Pfizer chief, Gates use Africans in PR stunt to push even more vaccines

Pfizer’s fat cat CEO and chairman Albert Bourla presents his latest sales pitch at the World Economic Forum.


PFIZER CEO and chairman Albert Bourla and Bill Gates (surprise, surprise) are again pushing vaccines on pregnant women in African and other low-income nations under the guise of running a so-called Health Accord.

The launch of the Accord at the World Economic Forum in Davos also doubled as a PR stunt with the Pfizer chief schmoozing up to the presidents of Rwanda and Malawi. Resistance to vaccination campaigns is strong in Africa. In 2014 Kenya’s Catholic Doctor’s Association accused the government of employing population control by stealth, after they discovered a tetanus vaccine targeted exclusively at women of childbearing age was laced with a birth control hormone called beta human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG).

The HCG was found in all six vaccine samples sent to the University of Nairobi medical laboratory and another in South Africa. The Catholic doctors discovered the Kenya Ministry of Health had not tested the vaccine, but merely trusted it because it originated from WHO (World Health Organization), supposedly a credible organisation in matters of health.

HCG was developed by the WHO in 1992 and employed five injections. It was used in Mexico in 1993 and Nicaragua and the Philippines in 1994 and was reported to have caused miscarriages three years later. The doctors said WHO tried to bring the same anti-fertility program into Kenya in the 1990s but were stopped.

Now Gates, in league with Pfizer, is pushing two new vaccines (group B pneumococcal and “RC”) for mothers in 45 low and middle-income nations representing 1.2 billion people. Gates and Bourla say it’s all about promoting “health equity”.

Pfizer will supply vaccines and all of its other medical products allegedly at non-profit rates, which won’t be difficult to do, given the low value currencies of these nations and subsidies from the IMF, World Bank, WHO and other agencies pushing the global pharmaceutical agenda.

And given that these nations already have access to much cheaper generic pharmaceutical products it’s likely the Pfizer scheme has the ulterior motive of pushing those products out or at least replacing them. Kenya is also producing it

Politicians and bureaucrats in these countries will no doubt reap some “special incentives” for signing up to the Pfizer-Gates scheme as well. It is also highly likely that all sorts of regulatory changes in their national health systems, if not direct control by the WHO, will run in tandem with this scheme.

Gates’ and Bourla’s appearance on the WEF stage with the Rwandan and Malawi presidents was a not so subtle display of virtue signaling. Also on the platform was Angela Kwang, group president of Pfizer Biopharmaceutical Group.

The combined Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of Malawi and Rwanda is about US$22.29 billion. Pfizer’s COVID vaccines sales for 2021 totaled US$37 billion and are projected to reach $54 billion this year. One doesn’t have to be an economic wizard to see the attraction of poor African states to Pfizer-Gates’ “special deal” on discounted vaccines and other medicines.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. periguinfalcon

    As a percentage its very low and its mainly aimed at whites! White gays tend to adopt no white kids further increasing their own white genocide.


  2. Ummmm well actually Plutonium they do “breed” via surrogacy etc.


  3. The reason they are pushing the gay agenda is for depopulation, gays and lesbians don’t breed.


  4. We are literally run by Jewish corporations.


  5. Well all I can say is that in some of us I think our brains are wired differently. I never thought for one moment that the vaccine was safe and was terrified that my daughter might consider having it… she didn’t thank goodness. As soon as they used the word experimental it just raised a huge red flag for me. And the banning of safe and effective medicines did the same thing.

    As soon as I saw the way they were controlling people I knew that there was something terribly wrong about it all. So I just find it difficult to understand how others cannot see what is so very obvious to me.

    Its a psyops operation for sure – and they have been at it for many decades..


  6. Hi Jen, re: “really can’t understand why a pregnant woman would even consider taking an experimental drug..”
    Precisely! And think that mindset as Plutonium said, stems from brainwashing…from MSM or other sources. In turn (without sounding elitist), that also stems from their socio/economic demographic, for who knowledge and learning are of little interest or value. These people are highly malleable and easily manipulated. A cycle that is unfortunately self perpetuating.


  7. periguinfalcon

    Breaking the Chains of Propaganda | NZ Doctors Speaking Out With Science
    Media brainwashing ?

