World Economic Forum trained many leaders including Scott Morrison, Jacinda Ardern and Justin Trudeau

What do these people have in common? World-wide, unified Covid responses in readiness for the New World Order

PM Scott Morrison addressing the WEF at Davos in January 2022.

There now remains no doubt Morrison and others in the party duopoly are up to their necks in the new world order of digital ID based on China’s social credit system. Australia must be rid of the LNP/ALP duopoly or it will be the end of society as we know it. Remember the voter fraud coming up and the main unions involved. They are GetUp, ETU, AWU, Maritime Union Australia. Moles within the AEC, aided and abetted by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation have been conditioning voters for months that they can only vote for the ALP or maybe the LNP. The AEC assists with voter fraud. Minor parties and Independents are always excluded by the communists of the ABC.

We don’t have to tell you how to vote, provided there is an election, but do not vote for the duopoly or worse the Greens.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Hi daviddd2…LOL. Thanks so very much for supplying the link for everyone… it’s probably irritating when I constantly bang on about Waikanae Watch then leave everybody dangling!…like Klaus’s ‘bits’ hahaha. My smartphone is dumb as…or maybe it’s the operator!
    God isn’t it truly vomitous…one pathetic carbon unit huh. ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes’.


  2. Klaus Schwab enjoying his “I have nothing on and I’m happy” state. 🙂


  3. Hi Editor and reader’s… For anyone in any doubt as to the depth of Klaus Schwab’s utter depravity, check out the beach photo of him posted on Waikanae Watch. This is the second time in a month I’ve seen this posted. And Yes it is authentic. Sorry am unable to provide the link.


  4. Thanks Alison well put together. Ed


  5. The NWO, Germany, and the National Socialist German Workers’ Party, are addressed by Mike King in the wake of this article by Mike Adams > The World Economic Forum is the training ground for modern-day Nazis, who include national leaders Macron (France), Merkel (Germany) and Trudeau (Canada). Notably, the Deputy Prime Minister of Canada, named Chrystia Freeland, is the granddaughter of an actual Nazi collaborator and propagandist named Michael Chomiak.

    From Mike KIng: The popular (and often erudite and informative) Mike Adams of Natural News — for his role in amplifying this growing belief among the ranks of the conspiracy community that the “Nazis” went underground and now run the New World Order — truly merits a bit of informational disciplining. His piece of February 18, 2022 is positively stupefying. Adams’ compatriots Steve Quayle and Dave Hodges preach a similar doctrine of delusion.

    Let’s dissect it and put this nutty nonsense to rest, once and for all.
    Adams: The Third Reich never really ended. Although Hitler himself was destroyed, the Nazi regime of the 1920s / 30s / 40s simply went underground …
    Rebuttal: The “Nazis” (who never referred to themselves by that juvenile insulting term) did indeed go “underground” — as in BURIED! Evidently, Mr. Adams has never heard about the Allies’ Jewish-mandated terroristic post-war “Denazification” program whereby anybody who was anybody in the German political leadership and middle ranks (100s of 1000s of them) was hunted down and then either “converted,” executed, shipped to Siberia, or cowed into obscure silence for the rest of their fearful lives. The suicides numbered into the 1000s; and those who escaped to South America (and no, Hitler was not one of them) lived out the rest of their lives in peaceful, though fearful, anonymity.

    Adams: … and morphed into a global movement of infiltration and influence that’s now emerging as “globalism.”
    Rebuttal: Globalism did not “now emerge.” The documented and provable aspect of the Globalist conspiracy pre-dates Hitler’s rise by about 150 years (Illuminati, Jacobin clubs, French Revolution, Frankurt Rothschilds etc). And it was this network of generational Globalists who waged war against NATIONALIST Germany precisely because the “Nazis” were fanatically anti-Globalist (Hitler referred to the One-Worlders as “international hyenas.”) The idea of “Nazis” — who were all dead, imprisoned or hiding in fear — somehow later “morphing” into today’s leading Globalists is preposterous on its face.

