Nearly 4 million enrolled people did not vote or their votes have been ignored by the AEC

by Andrew Mackinnon

The Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) is continuing to count the votes cast in the 2022 Australian federal election that was held six days ago on Saturday, 21st May, 2022.

This means that the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) is committing extensive vote fraud by creating fraudulent ballots favouring the Liberal-National Coalition, the Australian Labor Party and the Australian Greens, in order to replace the ballots cast by Australian citizens who voted for parties and candidates other than the Liberal-National Coalition, the Australian Labor Party and the Australian Greens and whose ballots have deliberately been ignored and not counted by the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) under the direction of the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) on behalf of the Rothschilds-led synagogue of Satan.

Approximately 4 million Australian citizens who are aged 18 years and over and who are enrolled with the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) as eligible voters did not vote in the 2022 Australian federal election last Saturday, 21st May, 2022 or the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) has ignored their votes and not counted them.

According to the following report on the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) website, the number of Australian citizens who were enrolled and eligible to vote in the 2022 Australian federal election is 17,228,900.

Here are the results of the 2022 Australian federal election, which I have calculated according to the following report titled, “First preferences by party”, on the website of the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) itself:

Liberal-National Coalition – 4,529,053 primary votes – 26.3%

Australian Labor Party – 4,110,011 primary votes – 23.9%

Australian Greens – 1,471,304 primary votes – 8.5%

One Nation – 608,465 primary votes – 3.5%

United Australia Party – 512,614 primary votes – 3.0%

Other parties – 621,620 primary votes – 3.6%

Independent candidates – 684,969 primary votes – 4.0%

Informal votes cast – 668,798 – 3.9%

Total votes cast – 13,206,834 – 76.7%

Eligible voters who either did not vote or whose vote has been ignored and not counted – 4,022,066 – 23.3%

Eligible voters – 17,228,900 – 100.0% #

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Labor now pushing for abdication from the Westminster system i.e. Commonwealth. Align that with strong allegations re voter fraud by AEC and yes, we are now screaming towards a political environment one might expect to find in many African nations. I don’t remember any promise made by Labor re a Republic during the election campaign. Shame on their two faced hypocrisy.


  2. Hi Fed Up, Lol totally agree. But nuthin remotely blokey or woke about this wāhine – am also a big-time bathroom bandit – so looks like an adjoining maybe haha.


  3. ….Oh! I better add that I have much respect for our gay brothers and sister in relation to me and D Johnson’s love affair we apparently have and not to take offence to my Woke Joke

    I’m not here to offend but to read Cairns News because he has obviously been more awake then most of us if he has been going for 10 years with this BS

    See what MSM and the cabal have done to us, we are all tip toeing around so we don’t offend

    Well I say FU MSM, when harassing everyone with the jab.

    Let’s not thank Ben Fulford, but lets thank the “white hats” for him FINALLY speaking out

    Gotta love that military that is on Gods side.

    On another note……

    It’s good to share a bit of like minded humour in these hard time.

    If we don’t agree with each other, just brush it off.

    I’d like to thank Q the Bubbles because I plagiarise some of her intel to share on these pages

    I’m not on social media but she is bang on the ball

    You mob should follow her because she is hilari”arse”

    Thank you Cairns News because you are our future media even tho you probably feel like you want to retire.

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  4. Ha Ha D Johnson in relation to the suite, I hope you’re a bloke because I don’t do woke!

    But me thinks we would get on like a house on fire regardless…just not share the bedroom!


  5. crisscross767

    Well, I know of one voters papers that they could not count

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  6. Hi Blisskit Gillard is simply a tool of Hilary Clinton and Deep State. Ed


  7. Editor
    I didn’t know where to place this. This individual says she speaks for women. I am trying to say this really nicely. I don’t believe she has children. Julia Gillard.