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  8. plutonium…. I really can’t understand why a pregnant woman would even consider taking an experimental drug.. A pregnant woman will give up drinking alcohol, quit smoking, eat healthy etc. and do all those things for the health of the baby and herself… WHY then would she do something so stupid? Have people just lost their minds or what? Yes, I think so.

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  9. periguinfalcon

    Five jewish Books Created for Tyrannical Global Domination and Destruction of the White Race

    They are killing you off and replacing you with third world trash

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  10. Hi aapkoning, Yes. And re:”Jews lie”…as per a quote in one of your excellent links (the Hasbara piece I think);
    “Jews lie like they breathe”.

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  11. Periguinfalcon… see this link from March 2021… re zombie apocalypse

    The ad has now disappeared from the CDC website… but I reckon they knew then what they were unleashing…


  12. H, Thanks for your comments, you are sincerely Thinking! Re your quote: “They are primitive creatures, like fish, who spend their lives looking at things, without ever ‘seeing the water* ’ in which they live.”
    –|– Well Fish swim*, Birds fly (in air), Jews lie. (no substance / credibility.)

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  13. Hi daviddd2, Lol yeah you got it.
    Explains why Hunter is such a depraved hot mess eh?!


  14. DJohnston: “He reeeeally cares about the children…”

    I’m not surprised. He has an obvious track record on that. It’s an obviously touchy subject for him. Sniff, sniff… say no more.

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  15. plutonium: “
    Proof people are brain dead”

    Quote from the clip: “The first week we met in January in (20)19 in California we set up the goals for the next 5 years and one of them was by 2023 we will reduce the number of people in the world by 50%. I think today this dream is becoming reality.”

    A noble goal for the recipient of the Jewish Nobel Prize? .

    But does that mean that his injections will be only 50% effective? That’s not what we’ve been told. They claimed a 95% success rate. Methinks we’re being diddled. LOL

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  16. Cheers for the links aapkoning, – a very in depth summary.

    As for WWIII, I believe it’s firmly on the agenda, so I’ve factored the consequences into my personal arrangements.

    The 4-b-2’s do not have a stop, or reverse gear, so they will keep pushing until reaching the inevitable conclusion, but it’s this, that will break their global tyranny, – nothing less.

    They are primitive creatures, like fish, who spend their lives looking at things, without ever ‘seeing the water’ in which they live.

    As Miguel Serrano once wrote, – ‘they have won, but they have lost.’

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  17. He reeeeally cares about the children…

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  18. Hi aapkoning, Thank you so much for those links.
    Both exceptionally honest works.
    Extremely informative and illuminating… feel mentally nourished!
    Particularly resonated with Thomas Dalton’s closing paragraph about “starting again from scratch”.

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  19. Hi Fed Up!, Oops! Sorry, think that shooting was actually in Norway…but stuff all difference with only a mountain range divider haha. They used to be under Swedish rule. Both sneaky anyway.


  20. No surprise with Sweden finally coming out of the closet. It’s been in the hands of its East India Company since long ago. As has the Swedish political elite.

    It seems the anti Russian coalition has had to be enlarged this time round as the previous coalitions all fell short of their mark.

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  21. Exactly Fed Up! and like shining a torch into a cupboard full of cockroaches eh!
    It’s taken a long time for the sneaky Assange-hating Swedes to reveal themselves I reckon. Remember that mass youth camp shooting years ago?


  22. Hi aapkoning, Thank you.
    Yep the Jews who transgenderfy, mind-program to murder and then release to wreak destruction.
    All connected to everything else.
    These killing machines are always of limited IQ but somehow miraculously write 100 pages or so of eloquent manifesto’s.

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  23. Great comments on here from you D Johnson, you are on the ball

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  24. Hi Fed Up! God she’s always been an obese fugly sick evil POS. She must give off fumes.
    Excellent Busta clip- as always he’s right on to it. The master of intelligent insightful rap.


  25. Click to access TheEricssonReportv1.0.pdf

    ……and this! Shine a bit of that sweet sunshine on this very important report because it is going to have a domino affect around the world. The Cabal want you to look here, (where they can control) ….not there!