    Adams: The World Economic Forum is the training ground for modern-day Nazis …
    Rebuttal: Dear Mike. Respectfully, this is truly the stuff of straitjackets. Since its inception, the WEF has been run by a Jew named Klaus Schwab. So, Hitler’s followers “morphed” into the very international Bolshevik Jews which they hated? — With names such as Rothschild, Soros, Sulzberger, Kissinger, Schwab, Zuckerberg, Bloomberg et al??? Come on bro.

    Adams: … who include national leaders Macron (France), Merkel (Germany) and Trudeau (Canada).
    Rebuttal: So, Schwab / Soros / Rothschild agents Macron, Merkel & Trudeau — whose governments, by the way, all gleefully throw “Holocaust Deniers,” Hitler aficionados and 90-100 year-old SS men in jail — are “Nazis?” Come on bro.

    Adams: Notably, the Deputy Prime Minister of Canada, named Chrystia Freeland, is the granddaughter of an actual Nazi collaborator named Michael Chomiak.
    Rebuttal: Be very careful where you go with this, Mike. In wartime and post-wartime Eastern Europe, anyone who opposed the Communist terrorist partisans of Ukraine or Poland was branded a “Nazi collaborator.” And besides, what one of Freeland’s grandfathers allegedly believed 75 years ago (many years before she was even born!) is of ZERO relevance.

    Adams: As The Gateway Pundit reported, Chomiak was a target of a post-war Polish intelligence search for Nazi collaborators.
    Rebuttal: My dear Mr. Adams! Do you know who “post-war Polish intelligence” agents were? Hmmm? … Well? Do ya? They were the Bolshevik thugs (disproportionately Jewish — surprise, surprise) that Stalin & his Atheist Jew brother-in-law Kaganovich put in place as secret police tasked with terrorizing and purging Catholic Poland of any and all resistance to communist tyranny. Ask any Polish 8th grader. They’ll tell ya. The fact that this Chomiak fellow was pursued by these vicious mass murdering Bolshevik torturers is in no way indicative of his granddaughter’s closet “Nazism” (whatever the heck that term even means any more). Should Mr. Chomiak not have opposed the Red Terror? Come on bro.

    Adams: Understand that the “vaccine” depopulation scheme now being pushed on the world is nothing new. It is merely the continuation of the Nazi eugenics program of the 1930s / 40s which sought to exterminate certain ethnic groups in the name of “progress.”
    Rebuttal: It would be too much of a diversion from the main subject matter here to debunk the easily debunkable Holohoax and the equally easily debunkable “Nazi eugenics” genocide scheme. For the sake of argument, let us roll with the mythology here and pretend to believe that the White racist “Nazis” wanted to “exterminate” non-Aryans and retards.

    Adams: Today, the same effort is now underway in an expanded context, where the targets are now predominantly Caucasian-dominated nations across the planet…. The mass vaccine deaths are taking place in so-called “white” countries across Europe, North America, Australia, etc.,
    Rebuttal: You see, the White “Nazis” who wanted to kill off non-Whites — “morphed” into anti-White “Nazis” who now want to kill off “Caucasians” (Whites). Makes perfect sense. Forget the straitjacket. Bring on the sedation! Come on bro.

    Adams: In other words, you’re only prohibited from protesting if you’re White. This is the racist reality of the fascist Canada regime that is nearly 100% aligned with the Third Reich and Adolf Hitler.
    Rebuttal: So, killing White people is “100% aligned with the Third Reich and Adolf Hitler?” The same Hitler who specifically warned that Globalist Jews had a long-term plan to blend out and kill off the White race? Come on bro.