  8. Hi there auntieet, Thank you for your support and kind words XO. (Uh-oh! incoming improper display of affection). Lol.
    “I got my degree from the ‘University of Life’, I passed with the highest achievements…”
    Yes auntieet, you certainly did.
    As they say: ‘Qualifications’ do not necessarily define a true education.
    And: Purity of heart is our greatest achievement in life.
    You are living proof of possessing both.

    Thought you’d get a kick outa the following…

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  9. Aw come on Seb, don’t be like that. If you’re saying ‘cheers’ as in goodbye to CnsNews, that’d be a shame as sometimes liked to read what you had to say. It’s good to have opposing views & perspectives, debates & informative links from contributor’s goes towards me “edumacating” myself (a tribute to freddiekruger’s comment on ‘linguistic deficiencies’). Some light hearted humour amongst the ‘dark pages of news’ can only add some light & laughter to these turbulent times & the horror ahead if people don’t come together as one against the evil agenda planned for us. I came from the school of hard knocks, grew up in hard times, if my family hadn’t had a sense of humour we wouldn’ have gotten through it all. I got my degree from the ‘University of Life’, I passed with the highest achievements, we all come from different backgrounds, all walks of life, beliefs, I have friends & acquaintances from all, though we stand together against the bs coming for us. People post links, info, opinions, questions, debates on differing opinions & some humour that takes the edge off, all great for sharing the truth & getting it out there, so no need to talk down to people & wrongly accuse. No ‘foul language’ ever came from DJ, though I hear loads of foul vile words spewing forth from politicians & world leaders mouths. I see no ‘gutter talk’ or facebook tripe here either, though I think it quite rude of you to suggest ‘get a room’. (sounds like DJ booked a flash one for them, just humour Seb). You say you have ‘no interest in contributing to a quagmire of disintegrating chatter’, but you did, you took it to that level. You try to publicly offend a warrior woman with unjust accusations, one who brings good info with a bit of light hearted banter sometimes too, to ridicule sounds like the pompous spoilt brat that ran home with his ball shouting obscenities. The world needs more gutsy people like DJ & less arrogance. One who thinks there’s foul language from DJ has been way too protected & sheltered in life.

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  10. two things – first up thanks “fed up” i did not know this was on a video. i bought that book when it was first published.

    second is voter fraud. prof david flint gives an excellent exposition on the elections in oz


  11. Andrew Mackinnon

    The United Australia Party, which has at least 80,000 members, has more members than the Australian Labor Party, which has at least 60,000 members, which means that the United Australia Party is more popular with Australian citizens than the Australian Labor Party.

    According to the latest results of the 2022 Australian federal election, the only way the United Australia Party could win less than 1 in 8 or only 12.4% (i.e. 539,207/4,338,388) of the number of primary votes that the Australian Labor Party won in the 2022 Australian federal election is if the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) committed extensive criminal fraud in the 2022 Australian federal election, under the direction of the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) on behalf of the Rothschilds-led synagogue of Satan, by deliberately ignoring and not counting a large number of ballots cast by Australian citizens which favour the United Australia Party and by deliberately fabricating and counting fraudulent ballots which favour the Australian Labor Party.

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  12. Reminds me of the Census


  13. Pablo Jiminez: So you reckon over 2 MILLION votes still to be received and counted? What the fk for, the election winner has already been announced a week ago when there were 4 million still to be accounted for.

    Still don’t understand the point? Then try this one…. 10 million two party preferred. That’s only 7 MILLION less than the registered voters. Less YOUR 2 million still to be counted leaves a deficit of 5 million. Still don’t understand the point?…. No problem, give it up. You can’t see a problem so there’s no problem, too easy!

    National two-party preferred
    Turnout: 65.54%

    Party / Coalition
    Liberal/National Coalition 5,115,567
    Australian Labor Party 5,491,757.

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  14. Postal voting is the preferred method of massive voter fraud in marginal seats. The electoral system is so flawed that any result announced by the AEC will be wrong. There is simply no point in voting in any Australian election. Ed

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  15. Hi Fed Up! A standing ovation from most of us here no doubt. Btw I’ve booked a VIP penthouse suite LOL.