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  26. D Johnston, “The immigrant who just shot up 18 baby kids in that school was a tranny.
    What a screwed-up World… Transgender movement by the Jews. The Jews Who Tranny You.
    By: Brother Nathanael. The Gender Benders.
    “The Jewish Hasbara in All Its Glory. Lies, Lies Everywhere”

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  27. ……In the mean time everyone is ignoring this

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  28. I think they’re trying to tell us the the WEF is not a horses arse

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  29. Apropos again to the Uvalde mass shooting false flag that STILL nobody here is mentioning…
    It’s connected to absolutely everything else going on people!
    Dots are not difficult to join.

    This atrocity is an illustration of how NOT to engineer such a sloppy false flag, where you will eventually be caught out. But O’Biden has never had the cognitive abilities to ‘think’ anything through.
    Now his puppet accomplice in mass murder Texas Governor Greg Abbott, is flat out trying to save his ass.


  30. Hi aapkoning, re: “Vaccines have always been and still are ONE big problem, (but not for Pfizer, it makes money) and if you say yes to the Jab, you are also part of the problem.” PRECISELY.

    Drug cartels have also always manufactured and distributed their ‘products’. If people choose to purchase and ingest/inject/overdose then that is their own choice.
    If people choose to guzzle Coca Cola resulting in tooth decay and/or type 2 diabetes, that is hardly Coca Cola’s fault. That was their own choice.
    If an employer suddenly dictated that in order to keep your job you had to pimp yourself out to them, you would leave and find another employer who didn’t dictate that.
    Anything one chooses to do with their bodies is ultimately their choice alone.

    This entire pathetic and totally incohesive ‘coercion’ argument crap is just that…crap.
    A giant cop-out for having made foolish and detrimental life choices owing to weak minds, weak wills and weak characters.
    Like the old but timelessly accurate “If someone tells you to leap off a cliff would you do it?”
    For those that do, it is ultimately their choice.
    But if they also take their innocent children (unborn or otherwise) with them in that leap off the cliff, that is nothing less than murder.

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  31. “Didnt they bump of FIVE of the top leaders in Africa and other Countries that said they would have nothing to do with this Crowd?”

    Nah, they were just accident prone because they weren’t innoculated against misfortune.

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  32. So people with a history of eugenicist pronouncements, beliefs and pedigrees are actually humanitarians concerned with saving people from disease and death? Is that what I’m being gaslit to believe?

    But of course, how silly of me not to have figured it out! Colonialism,hegemony and genocide must be concepts developed for the betterment of the human race.

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  33. Seb… It is heartbreaking especially if they were coerced into having the jabs.. ie to keep their job. My daughter’s friend recently lost her babe at 13 weeks – double jabbed.

    When the penny finally drops for people there will be no place to hide for these monsters, and I hope it happens soon.

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  34. To H, It makes money for big pharma, and its disciples. Maybe study how the Jew mindset is of the ones pushing all this Crap. Here 2 very good articles from the Unz Review. Ron Unz is an American Jew himself warning the Goyim about the Jews. The first article, 18 May 2022, is by Dr. Thomas Dalton.
    The Jewish Hand in World War Three
    The second article, 15 May 2022, is by Larry Romanov:
    The Jewish Hasbara in All Its Glory. Lies, Lies Everywhere
    Larry Romanov: “This one (article) involved more than 80 hours of work after all the research had been completed.”

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  35. Your catching on! But it makes money for big pharma and many doctors to maintain their lifestyles.

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  36. Vaccines have always been and still are ONE big problem, (but not for Pfizer, it makes money) and if you say yes to the Jab, you are also part of the problem. Ask the pilots in this article. Exclusive: Pilots Injured by COVID Vaccines Speak Out: ‘I Will Probably Never Fly Again’ Remember NOT only the pilots, think about the tennis players, the cricketers and so many more young sportspeople. But do not forget the parents that been placed in the difficult predicament, from no Jab – no Job. This is not Australian in my eyes…

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  37. First the Western medical experts fight to reduce child mortality, – where following their success,- we then have to suffer their conceited self-congratulating smugness.

    Then the next lot are kicked out of med school, and they say, – oh now there are too many people, – we got to increase human mortality!

    You can’t even script this idiocy!

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  38. I will tell you something for nothing the contraceptive pill is the worst drug ever created, then add on the HPV vaccine and pap smears. Then women can’t have children , need ‘IVF” .

