We don’t have to tell you how to vote, provided there is an election, but do not vote for the duopoly or worse the Greens.

Lockdowns stemming from highly inaccurate PCR tests are unlawful

Letter to the Editor

The (Covid) cycle testing should not exceed 20 or else tests are worthless-You can find the video on this made by the PCR inventor before his death. It is a staged-managed affair. Governments were paid to enforce the initial lockdowns as evidenced by Belarus refusing the 940 million offered at the time. I believe governments are essentially being blackmailed and being told they will be unable to borrow unless WEF/IMF.WHO instructions are adhered to. Remember that Western countries are broke and cannot fund future social programs and liabilities. The primary goal is population reduction and ultimately monetary debasement and a financial reset setting up a universal basic income which will allow a reduced population to eke out an existence.Much has been written about this now. Here is a good starting point

from Chris


Covid tests not worth a hill of beans

Letter to the Editor

Coronavirus Scandal Breaking in Merkel’s Germany. False Positives and the Drosten PCR Test

…………In simple English, the entire edifice of the Gates foundation, the Merkel government, the WHO and WEF as well as the case for de facto forced untested vaccines, rests on results of a PCR test for coronavirus that is not worth a hill of beans. The test of Drosten and WHO is more or less, scientific crap. ………………..

Kev Crisscross



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