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  16. Pablo Jiminez

    Daviddd2, glad you asked. Let’s break it down.

    Going off the AEC numbers of Enrolment by Division ( and Antony Green’s numbers of Early Voting by Division ( we can work out what number of votes were postal for the whole country: 2,730,785

    Out of the 17,228,900 enrolled voters in this country, 13,797,016 have been counted (as at 7pm AEST), leaving a discrepancy of 3,431,884 votes.

    Hold up, how can there be more outstanding votes than postal votes?
    Not everyone votes.

    From the three previous elections, 2013, 2016, & 2019, the turnouts have been 93.2%, 91.01%, and 91.89% respectively. As there is currently no way to know what the turnout is until postal votes have been returned, we will go off a range from 90.5% to 94%. This leaves a minimum of 15,592,155 votes (90.5%) and a maximum of 16,195,166 votes (94%). Taking the average of the two bounds leaves us with a turnout of 15,893,660.

    Now, with the number of votes counted, plus postal votes issued, we can work out that there are approx. 15,893,660 – 13,797,016 = 2,096,644 votes left to be received and counted.

    P.S. The number of votes counted has still increased from yesterday.


  17. Seb how about you save your anger for the little children that are being trafficked, killed and injured instead of people having a little bit of light banter between themselves in the comment section.

    Or how about you get angry with our politicians about the people that have been coerced into taking a jab they didn’t want, just so they can still put food on the table or for the people that have been seriously ill from taking it or died.

    If you feel you are too superior for these pages then go and watch the ABC where you will find like minded ignorant people like yourself.

    Get off your high horse and grow up FFS!

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  18. You Morons: “They haven’t finished counting the votes, you colossal fuckwit.”

    How many are still left to count, Einstein?

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  19. In response to tonyryan43, and others, I have followed CN for a while with great interest but since D Johnson and Fed Up have turned up the gutter talk has increased somewhat between themselves.
    Not just on this post but on others.
    I suggest they get a room.

    I have no interest in contributing to a quagmire of disintegrating chatter.
    Thank you however to the Editor for the opportunity to share my knowledge and experience, even if it may have been helpful for one person.



  20. They haven’t finished counting the votes, you colossal fuckwit.


  21. Before the election was hope that voting out the biggies would have an effect on the road to recovery (while arguing about “choices”). After one of the crookest $elections in Australia’s history, here we are again and argue about mathematical and linguistic skills, this, that and the other while silently and with more false hope looking for another floating straw in the ocean of deceit we can cling onto – for safety.

    Fedup and Tony explain two simple facts (again and again) that will be forgotten as soon another “straw” floats by:

    “The corruption in this country is mind boggling and most people are sitting on their arses and doing nothing but are quick to scream ‘blue murder’ when “they” are hard done by or someone offends their shallow ego.”

    “The central message (freedom) is our prime concern and we need to focus on this alone if we are ever to win our nation back. None of us have identical values.”

    In regards to Monty Python and the meaning of life there is a sketch about “village idiots” and their relationship to “useful idiots” – the normal citizen and where two realities pass each other in harmony while accepting each other in “their own role”.

    What role does one play that waits for coming straws to cling onto? Will it help the purpose of gaining freedom or is it just what it is: Entertainment on the sinking Titanic and an identical value, that of the victims stuck in lethal Idiocracy?


  22. Stephen Clemence

    The AEC have responded confirming that this headline is misinformation


  23. The election should be held again, blank boxes should have names in them. I to did not tick. Although, they will rig it again. What’s the point anymore.


  24. Yeah Fed Up! re: “would be great to see Fitzgerald 2.0 shine a spotlight on these four”… Hopefully they will all face that and far, far worse.
    Yes well you better just watch your vernacular lol. Wahine warrioress here will finish them off if they dare to go after ya!
    Daughter off a wucks back indeed hehe.