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  39. Pushing vaccines on pregnant women.
    Now we have the published outcomes so far from Pfizer (that they wanted undisclosed for more than 70 years):

    On their record of the clinical trial so far:

    Stillbirths, umbilical cord thrombosis, eclampsia, uterine rupture, premature labour, low birth weight babies.
    Congenital herpes simplex, congenital myasthenia syndrome, congenital varicella infection.
    Congenital bilateral perisylvian syndrome (neurological damage in the brain)
    Disseminated intravascular coagulation in newborn.
    Disseminated neonatal herpes simplex.
    Neonatal granulocytopenia.
    Neonatal meningoencephalitis herpes simplex, neonatal epileptic seizures, neonatal crohns disease, neonatal lupus erythematosis, neonatal mucocutaneous herpes simplex, neonatal epileptic seizures, neonatal pneumonia, neonatal nephritis.
    Infantile genetic agranulocytosis, infantile spasms, early infantile epileptic encephalopathy.

    Its safe and effective they said.

    Am I mad as hell?
    You bet.

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  40. ‘Hi Seb, The ultimate onus is on the women.
    Nobody is holding a gun to their heads.
    They are a disgrace to womanhood.
    They have no respect for their own bodies and even less for their innocent unborn babies. FETICIDE.’

    Correct me if I am wrong D.Johnson it does take a woman and a man. No onus on the man is that what you are saying?


  41. YES actually. Not that that is AT ALL relevant to the topic, or in fact of anyone else’s business.


  42. Oh ouch. Have either of you ever been pregnant?


  43. Hi Seb, The ultimate onus is on the women.
    Nobody is holding a gun to their heads.
    They are a disgrace to womanhood.
    They have no respect for their own bodies and even less for their innocent unborn babies. FETICIDE.

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  44. And apropos to the false flag Uvalde shooting that NOBODY seems to care about. Not in our backyard right?!
    Maybe we’ll care when the next false flag happens right here??


  45. The bottom line is that vaccines are not safe for pregnant women. Period.
    That’s how it always was.
    It was not even an option years ago.

    You didn’t give a vaccine to a pregnant woman because it would cross the placenta to a foetus that had an underdeveloped immune system.
    You didn’t screw around with that delicate balance.

    When a postpartum Mother breastfed her baby at birth, the newborn would receive all the immune factors it needed for the first few months of life from it’s Mother’s milk until it’s own immune system had developed.

    Then the normal exposures of life would allow it to develop it’s own innate immunity over time.

    This normal process worked for generations of Africans.
    Until the globalists turned up.

    Malaria has always been the main issue in Africa, not viruses, but even then, if a child survived malaria as most would, it set them in good stead for a lifetime of innate immunity.
    Just like their parents.
    The biggest issue during malaria in babies and children was actually dehydration because they were unwell and wouldn’t feed off the breast.

    The issue (as described) with women in third world Countries unknowingly being injected with hCG (Human chorionic gonadotrophin) in a tetanus injection is outright criminal.
    hCG is the pregnancy hormone needed to support a pregnancy 10 days after conception.
    It has nothing to do with tetanus.

    In some ways, what is the difference now?
    They have been injecting females of child bearing age with animal syncytial-1 which has an affinity for their reproductive organs in the mRNA jabs.
    There have been published studies that showed animal syncytial-1 targeted the reproductive organs before any other organs.

    What will happen when the woman’s immune system has a memory for animal syncytin-1 as being something foreign to defend against?
    What will happen when the woman produces her own syncytin-1 for the development of her placenta?
    How will her immune system respond?
    Will her immune system then attack her own placenta because it sees it as foreign?

    These important questions were challenged and ignored in this Country.
    The fact that there has been a rise in miscarriages and birth issues since the mRNA Clinical trial around the world, and over the last two years remains the best kept secret.

    Gates and Pfizer targeting women in low and middle income nations for ‘health equity’?
    I don’t think so.
    Trust factor. Zero.

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  46. The evil schemes going on in this world make me sick! Why are we letting these politicians and elites control us? I am at a loss to understand why people are so willing to submit to them!?


  47. kevmudskipper…. I know of three that mysteriously died that said they didn’t want to have the vax there… One of them was President of Tanzania who found that a mango and a goat tested positive on PCR ! He died not long after..