    After going off into other crazy towns on topics such as IBM’s “links” to the “Nazis” and “Nazi” “science” being the foundation for the modern day scamdemic & vaccine, Adams wraps up the comedy show with the conspiratorial close:

    Adams: There are no coincidences. This is all part of an actual Nazi plan now being rolled out in Canada (and planned for the entire world).
    Rebuttal: What I don’t understand, Mike, is how the beaten down “Nazis” who were brought to America after World War II (presumably via “Operation Paperclip) managed to “covertly” take over all of our key institutions of power from the former bosses of the “mainstream” media (both print & broadcast), both major political parties (nationally and locally), the Council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderberg Group, the Trilateral Commission, the Federal Reserve, the CIA, the DOJ, the EPA, Hollywood, academia, book publishing, professional sports, the churches, the school boards, the NEA, the AFT, the ADL, the AMA, AIPAC, the UN, the WHO, NATO, the EU, Facebook, Twitter, PayPal, Google etc. — and then somehow duped so many thousands of the Jewish “elite” into serving as “Nazi” frontmen conspicuously heading and/or key-staffing those very same institutions. Please explain the historical dynamics of this astonishingly undetectable post-war penetration. (rolling eyes)

    Come on bro.
    In closing, speaking of the “Operation Paperclip” program — which some of the deluded lesser brethren of our community breathlessly claim to have been the foundation for the “Nazi” infiltration which has now enslaved us —

    Operation Paperclip was nothing more than an American program to recruit and pick the brains of about 1,700 of Germany’s top scientists and engineers after the war.

    In a comparable operation, the Soviet Union abducted about 2,000 German specialists, plus their families. These were men with advanced technical knowledge who were used for things like building rockets — not for “covert” political “infiltration.”

    It’s one thing for a blogger — out of concern for scaring away the newbies — to strategically shy away from World War 2 truth. But to go this deeply into crazy town is unnecessary, inexcusable and, due to its manifest lunacy, counter-productive to our efforts to win moderately educated people over to our side with hard facts and sound logic. Don’t do this again, bro. Please.


  6. Works better if the Taliban are “in the tent pissing out than outside pissing in”. Old LBJ motto.


  7. They don’t have to protect their crops of poppy seeds anymore daviddd2.
    They can protect big pharma and fund their war on drugs like Fentanyl.


  8. Hi tonyryan43…Wow! Thank you so much for sharing that with me. I actually came across your authored position paper. You are a remarkable and learned man.


  9. Tony: The Seppos will only leave their gear behind if you agree to keep throwing poppy seeds and flowers at them. So start planting. lol


  10. We published something about this 18 months or so ago. Ed


  11. Are you sure M o rrison was trained by WEF. I observed his zoom with Davos 2022, but do you have further info on his involvement with WEF. eg. What year Young global leader graduate? Very much appreciate response.


  12. D Johnston… As a cheeky 13 year old, the Wairau Pa Tohunga forgave me a transgression and explained why he did. Now I am regarded as an elder in Arnhem Land, the go-to guy for Songlines men and the senior of our families, the carrier of Rom; the remaker of Muthamul Homeland. I kinda guess you appreciate what I am talking about.

    Now I understand your position.

    We are the Tokiputangata of surviving men and we cannot be other than what we are. To the death. Warriors.


  13. A more expansive list of WEF graduates who will have everything and be happy. Quite a few familiar names.


  14. Brian Johnston: “idiot commentator compared them to fascism”

    Fascism was not ideologically confined to Germany. Whilst it was particularly effective for the purposes of German reconstruction and rescuing the German people from starvation it didn’t fare so well in the rest of the European countries which joined the Axis, and that’s MOST of Europe at the time! In fact, it came at quite a cost without such gains as in the case of Germany.

    The Chinese could today mount a similar argument with respect to their “successes” with communism. But we all appreciate that totalitarian tyranny such as has encroached into Australia sucks, no matter whether it be black or red in colour.

    Economic success is not inextricably tied to either the fascist or communist models.