  25. Thanks Fed Up! re: “I wouldn’t take to heart all he said in the video…” Yes you’re right. Thought the vid looked rather dated – then found he died in 2003.
    But I was totally on-board with the gist of it. McDonald was spot on about what was and still is going on. Discovered that he also went to NZ to spread the word amongst the Māori, which impressed me. Will definitely watch the rest of the vid.

    Lol “arse not ass”. Thanks mate.
    Ya know, I had deliberately used the American spelling so as to NOT be unclassy and/or be offensive! The “foul language” righteous indignation and fabrication, was purely an excuse to attack me for my opposing views. Cowardly. They only succeeded in revealing themselves. Although they should be very careful who they ‘go after’. Tony Ryan’s response/advice to them was frank as per usual haha.


  26. pattoh, you would expect they would but their silence on what should be screamed out is baffling.

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  27. Pablo Jimenez,
    Don’t worry Pablito, if you didn’t understand the point it won’t make a difference. Cheers.


  28. D Johnson, Ha Ha witches of Eastwick!…. speaking of Fitzgerald, it would be great to see Fitzgerald 2.0 shine a spotlight on these four.

    I haven’t had the wooden spoon yet on my um, uncouth language or random topics, well not that I have cared to see anyway.

    I like to call it “added entertainment” to compliment the articles

    Water off a ducks back to me anyway

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  29. D Johnson, I wouldn’t take to heart all he said in the video, the main point is causing division between the Aboriginals and whitey, something the communist do….cause division to gain control

    It was filmed in the 80’s and a lot of people thought Sir Joh was good because he told people what they wanted to hear. Fitzgerald soon shone light on that fallacy though.

    By the way if you are going to swear and offend people you may as well get your spelling right, it’s “fat ugly smug ARSE” not “ass”…heh! heh!

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  30. Hi Fed Up! re: “who voted in the mole patrol!…” Yeah or The Witches of Eastwick. Uuuuurggh! it should have come with a warning so soon after dinner.


  31. Hi Fed Up! I was engaged and invested in this vid until he brought up Bjelke Petersen and the RSL. Rather conflicted atm – so may go back later and watch from the 3/4 mark where I jumped off.


  32. Daviddd2 & all

    Notwithstanding all the history; Clive , Pauline, Bosi & others may yet have something to say & do.

    Does Klaus or ” the City” own them all?

    Look up “Sea Green Ribbons”, Thomas Rainsborough, Freeborn John Lilburne & the Levellers – Common Law Rights were a battle before The Southern Cross Flag.


  33. Okay, forget elections for a moment, who voted in the mole patrol!…

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  34. Pablo Jiminez

    daviddd2, your own figures show that the counts have gone up. I don’t know what point you were trying to prove, but I don’t think it was mine.

    Comparing your numbers to the the original article;
    Formal votes cast: 12,874,869 – 12,538,036 = 336,833 vote increase
    Informal votes cast: 693,925 – 668,798 = 25,127 vote increase
    Total votes cast: 13,568,794 – 13,206,834 = 361,960 vote increase

    Also, comparing the figures taken at 8:30pm to your figures;
    Formal votes cast: 12,876,334 – 12,874,869 = 1,465 vote increase
    Informal votes cast: 693,986 – 693,925 = 61 vote increase
    Total votes cast: 13,570,320 – 13,568,794 = 1,526 vote increase

    This proves that votes are still coming in, which verifies that voters still have until the 3rd of June to return their votes. (As stated on the AEC website:


  35. did the A.E.C. take lesson,s from biden and his cronies


  36. Hi Tonyryan43

    You may be interested in this video if you have not already seen it. The cabal have been trying to divide us all for years.

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  37. pattoh,

    Yes, totally agreed! Somebody needs to ask the questions if we want some answers and I don’t see ANYBODY asking what happened to 1/3 of the electorate and its votes?

    That’s a massive number of votes to go missing, either by not voting or by physical disappearance. MILLIONS of votes! And nobody is even mentioning it. Surely they couldn’t have missed it, could they?