  48. China has more or less taken over many countries in Africa….China is a main player in the WHO and so is Billy Boy Gates…..Its almost too late..

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  49. kevmudskipper

    Didnt they bump of FIVE of the top leaders in Africa and other Countries that said they would have nothing to do with this Crowd and all there corruption so they took all the good guys out .

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  50. A large % of the citizen* in each country can, like how it all started in Mach 2020, in lockstep. Alternatively – better get the Police and the military behind the citizen* and the change will come. Repeat we are getting back to EUREKA STOCKADE II…
    This Island nation is able to do this.

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  51. L E G A L – U R G E N T For widespread distribution

    Dear Australian Community

    In the midst of your grief and sorrow and utter exhaustion from the devastating effects of the unnatural catastrophic weather events we have just been subjected to, we ask that you pause for 15 minutes to read and digest this message and linked letter and take action.

    This letter exposes the COVID-19 and “vaccine” mandate Fraud and serves as an indictment of Australia’s purported health leaders, those men and women who were and are meant to guide all Australians in living the healthiest life possible … a mission they have failed to perform for over two years now.

    It is a stunning document we ardently request you share everywhere, so our Australian Community can learn and confirm the facts many have come to know or suspect, while gaining strength in the knowledge that hundreds of Australia’s leading doctors, scientists, and academics have also had enough and are fed-up!

    North Coast NSW, Australia, barrister Julian Gillespie is a co-author and signatory to this 52-page Letter, with hundreds of pages of supporting evidence, in collaboration with the Australian Covid Medical Network.

    Here is the letter:

    It comes from the combined effort of Australia’s leading clinical doctors, scientists,
    research academics, health care professionals, overseas specialists, and lawyers working together over many months.

    The material presented has been ‘fact checked’ by the vigorous peer-review process to present the Truth.

    This Letter has also been received by every Federal, State, and Territory MP and Senator, in order to inform them of a variety of scientific Truths being flagrantly ignored by both these health ‘leaders’, and the Ministers responsible for overseeing their conduct.

    We urge you to please take a small amount of time out of your demanding day to call and email your Federal and State/Territory representatives and get them to ask the same Questions, and Demand the same Answers you will see in the Letter.

    Armed now with the facts, the history, and the evidence of a litany of wilful instances of malfeasance, it is now time for the wider Community to say ‘enough is enough’ and call an end to all “vaccine” mandates and false COVID narratives.

    We need our doctors, nurses, teachers, lawyers, transport industry, farmers, military, police, religious leaders, government employees, corporations, business people, ordinary workers, and everyday community members – vaxxed and unvaxxed – to stand together and demand an end to all COVID “vaccine” mandates, ban any further rollout of this experimental gene-based treatment, and demand a full and transparent public enquiry.

    Australia’s future is in our own hands. What you and I do right now, today, will determine what kind of world we end up living in, and the world our children and grandchildren inherit.
    They are trying to divide and conquer us, and silence all opposition. Already, planned protests in all capital cities are being impacted as millions of people struggle with the utter devastation caused by these incredibly harmful and destructive weather events being rolled out across the East Coast of Australia.

    Please understand the gravity of the situation we are currently facing and take action NOW. Thank you and may the Divine Creator’s Light and Love be with us all at this dark and challenging time for humanity.

    Once again, here is the link to the Letter together with supporting Annexures:

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  52. Gates is Jewish, hardly a surprise to anyone in the know

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  53. WHO can and will stop all the WEF, WHO, UN, Political, medical, big pharma/ globalist et al vermin destroying our world ??

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  54. Quote: WHO (World Health Organization), is supposedly a credible organisation in matters of health.
    Holy Mackerel, ASK Bill Hell Gates, The W H O pushes eugenics, by orders from Billie who controls the W H O… Pfizer = Leeches – parasites – Professional dissemblers – profiteers.
    Just THINK: Bill Hell Gates – Fauci – Soros “The same people who believe the earth is overpopulated say, They can save your life, WITH A VACCINE !!!”
    No wonder people don’t know whether they are coming or going, just scrabble their minds with bullshit… The W H O cares…

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  55. I hope these African nations are not so stupid as to allow this atrocity. They need to check out the previous ‘help’ these criminals gave to Africa – and not trust them for a second – money or not. I truly hope these monsters get what is coming to them soon.

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