  15. “A brilliant idiot,” No worse, the grey scrambled matter that was leftover is now totally programmed, and Hunt changed into an organic robot by the W E F and the result is he cannot think by himself anymore, and lost his personal identity and has become soul-less.


  16. I had a gut feeling something like this would surface… 100% Tony…


  17. Nice picture of the dream team (Good luck Australia).


  18. ED, how about forgetting elections altogether and let Morrison rule as PM for life. No more two (and a half) political parties, no ($)elections, sponsoring of candidates or “democracy theater” and no more rubber like commonwealth laws for nobles, just Scomo as the “Aussie emperor” that he already thinks he is.
    Bureaucracy will become more sustainable as ALL political correct can be removed, the AEC will be abolished, the GG send to UK and Commonwealth $cience is dismantled for good and replaced by REAL science that does not cater for patent offices, corporations and colonial rule, etc, etc.
    Morrison will feel safe, powerful, confident and comfortable and might even do some favors for the live stock citizens that “adore” him so much. In the meantime Australians will unite as ONE and invade the Canberrian and state mobs, cleaning them from the inside out while Morrison will be busy to built himself (and Hillsong) a palace like Putin did. It will create a rift between the “rightful owners of the land of OZ” and the rising wannabe Emperor Morrison and the revolution can start from within slightly more undisturbed. Aboriginals will need to create pockets of Independence, claim sovereignty and take back their rightful land to establish another country from within the tyranny.

    But then there is “reality” – the rest of the controlled world and a coming war that will be unavoidable as otherwise the peasants consciousness will gain the upper hand and start to create havoc of a different kind in the back yard of the nobles that pretend to run the world.


  19. In 1974, Richard N. Gardner wrote an article titled, The Hard Road to the New World Order.

    The following is a quote from that book:
    “The ‘house of world order’ will have to be built from the bottom up rather than from the top down. It will look like a great “booming, buzzing confusion,” to use William James’ famous description of reality, but an end run around national sovereignty, eroding it piece by piece, will accomplish much more than the old-fashioned frontal assault.”

    Now we are seeing that this building from the bottom up is exactly the WEF Davos method. Look at the scope here:

    History shows a long plan for a globalist state. The IC seeks to enlighten us with some true history.

    Invisible Critic Video
    Forbidden History of the NWO Conspiracy
    Episode 1: Proofs of the New World Order — now up at Rumble.


  20. Hi Peter… Thanks for that. Quite a revealing resume of the revolting little goblin huh?
    The writing was on the wall with Scummo’s resume also. Practically run out of NZ, where he single handedly destroyed the NZ Tourism Board with all his corrupt dealings. Scuttling back across the ditch he then attempted to do the very same here! Lest we forget, indeed.


  21. You are right Jo there may not be an election anyway. Ed


  22. Hi Brian Johnston…Spot on. Including a world leading rail network system amongst other things. Yeah NZ’s economy especially, is pretty much compost…inflation reportedly being up around 6%! Guarantee it’s probably even higher if the truth was known.


  23. Australia is infested with rats.

    Greg Hunt, x Minister for the Environment, now Minister for Health and Aged Care, lived on a kibbutz learning Hebrew, is a Fulbright Scholar, interned at the UN Centre for HumN Rights, was a senior fellow at Melbourne Uni’s Centre for Comparative Constitutional Law, was engagement manager at McKinsey and Co, was Director of Strategy at the World Economic Forum, was named Best Minister in the World by Thompson Reuters for the 2016 World Government Summit of Dubai.

    His appointment as Health Minister in 2017, coincided with the formation of CEPI, chaired by that Liberal lying children overboard batch and x WHO chair Jane Halton in 2017 and the 2017 watering down of Australia’s TGA approval processes to fast track new technologies and innovations (mRNA and GMO products?)

    A brilliant idiot, blinded by One World Government indoctrination and is party to undermining Australia’s beautiful Constitution that has given him great opportunities and Freedoms with UN comparative compromises.