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  38. Daviddd2′

    With a less than 2/3 “turnout”, there will be a 1/3 “please explain or we will fine you” notifications going out.

    Those who question the numbers of the ballot should be allowed to at least audit the true number of those follow up notices to do a reverse audit of the polls & the roll.

    At least the PROVEN figures from that [ if not the details of enrolled voters] would be a good starting point & an honest test of the probity of the “system”.

    Perhaps the canvassers should start there.

    jus’ sayin’ – we might as well ask real questions between the beers we cry over…


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  39. Cool it guys, Australia One is in charge by default ….heh!..heh!

    Oh how I wish for this to be true

    The corruption in this country is mind boggling and most people are sitting on their arses and doing nothing but are quick to scream ‘blue murder’ when “they” are hard done by or someone offends their shallow ego

    You are playing into the deep states games of playing one off the other….a typical mindset of narcissist and psychopaths

    Stand up Australia and fight back, I am and so are a lot of great souls in this country, but we need more of us. Fake hipster Albo that has shed years off his age won’t be in government for too much longer if we all stop arguing with each other and forget our differences and fight for our country together

    Stay focused

    Jabbed, unjabbed, black, white and brindle and all the colours in between

    ….and be grateful that we have ‘Cairns News’ to air our differences without being kicked off

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  40. Not a whisper in protest….The Australian way…


  41. Hi daviddd2, Hmmmm. My mathematical abilities are probably even worse than Josh Jewberg’s – but even I can see that doesn’t add up.


  42. Some sage members of the commentariat have shaken their heads at the pre-election in-fighting of the freedom parties, who entirely forgot that we were all there for a single purpose… freedom.

    And as if in echo to that sad state of affairs, Seb is now firing shots over alleged linguistic deficiencies. Please, Seb, if there is one thing 99% of us have in common it is detestation of political correctness and blind conformity to wowserism.

    The central message is our prime concern and we need to focus on this alone if we are ever to win our nation back. None of us have identical values. I recommend that Sebians watch ‘The Life Of Brian’ and observe the bitter infighting that was a play on the PLF, the FLP, and the LPF farce. If Monty Python can get, so too should we.

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  43. BTW, anybody have any idea why the AEC two party preferred figure totals only 10.6 million ?

    National two-party preferred
    Turnout: 65.54%

    Party / Coalition
    Liberal/National Coalition 5,115,567
    Australian Labor Party 5,491,757

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  44. What happened to the pre-poll votes? Were they secured in a verifiable manner?


  45. Just study the numbers, son. Save the lectures for your bubbas.

    AEC Figures

    Formal 12,874,869
    Informal 693,925
    Total 13,568,794

    Turnout: 65.52%

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  46. Pablo Jiminez

    The total votes cast is going to increase as the postal votes are counted. People still have a few more days to return them. Check it again, the numbers have changed.

    People not understanding how elections work is how you end up with these ‘freedom’ parties. Is it too hard to believe that the rest of Australia don’t share your views? Based on the ~12% of votes, and zero seats won, they are incompatible with Australia. How embarrassing for you lot.

    Not everything is a conspiracy.


  47. With all the collated information that Big Brother already collected & “A.I.”d on you, he probably corrected your vote for afterwards / sarc.

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  48. Is there any way to find out how many Senate Votes were invalid for lacking the initials of the sitting electoral officer who passed them to the standing voter?

    [ ! geometric logistics of visibility & observation an important consideration!]

    Clearly the main game in putting the brakes on the betrayal of the sovereignty of the people would be in the Senate.

    A paranoid cynical pessimist may imagine a seated partisan electoral officer spotting which “how to vote” cards were held by the citizen standing across the desk.

    Just sayin’.

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  49. Janusz kniszka

    AEC should be classified as a terrorist organisation


  50. Seb, In response to your comment: “In response to D Johnson if the Editor does not call out your foul language then I will.”
    WHAT “foul language”?
    Your accusation is entirely false.
    Supply some evidence of this alleged “foul language” before you slander me.