    Lest we forget.

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  24. You should have watched Scomo on there. Ed


  25. I began watching the WEF video and the idiot commentator compared them to fascism. I switched off.
    Nazi Germany created 6 million jobs in 3 years, not munitions, booming the economy.
    If that’s fascism we need more.
    NZ & Aus have had broken democracies for years and have broken economies.
    Ya’ll get the picture.

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  26. Keep an eye on this Ed. – Canadian broadcast warns that Trudeau’s emergency measures will revoke constitutional rights including right to bodily autonomy in Canada. Given the Marxist caste system this will not apply (of course) to entitled / enabled minorities who can lay claim to a sacred oppression narrative and who are not subject to covid mandates..

    Let me put this another way. It will apply only only to White Canadians.
    They took this down as soon as it was put up


  27. If it’s true that the people behind the WEF and the Global Leaders School are the ones who really determine who will become political leaders, no wonder Scott Morrison could hardly keep a straight face in the video showing the PM.

    The Video Interview here talks about Global Leaders and the commonalities they share. Featuring Ernst Wolff and Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, who is currently chairing the Grand Jury Proceeding by the Peoples´ Court of Public Opinion Covid-19 Plandemic.

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  28. Dear Editor and reader’s….you will love this genius 3 min 49 sec video. Sorry unable to provide link. satire — Hitler wants the protestors off his lawn
    19 Saturday Feb 2022
    Posted by Waikanae watchers in Uncategorized


  29. Hi tonyryan43… Brilliant as per usual! Loved the satirical opening… very clever.

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  30. jo:

    100%! When people buy into notions being sold to us such as “men are women and women are men” then you’ve got to question their ability to fill in a ballot paper with any level of intelligence.

    Sheep are meant to be fleeced and the more sheep the better the masters and the shearers like it.


  31. Train Morrison? Please, how can a corrupted human being being trained by WEF to become corrupt? No one present at the Davos 2022 or the media would have remembered anything his honorable Excellency PM Morrison regurgitated.

    “Australia must be rid of the LNP/ALP duopoly” and then WHAT?

    Look at the greater picture here: The livestock in the corral pretends to go to an “election” to pick their “leaders”, it argues with itself, makes up their little livestock minds and VOTES for the same breed of trained livestock handler with a different face. Livestock is happy with their choice and keeps on grazing on the imagined green grass while forgetting ALL the barb wired fences that have taken away the freedom to run from the coming slaughter.

    Australia and its livestock needs to reinvent itself. This time without the usual trainer/handler and the upper caste that feeds on Aussie stock since “commonwealth democracy” began.

    Australia does not need an election. The need to think for oneself as an Australian in Australia seems difficult enough and should become priority.
    This time look closely at the borders and fences that have closed us in – and think.

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  32. Dear Editor
    This is a fantastic article that Farcebook have blocked me yet again, from posting.
    Is this the end of Justin Trudeau?

    Also I would like to mention that your readers could look at a slow transition (if on farcebook) from farcebook over to truthbook.
    Truthbook is run by Jamie McIntyre from the Australian National Review. Jamie is a good guy fighting against the tyrannical governments like we all do. He spoke at the Canberra Freedom Convoy Protest too.

    Anyone who is on farcebook can stay on it to use it even though the censorship is disgusting but we can also post on Truthbook and the numbers Will build and throw some shit at that world economic Forum tyrant Zuckerberg and his disgusting destruction of free speech and differing opinions expressed and his appalling censorship and banning of our rights of free speech.