    You have unwittingly and laughably revealed to all and sundry far too much about YOURSELF.
    You obviously have a problem that may best be resolved by taking some liver salts and/or a good long look in the mirror.
    And I would further suggest that YOU take your mother’s excellent advice of “stay on task, or be quiet’.” **@*#@#.


  51. I remember years ago in a Facebook comment Pauline Hanson saying how a scrutineer had seen in the Informals pile a bundle of a hundred odd Formal first preference votes all for One Nation.


  52. Something stinks in the voter world and the gate keepers who count and report the wishes of the plebs

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  53. Then there’s the election writs that weren’t on display or simply weren’t at each polling station which means voting stations not legitimate, 100s of them!

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  54. In response to D Johnson if the Editor does not call out your foul language then I will.
    I read CN and contribute if I have something which I believe is relevant, but you spend way too much time acting as if this is Facebook with throwaway, off topic comments.
    I have seen these methods used before.

    You lower the standards here.
    As my Mother would say, ‘stay on task, or be quiet’.

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  55. truthtellertonni

    The whole thing is rigged.
    Always has been. There is no hope of bringing them to justice.
    They are all paedophiles and the Australian public don’t care.
    Don’t expect the Australian people to give a shit. They enjoy being slaves. We are totally screwed. My advice, buy lots of ammunition because hell is coming.


  56. We had better hurry as the rolls will be shredded in 28 days. Ed


  57. Only process available is off to the Court of Disputed Returns within 28 days of election. Ed


  58. I bet a massive percentage of those 4 million votes are for freedom parties. Is there enough evidence yet to force an independent recount and what is the process to force this?

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  59. So we have around 25% of the votes missing. Must be the convid effect, eh? . lol

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  60. Hi tonyryan43, Correction to my previous reply to you… Should have read Bessie Price NOT Bessie Smith – who was a wonderful, talented singer and human being.

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  61. Hi tonyryan43, re: “No surprises there…” Wholeheartedly agree with everything you stated.

    The abominable ‘Intervention’ has long been a sore point with me as have previously commented on here.
    And now, I believe, Bessie Smith’s equally fake, sell-out of a daughter has her fat ugly smug ass planted in the Senate.

    I sincerely hope you do get to face off with the “lying sociopath” Brough.
    And no you definitely won’t be taking any prisoners!

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  62. Looks like an incredible fraud!
    Scrutineer records should be examined to see if there is a discrepancy between how many voters have been ruled off and how many were actually eligible to vote.
    Also preferential votes should be examined to see if the correct method of distribution has been adhered to.

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  63. No surprises there. The people in homelands in the NT did not get to vote. This is suppression of the Aboriginal vote, pure and simple.

    Well, hell, just because Aborigines learned that the utterly fabricated evidence that launched the infamous “Intervention”, was accepted by the ALP in its own version of Intervention of “Stronger Futures”, they cannot be permitted to vote, if in doing so they depart from mainstream parties.

    And, just in case any Cairns News readers are unaware of this, I was the leading welfare officer in the NT in the 70s and 80s, and maintained community contacts thereafter, and I can assure you that Mal Borough’s assertions were 100% fabricated and had their genesis in a person who was never there, nor who occupied any position of observation thereof. I confronted Mal with this in person and was ignored.

    Mal Brough is a lying sociopath, in my opinion, and I look forward to the day when I can drag him into a properly constituted court for prosecution, sentencing and execution. John Howard can join him.

    But the Intervention had a devastating impact on Aboriginal morale, pride, cultural integrity, and capacity for resilience.

    To also deny Aborigines the opportunity to vote for any entity that might listen to them, is beyond cruel.

    The CLP, ALP, Greens, and LNP. have seriously pissed me off and, although they may be laughingly dismissive of that sentiment, let’s just see who has the last laugh. And understand this, I will take no prisoners.

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