  33. I don’t even believe there will be an election. If there is it will be another Soros/ Dominion/Smartmatic stolen one.
    We have allowed ourselves over so many decades to fall so far into Totalitarian dictatorship and the NWO bear trap, that to escape from inside of it’s jaws at this late stage is virtually impossible. We’re just bleeding out right now. And the paramedics aren’t coming.
    Sorry for sounding so defeatist. But it’s cold hard reality. I identify as Tohunga and am warrior by nature; never ever suceeding. But even I realise we are screwed.Too little too late with the resistance. Too much useless Kumbayah bs. Should have started ‘Burning down the house’ ages ago. ‘Fighting fire with fire’. Very sage advice. But that window of opportunity is well nailed shut.
    Take Bowie’s prophetic ‘Diamond Dogs’ album; inspired by his reading of Orwell’s ‘1984’ and which referenced Rockefeller as ‘Halloween Jack’ and people’s subsequent persecution. ‘Diamond dogs’ was his terminology for the elites. And Bowie’s virtual call to arms at the beginning… “This ain’t rock and roll, this is GENOCIDE!”. But few truly listened. Few recognised him as the visionary that he actually was. He wasn’t just a creative genius. He used music art and theatre as his conduit. (To fully understand his depth and intellect, read ‘David Bowie’s Bookshelf’). All his work signalled what was to come. But Lol no one was much scared of anything back then… except getting busted! Even at his imminent death, Bowie still tried desperately to warn us with ‘Black Star’. Again! Few probably got it then either as they were too caught up in their grief for the loss of a ‘rock icon’. Take a look and listen to the ‘Black Star’ album with his face swathed and backing into a coffin.
    Apologies for my diatribe but I believe it’s relevant. Also having a BA in music, of course I’m passionate, although it hasn’t helped me much in life! (Academic qualifications seldom do. It’s EI; life skills and awareness that get you through). What I’m trying to articulate here is that we have to get back in touch with our senses and inner awareness. We have to STOP with all this manic over-thinking, pseudo-intellectual dick swinging and mental gymnastics.
    People seem to be looking every which way for answers, instead of looking right under their very noses and just getting back to basics. Have we maybe become over-evolved in some aspects but not in others?

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  34. I am calling for the sacking of Joe Biden.

    Although he has been a friend of mine for many years, he promised me he would invade Ukraine and attack Russia, yet did nothing. What an abuse of friendship.

    Now, what do I do?

    I suppose some of you, slower than the rest, are a little confused by my rant. Please let me explain.

    It all started with my other old mate, Johnny Howard, promising he would make it cheaper to get my shooter’s licence renewed.

    Next thing the bloody sidewinder arranges for a team of snipers to shoot around thirty people in Tassie, blaming a bloke with an IQ of 12, and then closing down gun ownership with a gun buy-back scheme. I will never trust a Liberal politician again.

    Anyway, it’s bad enough losing me Anshutz .22 magnum, but not only have feral pigs taken over, but the Seppos have moved in too, setting up bases all over the NT. It’s an effing fully-fledged invasion and occupation and, to make it worse, they are provoking the Chinks, who will now fire a dirty great missile at the Ratheon missile launching pad in Gulkula in Arnhem Land.

    We need these pricks out of here, but how? The traitorous pollies stole our guns.

    So that is when I got an idea how to replace the hardware. Get me old mate Biden to attack the Ruskies. When the Ruskies obliterate the Seppos, which they will in about three hours flat, the troops in the NT will be hauled out to protect Uncle Sam, (or Auntie Sam as Hilliary Rodin Clinton prefers to say). It is a new and magnificent tradition for the Seppos to leave behind all their hardware. This is when me and me mates planned to ransack the bases, flog the hardware and the dozen tanks hidden in the warehouse, and then chase the rest of the Seppos and politicians out of the NT and into the sea.

    Bring the NT back to its normal happy swilling lifestyle. No more lockdowns and masks. I know 45% of you are with me on this, and the others we don’t care about. They won’t be around much longer anyway.

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  35. Great Tracey we tried to download it a while ago but the file is far too big for WordPress unfortunately. Thanks Ed



    Just finished watch this, City of London, 1870, I credible witnesses..

    Thought this might be something you would be interested in.

    Kind Regards, Tracey.


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